CARD #2125.124 – SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE! – 05.20.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


Abroz and Dialectus greet us with a deep bow.

ABROZ: Together again we are for another evening of competition.

DIALECTUS: The Infinity Challenge races forward nearing the halfway point.

ABROZ: A ballte of logic and intuition…

DIALECTUS: Woven into the very fabric of the cosmos.

The two bow to each other.

DIALECTUS: At this point in time Abroz’s team chosen with reason leads with 22 points.

ABROZ: While Dialectus’ team chosen by hunches is within striking distance at 17.

DIALECTUS: What will tonight’s battles bring.

ABROZ: To find out, let’s turn our gaze upon the ring.

She-Devil d. Shann-Ra via pinfall after a handspring elbow. – *** – She-Devil picks up the win as well as two points for Abroz’s team.

Scimitar d. Plethador via pinfall after a running spear. – *** – A decent match, but neither man used the stun rods!! Several times in the match, the lights went on but it was almost as if they both forgot what kind of match they were having and had to Regardless, the match itself was pretty action packed and both athletes looked good. In the end Scimitar picks up a win scoring two points for Dialectus’ team. Abroz and Dialectus then revealed their ‘judges’ scoring (as they do for ‘grudge’ or ‘special stipulation’ matches) and awarded both Scimitar and Plethador an extra point for each of their teams!

The Betrayer d. Nitro via pinfall after BLACK BETRAYAL. – *1/2 – The Betrayer made short work of rookie Nitro in this, mostly one sided affair. The Betrayer picks up another two points for Abroz’s team.

We cut to a video package laying out some of the matches signed for the next big SuperCard…


We already know that THE GLADIATORS will be putting the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS on the line against THE ULTIMATE FIGHTERS!

In addition, there will be three Infinity Challenge Matches on the card! Already signed…Bloodline vs. Gryt!

Also on the card, the long awaited, first meeting between Endgame and Paganax! This has all the makings of a classic!

In addition, Havoc will try to extract some revenge from Paralyze after the brutal and shocking attack on Anivar! Will the Sleeper Cell get involved as well? We shall see!

If you recall, Encubus put Thantos (II) out of action after a brutal, post match, sneak attack! Thantos (II) is back and looking for vengeance and he and Encubus will meet in a SUBMISSION MATCH! The only way to win is to make your opponent submit in the middle of the ring! Fans are eagerly awaiting this spectacular!

Int he title defense picture, Mother Superior will defend her GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP against Phantasy!

Commissioner Drury has ordered that Tauran will put his newly reclaimed GWF INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP up against Patch!

And in the main event, having once again hand selected his opponent, Sly Drury will defend the GWF GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP against F.D.F. member Ensor! Though ranked nowhere near the #1 contender spot, this is the biggest moment so far in the career of this young rookie!

All this plus two other HUGE matches, coming your way at RINGS OF DESTRUCTION on June 20, 2125!

The crowd let out a huge cheer at the billboarding of this big upcoming event! Then it was back to the ring for more action!

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. LIFTOFF when Malkuth pinned Mantis after hitting LORD OF THE POUNCE. – * – Panther Warrior and Malkuth have never worked better as a team. This was on the verge of being a squash, but LIFTOFF did get in some offense. One has to wonder how much longer they’ll be content being out of the main event picture due to being wrapped up in the Infinity Challenge. They pick up yet another two points for Abroz’s team.

Before the next match, Oracle made his way to ringside and asked for a mic.

ORACLE: Tonight ladies and Gentleman I have consulted with the spirits afterlife. They have told me the mat will run red with Vidtek’s blood in this next match. Those who may be squeemish, should turn a blind eye to the events that are about to unfold.

Vidtek d. Oracle via pinfall after BIG TIME. – **1/2 – Oracle predicted blood and blood there was. Vidtek was cut open early. This just seemed to enrage him though and he tore into Oracle, hitting BIG TIME to get the win.

Afterwards Vidtek grabbed his mic and got in Oracle’s face.

VIDTEK: Didn’t predict that did you?! That’s a WRAP!

Oracle’s losing streak continues.

STARS & STRIPES d. FRONTAL ASSAULT via pinfall when U.S. Male gave Thraxx and Zygon a knoggin knocker to pick up the win! – SQUASH – Talk about a tag team firing on all cylinders! American Guy and U.S. Male made lighting quick work out of finishing off Thraxx and Zygon! This is another team who probably yearns to be in the main event picture again. They pick up two, sorely needed, points for Dialectus’ team.

Tanck d. Tricks via DQ when Tricks attempted to use COULROPHOBIA to win, but the ref saw it. – *1/2 – The crowd hotly anticipated this match-up between the two former Dark Carnival members. Tanck was worked up over his recent loss to Gryt and looked to take out his frustrations on Tricks. He had the upper hand and perhaps Tricks knew it as he went for the COULROPHOBIA in plain view of the ref and got the DQ loss. Tanck was furious and tried to go after Tricks but the mist had blinded him a bit so he was slowed down. Those in attendance could tell that Tanck would be seeking revenge soon.

At the end of the night, Abroz gets 10 points. Dialectus gets 5, giving Abroz the win and the extra bonus point for the night! This brings the grand totals to…


DIALECTUS: Still in the lead I see my firend.

ABROZ: I am, but our contest is far from it’s end.

DIALECTUS: You are ahead by a seven point range.

ABROZ: I am, but the competition is about to change.

The two smile at each other and bow. On this ominous note we…