CARD #2125.121 – INVASION – 04.01.2125

From Demios Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


(We open with a close up of Anivar. He is lying in a hospital bed, motionless. His hands are submerged in healing tanks on either side of the bed. Anivar’s head is heavily bandaged. Tubes run his arms and head. A faint beeping can be heard from the heart scanner.)

SUPER: Earlier Today

(The camera pulls back to show us that we are looking at this image on a holoscreen in the press room at the arena. BENJAMIN PAGE stands at the podium.)

PAIGE: Ladies and Gentlemen, fans of the GWF. This morning we have an update on the condition of Anivar, plus a statement on the actions that will be taken as a result of this attack. First, to update you all on the condition of Anivar, here is co-commissioner of the GWF…ahem…the Aethran Overmaster.

(There is a disgusted murmur that runs through the press room as Overmaster comes out the door and steps to the mic. Overmaster looks around, enjoying the uncomfortable tension in the room.)

OVERMASTER: As you can see by this footage shot earlier today from a hospital on Equuleus, Anivar has sustained major injuries. He is currently listed in critical condition and is in a medically induced coma. (Overmaster cracks a sickening smile.) Doctors estimate he will be out of action until 2126 at the earliest. You will be updated should his status change.

(Overmaster steps away from the mic. Paige steps forward.)

PAIGE: And here to speak on the disciplinary actions to be taken as a result of this attack, Commissioner Drury.

(Drury comes out of the doorway and steps to the mic.)

DRURY: Thank you. I will make a brief statement then will take a few questions. Please understand we have an event tonight so time is scarce, but we wanted to address these matters. (He glances over at Overmaster.) The GWF Board of Directors does not, in anyway, condone the violence witnessed in the attack on Anivar at Stormfront. The entire board finds the actions of entire Gladiator team to be completely reprehensible. The Board has turned to me asking that I rule in whatever manner I see fit on this matter. (He again looks over at Overmaster.) The world of professional wrestling is a dangerous place. The attack we saw at Stormfront was violent in nature and steps will be taken ton attempt to ensure that nothing of the like happens again. After conferring with my co-commisioner, we’ve come to the decision that there will be no suspensions levied against the Gladiator team.

(The Press Corps is thrown in an uproar. Drury nervously steps back from the mic. The tidal wave of voices subsides a bit. Drury holds up his hands.)

DRURY (shouting above the voices): If you quiet down I will try to answer any questions. (He pauses.) Ladies and gentlemen, please, I…

(Suddenly a figure leaps out out of the Press seats and charges Overmaster. It’s Havoc and he tears into Overmaster! The Security Squad leaps to separate the two as they brawl into the Press! They brawl towards a camera and it goes black.)


Opening theme!

(We are in the jam packed Deimos Intergalactic Arena and the crowd is fired up! We cut right to the ring for the opening match.)

Retribution d. Coven Black via submission with GROUNDING THE DEMON. – ***1/2 – Solid match between these two, but Retribution’s experience easily dispatches with Coven Black.



(We see Sly Drury is talking to the Aethran Overmaster.)

OVERMASTER: I want Havoc! Tonight!

DRURY: Fine. You’ll get him tonight. But I want to make one thing clear to you. You have no idea how much trouble I’m in with the Board over the little knuckle carving stunt you pulled at Stormfront.

OVERMASTER: I don’t care.

DRURY: Yeah. You don’t care. Well you will care when the board replaces me and both you and I wind up on some prison planet. All I’m saying is you need to chill out a bit.

OVERMASTER: You would be wise never to give me orders.

DRURY: Fine. But know this, the days of me giving you a free pass are over.

OVERMASTER: The only Gladiator here tonight besides me is Strafe. Nothing will happen.

(Drury stares at Overmaster.)

DRURY: You have Havoc.

(After this we’re back to the ring for our next match.)

Encubus d. Thantos (II) by pinfall with SECOND COMING. – ****1/2 – Encubus scores a win in this feud between the two.

(After the match Encubus continued to attack Thantos (II) and Symbiosis ran out to help him! The two perform double deathjumps on Thantos (II). The Security Squad immediately hit the ring and cleared it. Damage was done though as Thantos (II) had to be helped from the ring.)



(We see HECTOR, SWARM and PAYBACK watching Thantos (II) leaving the ring.)

