GWF Corporate Offices, Deimos

Because of the immense amount of media and fan interest in the events that occured last night a SURVIVAL, a press conference had been called at GWF Headquarters on Deimos. At 10:02am, BENJAMIN PAIGE stepped to the mic.

PAIGE: Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press. Um, Commissioner Drury really should have been here to lead this event but he has cited, ahem, personal issues with recent events. So the tasks of running this conference has been left to me. First I will read a statement from the GWF Board of Directors. (He takes out a piece of paper.) Last night, Swarm became the GALAXIAN CHAMPION. He did so in a fair and formidable fashion. The courage with which Swarm faced the challenge he met in that ring last night, wrestling a championship match with such an injury, should be honored and respected. Coming out of it as the winner is awe-inspiring. Not to slight any past champions, we the GWF Board of Directors, feel Swarms has all the right qualities to make a truly legendary champion. (PAIGE folds the paper.) With that said, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION, Swarm.

There is a hushed whispering of voices as well the whirring of holo-recorders as Swarm enters the room. He wears the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP belt around his waist. His shoulder is arm and back is heavily taped. He steps to the podium, shakes hands with PAIGE and then then turns to the crowd.

SWARM: Thank you Paige. It truly is a shame Drury wasn’t a bigger man to be here and run this event. I will make a brief statement and then take a few questions. Last night I fulfilled a dream. A dream I had as a child watching wrestlers like Incredible Badger, Battering Ram and, heck, even Reptillo compete in the GWF. And that was to rise to the top of the sport we all love and stand tall as it’s champion. I did this with training, dedications and the support of fans across the galaxy. I also owe a great amount of gratitude to my family, my friends and my teammates. Hector who had faith in my I didn’t know he had and, of course Payback, who had my back at all times. This belt is around my waist is there because of them. I’ll take a few questions now.

There is a flurry voices and SWARM points to one reporter.

REPORTER: Swarm, could you please explain your…um…actions after your win last night?

SWARM: Heh, it was a hell of a celebration. What else is there to explain?

There’s another flurry of hands. SWARM points at another reporter.

REPORTER: Yes, but how do you explain your relationship with Payback?

SWARM: I don’t understand what you’re getting at. He’s a very close friend. We’ve been friends in and out of the ring for years.

REPORTER: Yes, but you two appeared to be, very close after your win.

SWARM: We are. You’ll have to get over it. My relationship with Payback has no bearing on me being champion other than I have a very close friend to watch my back. We live in a time where a man has the right to choose whatever relationships he wants to have. Bigotry and prejudice in free society are archaic holdovers from the twentieth century. The United Federation of Planets has for years punished any discrimination for personal preferences. So there shouldn’t be any problem with me and Payback.

There’s another flurry of voices. SWARM points to another reporter.

SWARM: Last question.

REPORTER: What does your family think of the revelation in the ring last night?

SWARM: My family is and has always been supportive of me, I don’t see why that’d change now.

REPORTER: What does Mantis think?

SWARM: You saw him last night, he was proud of his old man.

REPORTER: But what was his reaction to the events that occurred after he came out and congratulated you?

SWARM: I haven’t seen him since then.

REPORTER: Well I tried to reach him for comment and he couldn’t be raised.

SWARM: That shouldn’t be surprising, he’s dedicated to his INFINITY CHALLENGE team. I’m sure he’s just still as proud of his old man. Now if you’ll all excuse me, I must head off to my light workout. Need to be in top shape for my first defense.

SWARM exited the conference room and PAIGE thanked us for attending.