CARD #2125.125 – RINGS OF DESTRUCTION – 06.20.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


We cut to Gryt, Scimitar and Tricks.

GRYT: Tonight is the night were those of us on Team Dialectus who are winners make up for the hole the rest of our team has put us in. Tonight there’ll be three wins in the DIalectus column!

SCIMITAR: Ha, ha yeah and one dried up fish.

GRYT: Actually, he’s an amphibian.

TRICKS: Shut up. Both of you. Tanck, our last match ended with you being partially blinded. Tonight, in a Hardcore Titan Death match, prepare to lose all sight! Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh heh heh. Ha ha haaaa!

Some liquid squirts out of Trick’s flower and a wicked smile crosses his face.

We cut to Paganax. He stares directly into the camera.

PAGANAX: Tonight the Chief gets his hands on the one prize that lured him to the GWF. Endgame. Tonight.

We cut to Thantos (II) and Sultana.

THANTOS (II): Tonight, I have to do something difficult. Something that no father wants to do, but must do when it’s needed. Tonight I must discipline my son. And in such a cruel way…a submission match. But when my son, my…(he begins to fake tearing up)…my own flesh and blood put me on the shelf…well, a father has to do what a father has to do.

Sultana puts a hand on Thantos (II) two’s shoulder in mock consolation. They both begin to laugh wildly.

We cut to Havoc.

HAVOC: Paralyze, what you and the Gladiators did to Anivar was unspeakable. It’s time to get some payback and remember…I am a Aethran. I KNOW payback. And I’m not alone…

Members of Sleeper Cell slide in behind Havoc and he begins to laugh.


SHOOT: Tonight we get to sink our fists into Rush and Turmoil, right Clinch?

CLINCH: That’s right Shoot! I hope they are prepared because when you step into the ring with us you need to quickly realize that we are a specialized brand of fighters. Huh, Shoot.

SHOOT: You said it Clinch! Once you’re at the end of my fists and the recipient of one of Clinch’s holds you’re going to quickly realize that the Ultimate Fighters are…


They both flex and do their trademark arm movements.

We cut to Sly Drury with the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP BELT.

SLY DRURY: Ensor. You’ve been impressive. To be truthful, your record has been lousy, but you moves are often impressive. So tonight I have acquiesced to give you a title shot. I’m not worried though because being GWF Commissioner provides me with a small amount of…security.

He smiles as members of the SECURITY SQUAD file in behind him.

With this we cut to the ring as the opening theme begins for RINGS OF DESTRUCTION! Abroz and DIalectus float to ringside from the ceiling and we are ready to begin with our three Infinity Challenge Matches.

Gryt d. Bloodline via submission with the STONGMAN STRETCH. – **1/2 – Huge win for Gryt and a much needed with for DIalectus! Gryt and Rotunda celebrated in the ring. Bloodline, for his part, looked despondent. He had been sure he could have taken Gryt, a far less experienced wrestler. He hit the mat with his fists and left ringside.

Plethador d. Scimitar after shoving Scimitar off the ladder, grabbing the rod and then performing a Two Star Salamander Splash on his fallen opponent. – ***** – Another five star match from these two. Could one of these encounters end up as match of the year? Plethador ties up the series to two all and scores points for Abroz! After the match it’s announced that Abroz and Dialectus have awarded both competitors a whopping three bonus points each for their match tonight. Plethador gets those wins added to the two points he’ll get for his victory.

Tricks d. Tanck via pinfall after COULOROPHOBIA. – ***1/2 – Wild match that went in and out of the ring several times! Chairs, tables, ringposts, guardrails were all used in this one. Tricks uses the no DQ rules to use underhanded tactics to get the win and more points for Dialectus. After the match it’s announced that both Tanck and Tricks will receive one bonus point each for their teams. Tricks’, of course, added to his two points for winning.