HECTOR: Dammit! We don’t need him injured!

PAYBACK: Doesn’t look too bad. He shouldn’t be out long.

HECTOR: He’d better not be.

(SWARM is stewing. He stares at Hector. Hector turns to look at him.)

HECTOR: Something you want to say?

(Swarm just stares at him.)

SWARM: Yeah. I want to know how things stand with your little ‘plan’. The plan that’s seen me sitting on the benches for WEEKS and you losing to Nosfera on the SuperCard!

HECTOR: Me beating Nosfera was never essential to the plan.

SWARM: What?! That doesn’t make any sense! So losing to Nosfera was part of the plan?

HECTOR: No. The whole point of me taking on Nosfera was misdirection. Make Drury think my mind was elsewhere instead of solely focused on getting him in the ring.

SWARM: Oh that’s convenient. Nice way to explain away your loss.

HECTOR: I’m not explaining away anything. I’m just saying a WIN over Nosfera wasn’t essential to the plan. That being said though, the plan is not proceeding the way I’d like it to and that’s because of your pal Payback here.


HECTOR (to PAYBACK): Yeah. You were SUPPOSED to take care of Patch. Beat him. That WAS part of the plan. You told me that taking beating him would be easy and what happened?! You LOST! You FAILED Payback.

PAYBACK: You’d better watch how you talk to me.

HECTOR: Or what? You’ll lose to me? You didn’t do what you said you would do. I now have to push back the plan and modify it a bit. You’re lucky that as a Cerebral Assassin, I have the smarts to roll with the punches, or failures, as it is.

PAYBACK: Well if taking out Patch is so important, let me go get him now.

HECTOR: No. You’re done with Patch. The plan’s changed.

SWARM (shakes his head): So what? You’re going to go out and keep YOUR losing streak intact by losing to Patch now?

HECTOR: No, Swarm, I’m not going to face Patch. You are.

(Swarm stares at Hector.)

HECTOR: Tonight. And Swarm. You’d BETTER win.

(Hector turns to the door.)

HECTOR: Now if you gentlemen will excuse me. I’m going to go check on Thantos.

HECTOR leaves. Payback grabs a chair and throws it at the door as it closes.

PAYBACK: I swear to Titan, I’ve HAD it with that guy!

SWARM: Chill man, chill. He’s got something in mind. Let’s see where it all plays out.

PAYBACK (shakes his head in disbelief: Heh. All it takes is for him to throw you a bone and your tune changes right quick.

(Swarm puts a hand on Payback’s shoulder.)

SWARM: No, my tune ain’t changed. I just want to see how this all works out and at the end. When all is said and done, we don’t like what we hear….we’ll let’s just say I’ll fight you for a new bear skin rug.

(Payback looks at Swarm for a moment and nods. We head back to ringside for our next match.)

Aethran Overmaster d. Havoc via pinfall after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER. – ***** – All the bad blood between these two poured out of them and onto the mat as these two went at it!

(After the closing bell, Overmaster left the ring, grabbed a chair and climbed back into the ring about to attack Havoc more. Suddenly Payback came charging down to ringside, waylaid Strafe and then hopped into the ring and blindsided Overmaster! Havoc recovered and began helping his former partner attack Overmaster! The crowd went nuts as Havoc and Payback give Overmaster a double clothesline, then Havoc hit FALLEN DREAMS on Overmaster three times! The Security Squad then charged the ring and Havoc and Payback bailed and left through the crowd before they could begin firing their stun guns.

Once they left, Security Squad called for the medics who attended to Overmaster, under the strict guidance of the glaring Strafe.)



(Clinch and Shoot are here for an interview.)

SHOOT: Ooooooh I’m fired up Clinch!

CLINCH: You and me both, Shoot! We’re fired up ’cause of those no good Gladiators, Rush and Turmoil!

SHOOT: You said it Clinch! You see, even though they weren’t in the ring or do anything directly to Anivar, we’re holding them responsible.

CLINCH: Got that right Shoot! So that’s why we’re calling you out right here and now Gladiators! We want you in the ring! Tonight!

SHOOT: That’s right Shoot! We’re not going–

(Suddenly a voice is heard off camera.)

VOICE: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold your horses there tough guys…

(Camera pans back to reveal STARS & STRIPES.)

