CARD #2125.123 – INVASION – 05.07.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


We are in the LEGENDS OF THE RING locker room. Hector The Holy Brown Bear, Swarm and Payback stand arguing. Mother Superior and Thantos (II) are not present.

HECTOR: …I don’t care. The Gladiators are not our focus! Our focus is Martial Law! You shouldn’t have got involved!

SWARM: He was doing what was right. What was honorable. Why can’t you grasp that?

PAYBACK: I was just supposed to stand by and let those animals do the same thing to Havoc they did to Anivar?

HECTOR: Listen, I get the honorable thing. But what you’ve done is put us on the Gladiator’s radar. You were involved in injuring the Aethran Overmaster! When he returns, he’s going to be gunning for you. Which means he’ll be taking you away from the plan.

SWARM: Aaaahhhh! The plan! This stupid mysterious plan you keep talking about! The plan that has me wrestling once in a blue moon. The plan that makes it ‘okay’ for you to LOSE! The plan keeps Payback from going out there to make sure a guy’s fingers, or worse, aren’t carved up! Tell us, Master Planner, what the plan for tonight? Am I wrestling?


SWARM: Is Payback wrestling?


SWARM: Let me guess, you get to go out there and maybe win or maybe lose.

HECTOR: I do wrestle tonight. And it’s a must win. In order for the plan to continue forth, I have to win.

SWARM: Well, good luck with that. I’m sure the ‘plan’ will change when you come back here after losing and say it was…

There is a pounding at the door. Hector opens it. It’s Paralyze. He see’s Payback and lunges at him! A wild brawl erupts in the locker room! Officials rush in and begin to try to separate them as we head to the ring for our opening bout.

Nosfera d. Ensor via pinfall after DEMON’S BREATH. – *1/2 – Nosfera easily dispatches of Ensor in a short match. After the match Omen grabs the mic.

OMEN: Retribution. We’ve taken care of the runt of your team. Now it’s time for you to step forward so we can finish our personal business once and for all. Come to us or we come to you.

As they leave the ring it’s announced that Payback vs. Paralyze has been signed for later tonight.

Hector The Holy Brown Bear d. Symbiosis via pinfall after I KNOW YOUR SECRET. – *** – Symbiosis takes Hector to the limit but the experience of Hector wins out over the newcomer. Great match for Symbiosis though. Shows what he’s capable of. Him and that…thing on his back. It came dislodged early on in the match and it seemed that even Hector was a bit skeeved out by it.

As Hector is getting his hand raised in the ring we cut up to Sly Drury’s luxury box office as he watches Hector below. He speaks to himself.

DRURY: Yes. Celebrate. Enjoy your moment. Enjoy the feeling that comes with thinking you have some measure of advantage over me. You do not. You, simply, do not. The day is coming soon my friend when you will realize that any advantage you think you have is crumbling below you like cliffs worn away by the wind. You do NOT have the upperhand. I. Run. This. Fed.

He downs a shot of whiskey.

We cut back down to the ring for our next match. Paralyze made a big show of coming to the ring with the blood encrusted pouch which, presumably, held the pieces of Anivar’s skin in it. He handed it to Strafe before the match. Payback charged the ring and the bell rang!

Payback d. Paralyze via pinfall after the EXVENGE. – ***** – Holy cow! Explosive! This was a crazy free for all that many thought for sure would end in a DQ but it did not. At one point in the middle of the match, several members of Sleeper Cell appeared at the top of the ramp. They had ‘A’ armbands around their right arms. They stood at the top of the ramp during the match. Paralyze was instantly preoccupied with them. They did not interfere at all. They just stood there staring at Paralyze. This gave Payback an opening to take control and he took it, winning the match. Afterwards, Sleeper Cell began advancing to the ring slowly, brandishing their crowbars, bats and chains. Paralyze slips out of the ring and grabs the pouch from Strafe and then vaults a ring barrier and head off into the crowd. Sleeper Cell watches him leave. They stare down Strafe for a moment until Dark Menace and Phantasy appear and Dark Menace motions for them to leave.

Strafe d. Phantasy via pinfall with GROUND ZERO. – *1/2 – Strafe makes short work of Phantasy, much to the dismay of Dark Menace. Strafe spit on Phantasy as she lay on the mat and left ringside.

Endgame made his return to the ring to the cheers of those in attendance. He took the mic.

ENDGAME: I know I’ve been away for awhile. I apologize, but I’m here to let you all know, and this goes for anyone in the back who may have been wondering. Endgame is back! And I’m ready to take on ALL comers. So if…

Suddenly Bishop Hell (II)’s music hit and he headed to ringside tossing a fireball back and forth between each hand, staring a hole through Endgame. Obviously still mad at his loss last time against the hero.

Endgame d. Bishop Hell (II) via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. – SQUASH – Endgame beat Bishop Hell quicker than last time much to the delight of the crowd. Just as his hand was raised in victory, Paganax stormed the ring and a huge brawl between the two broke out. The crowd was going nuts. Soon members of the FDF and the ROUGE’S GALLERY ran to ringside to break these two up! Harsh words were exchanged between the two teams as they separated! The crowd loved every minute of it! As they were exiting, Paganax grabbed the mic.

PAGANAX: Tauran. Tonight, the Chief will treat you as I will treat Endgame when we meet!

GLADIATORS d. LIFTOFF by pinfall after Turmoil hits Mantis with a piledriver on the ramp. – SQUASH – To many this was a foregone conclusion before it began. The GLADIATORS were just to much for Tristan and Mantis. Rush grabbed the mic after the match.

RUSH: Clinch. Shoot. You want us, you got us. At Rings of Destruction! Prepare to taste defeat. Defeat that only the Gladiators can deliver!

Tauran d. Paganax via pinfall after a VICTORY STAR DROP. – ****1/2 – Paganax was moments away from winning when Endgame charged the ring and delivered a huge clothesline behind the ref’s back! Tauran was in full control afterwards and was able to hit his finisher, get the win and recapture the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. Paganax seemed to care less as he charged Endgame after the match and it was the sight of these two big men going at it that we see as we…