Final Infinity Challenge score for the night…


Added to the totals…

ABROZ – 37

Again, no points for winning the night as this is a mixed GWF event. Though ground has been gained for DIalectus, Plethador’s performance single handedly nullifies it and helps the Abroz team keep their lead. Abroz and DIalectus announced at the conclusion of the Tricks/Tanck match that soon, new challenges will be added to the matches that will mix things up a bit. They bowed solemnly to the crowd and ascended to the ceiling.

We cut back to the LEGENDS OF THE RING locker room. We see Hector standing with Swarm, Payback, Thantos (II) and Sultana.

HECTOR: Tonight is of crucial importance. Thantos, you must further you feud with Encubus. You can do so in any way you see fit.

THANTOS (II): Right.

HECTOR: Payback, you have Symbiosis. You match is a must win. Drury’s plan to keep his guys in tight contention for the titles so it’s you job to make sure he loses.

PAYBACK: He hasn’t won a match yet.

HECTOR: And you need to make sure he doesn’t tonight. Got it?

PAYBACK: Don’t worry, I’m looking forward to breaking him in half and kicking both parts of him around the arena.

HECTOR: Fine. Now Swarm, tonight you have Nosfera.

SWARM: Nosfera? That doesn’t make sense. He isn’t on Drury’s team.

HECTOR: It makes perfect sense in context, but whether or not it makes sense to YOU, you need to beat him tonight. Preferably via pinfall or submission.

SWARM: Don’t worry, bro. I can handle that overgrown grasshopper any night of the week.

PAYBACK: Yeah, when it comes down to Swarm in high profile matches, there ain’t no one better.

Payback slaps Swarm on the back.

HECTOR: Fine. Whatever. Just make sure you win.

SWARM: Piece of cake.

We cut back down to ringside for our next, most anticipated, match.

Paganx d. Engame via DQ when Endgame took the action outside and kept it there! The ref had no choice but to call the match and award it to Paganax. – ** – It took several members of ringside security to separate these two who, several times, broke their being held back and charged each other. No one really got a good idea of who would have the upper hand in a one on one match from this brief encounter. All anyone knows is there will be another meeting, if not several.

Nosfera d. Swarm via pinfall after a SPRING HEEL KICK. – ** – This was a glorified squash. Nosfera toyed with Swarm the entire time. Refusing to pin him on several occasions. Many were surprised that Nosfera had SUCH the upper hand on Swarm that he never used the DEMON’S BREATH or interference by Omen to gain the upper hand. Many began thinking that perhaps, like Bloodline, Swarm is beginning to lose step.

Paralyze d. Havoc by DQ when the action spilled outside the ring and Sleeper Cell who was at ringside, got involved. – ** – There was some back and forth at the beginning of the match but when Paralyze got tossed from the ring, he got into the faces of some of the Sleeper Cell and suddenly a hug brawl erupted. The ref called for the bell, awarding the match to Paralyze. The brawling continued after the bell and ended with Havoc making a huge suicide dive that toppled over Paralyze, Strafe and several members of the Sleeper Cell! This feud is far from over.

It’s the announced that in one week the GWF will host it’s annual RECKONING Ranking Gauntlet, but it’ll be done in a very special way. On the first day there will be four separate RECKONING cards across the galaxy that will take place at the same time. Two will host Infinity Challenge gauntlets. Two will host GWF gauntlets. Then the next night there will be a huge supercard on Demios where the finals of each gauntlet will be held along with a few selected matches stemming from the night before.

Encubus d. Thantos (II) via submission with the MAFFEI MASTERLOCK in an amazing match. – ***** – Though Thantos (II) is obviously no relation to Encubus, he’s studied him well. Thantos (II) matched him move for move in the match, coming close to getting Encubus to tap out several times. In the end, Encubus got the win but as he and Mother Superior left ringside, Sultana handed Thantos (II) the mic.

THANTOS: Son…son!

Encubus at first refused to turn around. Then he did.

THANTOS: You’ve made your father very angry tonight son. This isn’t over. Not by a longshot.

Encubus threw up his hands in disgust and walked away.