AMERICAN GUY (Continuing): …you don’t get to waltz right in here and get yourselves a shot at the champs.

U.S. MALE: Look, we understand your anger at what happened to Anivar, but unfortunately, the Gladiatos are the champs and you have to be number one contenders to get to fight them.

AMERICAN GUY: You guys have only had one match, for pete’s sake!

U.S. MALE: Okay, calm down, Guy. What we’d like to help you out tonight by giving you the kind of competition you’re going to need to get to the top.

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah. You’re going to need to get past us to get to them. Just the way it works.

CLINCH: So if I’m hearing these guys right Shoot, I’m hearing that they want to fight us tonight.

SHOOT: I think you’re right Clinch. I think that’s what they’re saying. Well, we’ll gladly take you up on that offer, won’t we Clinch?

CLINCH: You betcha’ Shoot, because me and you are the Ultimate FIghters and the Ulimate Fighters are…


(The four men stare down each other as we cut back to the ring.)

Swarm d. Patch via a deathjump to the huge delight of the crowd. – **** – Great match between these two but Swarm really dominated.

(After the match Swarm posed on all four corners as the crowd began to chant.)

CROWD: Swarm is awesome! Swarm is awesome!

(Swarm soaked it all up and spent time giving as many fans as possible high fives as he left the ring.)

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. STARS & STRIPES via submission when Clinch took out U.S. Male with a guillotine choke. – * – Clinch and Shoot tore through the much more veteran tag team to pick up a dominating win.

(After the match the Ultimate FIghters both grabbed mics.)

SHOOT: Rush! Turmoil! We’re coming for you, right Clinch?

CLINCH: RIght Shoot! Gladiators, you’re about to find out the true meaning off…


(They clear the ring and unannounced, Tauran heads to the ring and picks up a mic.)

TAURAN: Paganax, you took something very precious to me. My Interplanetary Championship. Now I do get a rematch and I aim to collect on that. But before that I want to prove to you and all these people watching here tonight, that I can beat you. So what I propose is that you get your big red butt out here and face me, one on one, non-title so I can prove it!

(The crowd cheers loudly! Suddenly Paganax appears at the top of the ramp.)

PAGANAX: You are but an insect to the likes of a chief. But if squashing you once more gets me to Endgame, so be it. But where as last time I showed mercy by finishing you off quickly, this time I shall make you suffer.

(Paganax charges the ring and the bell rings for the match to start!)

Tauran d. Paganax via pinfall with a VIctory Star Drop! – ** – Tauran hands Paganax his first loss and frustrates the Pagan Chief to no end! Tuaran grabbed the mic as he left the ring…

TAURAN: Hey, Paganax. Next time, I’m taking my belt back.

(Paganx slammed the mat with his fists as he watch Tauran leave to the cheers of the crowd. When Paganax finally left, it was time for our main event.)

Mother Superior d. Sultana via pinfall with the SERPENTS OF HYDRA – ***1/4 – Mother Superior easily handles Sultana to retain her GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP!

(Mother Superior grabbed the mic afterwards.)

MOTHER SUPERIOR: I’ve kicked you to the curb just like Encubus did your phony Thantos. Sultana, you are done wrestling for this belt!

(Mother Superior dropped the mic, grabbed her belt and headed to the back to a chorus of boos!)



(We see Overmaster being loaded onto a transport to Aethra. His head is wrapped tightly. A medic is administering painkillers. Strafe grabs the needle and throws them across the landing pad.)

STRAFE: No! No painkillers! It’s a sign of weakness!

OVERMASTER: She is right. I must embrace the pain!

(Sly Drury walks up to them.)

DRURY: How you doing?

OVERMASTER: Drury! Make them pay! You hear me Drury?! Make Havoc and Payback pay!

DRURY: Now, I told you that matters were such with the Board after what you guys did to Anivar, that my course is to be careful with each action I take. My hands are tied.

OVERMASTER (gritting his teeth in pain): What are you saying Drury?

DRURY: What I’m saying is…no suspensions for Havoc and Payback.


DRURY: You want to met out justice, in the ring, when you return I can allow it, but if I didn’t suspend you, how can I suspend them.

(Overmaster growls with rage and punches out a medic checking his bandages.)

DRURY: Get well. Upon your return vengeance will be yours.

The medics scramble to get Overmaster into the transport as he bellows with rage!