CARD #2125.122 – SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE! – 04.14.2125

From Demios Intergalactic Arena, Demios


We see the two cosmic beings ABROZ and DIALECTUS. They bow to the camera.

ABROZ: Welcome mortals to another evening of Infinity Challenge competition.

DIALECTUS: As of now my brethren Abroz is ahead in points.

ABROZ: But anything can happen my friend and at any moment the score could change.

The two turn to each other and nod.

DIALECTUS: Indeed especially as tonight we add in two more elements to the challenge.

ABROZ: Yes. The first is we have responded to the proposition by competitor Plethador.

DIALECTUS: Yes, a proposition to allow him and fellow competitor Scimitar to compete in a rather unique competition.

ABROZ: A ‘Non-Fatal’ Showdown. A series of specialty matches to decide who is the better of the two.

DIALECTUS: Indeed and we have have responded to the proposition in the affirmative.

ABROZ: The match back in January between the two will be counted putting Scimitar up 1-0.

DIALECTUS: All future matches will be, as you mortals call them, ‘stipulation matches.’

ABROZ: Selected one by one by Dialectus and I and tonight’s selection is a Castor Chain Match.

DIALECTUS: Yes and we’ll add in a special bonus for winning streaks in the ‘Non-Fatal’ Showdown.

ABROZ: Bonus points for winning consecutive matches, putting even more importance on these two competitors in the terms of the Infinity Challenge.

The two turn and nod to each other.

DIALECTUS: Tonight we shall also have our first ‘stipulation’ match between two competitors who have developed a feud.

ABROZ: Bloodline and Tricks in a Cosmic Cage.

DIALECTUS: For these stipulation matches Abroz and I will judges the two competitors.

ABROZ: Winners will still receive their points for winning but based on performance in the match BOTH competitors are eligible for bonus points!

DIALECTUS: Yes, allowing even the loser of the bout to pick up points for his team.

ABROZ: All in the name of competition.

The two turn and nod to each other.

DIALECTUS: And now it is time to witness tonight’s competitions and see if intuition will continue to rule.

ABROZ: Or if logic will overtake the lead.

The two nod to each other and then nod to the camera. We cut down to the ring for our first match.

Rotunda d. Dealiest via pinfall with FAT LADY SINGS picking a huge win for Dialectus’ team. (+2) – ** – Rotunda danced around the ring after her win! Gryt rolled into the ring and they celebrated with a huge kiss. Gryt then grabbed the mic.

GRYT: Tonight, to celebrate the win by my lovely lady here, I promise you all a huge victory in my match as well!

Gryt and Rotunda continued to celebrate until the officials brought out the twenty foot long Castor Chain for the big Non-Fatal Showdown match!

Plethador d. Scimitar via submission with the SUCTION CLAW in a super quick match grabbing points for Abroz. (+2 – No bonus points awarded due to the quick nature of the match.) – *1/2 – Plethador celebrated wildly after picking up the win! He dove out of the ring to high-five those at ringside, completely forgetting the chain still attached to his neck! He reached the end of the slack and was slammed back down to the mat at ringside! Both Plethador and Scimitar slowly get back to their feet and then spend a good 5 minutes trying to work out how to untangle themselves from the ring ropes and turnbuckle posts. Much to the delight of the crowd.

With the win, Plethador ties the Non-Fatal Challenge at one to one.

Once they are cleared the ring Oracle made his way down and grabbed a mic.

ORACLE: Betrayer. I have consulted the Four Winds of Manaksass for your future. The outlook. The outlook is not good. Not good at all. They say that by the end of our match tonight, your face will run red with the life force that flows through your veins.

After that ominous prediction, Betrayer made his way down to the ring.

Betrayer d. Oracle via pinfall with BLACK BETRAYAL picking up more points for Abroz (+2) – **1/2 – Betrayer was in control the entire match and at no time did he bleed as Oracle had predicted. After the match Betrayer picked up the mic.

BETRAYER: So, uh Oracle, these four winds you consulted…you sure they weren’t the four winds that emanated from behind Rotunda after a spicy meal? Because them winds…they was wrong!

The crowd went wild at this and Betrayer left the ring area. Afterwards we cut back to the backstage area where we see Tricks.

TRICKS: Bloodline. You have the years. The experience. You’ve been there. Done that. But tonight, within the confines of a Cosmic Cage, I’m going to take you to a place you’ve never been. I’m going to take you to the sickest corners of my mind. Thinking about it, the Cosmic Cage is a lot like the darkest corners of my mind. You see in there, bad things…VERY bad things happen. And there’s absolutely…no…escape. Ha ha ha haHA HA HA HAHA haaa Ha ha haaaaaa!

Tricks continues to laugh as we cut back up to the ring for our next match.

Vidtek d. Nitro via pinfall with BIG TIME in a very one-sided match giving Abroz another victory to add to his total. (+2) – ** – Vidtek celebrated after the victory and shook hands with those at ringside.

Gryt d. Tanck via submission with the STORNGMAN STRETCH in a what has to be a huge upset, but one that will give Dialectus much needed points. (+2) – *1/2 – What a hugh shocker! Rotunda and Gryt celebrated as Tanck just shook his head. He couldn’t believe he’d just tapped out to his former partner in the middle of the ring. Tanck slammed the mat with his fists and stormed out of the ringside area and Gryt and Rotunda continued to celebrate.

We left the celebration to go backstage where Bloodline is standing staring at the camera.

BLOODLINE: Every GWF athlete, whether they are a first year rookie or a grizzled veteran, has one thing in common. Every night, when they head out to that ring, they have to prove themselves. Tonight, I will prove myself in one of the most dangerous matches devised. The Cosmic Cage. Unfortunately Tricks, you have the undeniable misfortune of being the man I need to beat to prove myself, to prove my place in this fed, my place in this insane Infinity Challenge. Tricks, tonight I get to prove myself against you in a match where anything goes. I’m willing to do anything to win. To prove myself. Are you?

We leave Bloodline and head back to the ring.

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. LIFTOFF when Panther Warrior surprised Mantis with a sunset flip out of nowhere giving Abroz another win. (+2) – SQUASH – Mantis’ inexperience came shining through in this match against his former teammates when Panther Warrior was able to take him out in only three moves. It will be interesting to see if this lights a fire under LIFTOFF going forward.

Tricks d. Bloodline after hitting Bloodline with the COULOROPHOBIA (pinfall) and escaping the cage. This gave Dialectus another win. (+2) – ** – A short match. Bloodline showed some good offense, but it seems the Cosmic Cage is a match made for a wrestler like Tricks who used the very cage itself to pick up the win. After the match, an announcement had been made that Abroz and DIalectus would be awarding Trick one bonus point for his victory, giving Dialectus’ team an extra boost. They also announced that due to the limited offense Bloodline showed, he would receive no bonus points.

This brings the final scores for the evening to…


Abroz wins the night by a slim margin and gains an extra bonus point bringing the grand totals for the Infinity Challenge to…


After these scores are shown, we cut back up to Abroz and Dialectus themselves.

DIALECTUS: The margin of victory is close.

ABROZ: It is, but the year is long before us.

DIALECTUS: Logic has a habit of making up ground they say.

ABROZ: But in the end hunches will win the fray.

DIALECTUS: My dear friend it is far too soon to tell.

ABROZ: And with that, dear mortals, we do bid you, farewell.

The two nod to the camera as we…