Payback d. Symbiosis via countout after an AMAZING Suicide Dive that left both men weakened, but only Payback able to return to the ring in time. – ** – This is the closest Symbiosis has come to winning a match here in the GWF, but Payback’s hardcore style was able to get the better of the strange alien.

Phantasy d. Mother Superior via pinfall after SWEET SUICIDE to become the NEW GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION! – ***** – This was a fantastic match. Easily one of the greatest women’s matches in recent history. Phantasy came to the ring with Dark Menace with one goal and that was to win. She did and in the process, brought to an end the longest GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP title reign in recorded history! For 615 days, Mother Superior has had a strangle hold on that belt, but now there’s a new Champion in town! Phantasy was so happy to be the one to finally dethrone Mother Superior, she began crying a bit. The crowd gave her a huge standing ovation. Meanwhile, in the aisles, Mother Superior and Sly Drury were not happy at all.

We cut back to the LEGENDS OF THE RING locker room. Hector is furious.

HECTOR: I thought you said you had it?! I thought you said Nosfera would be a piece of cake?!

SWARM: Whoa, bro, I had an off night.

HECTOR: We canot afford ‘off nights’ you moron! There is a plan and…

PAYBACK: Listen man, stop with this ‘plan’ garbage. “Cause so far we ain’t seen anything going down that would let us know there even IS a plan.

HECTOR: You shut up! You were supposed to get a convincing win tonight and you failed as well!

PAYBACK: I did win.

HECTOR: Yeah, barely! But a countout means you’ll have to face Symbiosis again. Giving him the chance to win now that he knows your style.


HECTOR: Shut. Up! Listen when I asked you two to join this team I did so because I thought you’d be able to get things done. I’m beginning to think I was wrong. So here’s the deal. You two need to gut check. NOW! At THE RECKONING, you need to let me know if you can handle the assignments I give you or if I should start scouting for replacements. Got it?

Hector storms out of the locker room slamming the door behind him. Swarm lets out a scream in frustration.

SWARM: Aaaaaarghh! That guy makes me so mad I’m about to shove that bear head up his–

PAYBACK: Whoa. Swarm.

Payback puts a hand on his shoulder.

PAYBACK: Don’t worry, bro. This garbage continues and I’m going to put him through a table. Remember we’re in this together.

SWARM: Yeah. Thanks man.

We cut back down to ringside and find Patch in the ring with a mic.

PATCH: Mother Superior’s loss will now be made up for. In mere moments, I will be the new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION and will bring gold back to Martial Law where it belongs.

This was met with a chorus of boos, only to be drown out with huge cheers as Tauran made his way to ringside.

Patch d. Tauran via submission with STREET SMARTS to become the new GWF INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION. – ** – Patch made good on his word and you could tell that Drury was more than pleased! The crowd, however was furious and booed the two loudly as they celebrated. Love or hate the outcome, Patch had wrestled fairly and there was no interference on the part of Drury.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. THE GLADIATORS when Clinch made Turmoil tap out with TAPPED OUT, winning the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS the GWF GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! – *** – Wow! What a huge night for Covert Operations as Dark Menace’s team scores two Championship wins! Clinch and Shoot made THE GLADIATORS look silly in this match. It was unclear if THE GLADIATORS just underestimated this team or were distracted by the presence of the Sleeper Cell members at ringside! After the match, Clinch and Shoot walked around the ringside shaking hands with the younger fans and doing their signature arm moves with the crowd.

After the new champs cleared the ring, Sly Drury made his way to ringisde with his Security Squad. He was furious. He was fired up.

Sly Drury and Ensor battled to a NO CONTEST decision when the Security Squad charged the ring and began beating down Ensor! – ****1/2 – The crowd was livid! Before the moment that the Security Squad interfered, the entire galaxy thought that maybe, just maybe, Ensor could unseat Drury for the belt! Ensor wrestled the match of his life! But with the NO CONTEST decision Drury keeps his belt. He needed to be escorted from the ring as the capacity crowd was nearly in full out riot mode! Drury is escorted directly to his transport and as he pulls out of the arena, we…