CARD #2125.126 – THE RECKONING NIGHT 1.1 – 06.27.2125

NOTE: The 2125 RECKONING took place over two nights. On the first night four different cards were held at the exact same time.

From Titan Sportatorium, Saturn


ABROZ is standing in the middle of the ring. He bows to the camera.

ABROZ: Good evening mortals. Welcome to The Reckoning!


ABROZ: Dialectus and I know and understand how much The Reckoning means to the Galactic Wrestling Federation. And though the Infinity Challenge cannot itself be interrupted or postponed to allow the Challenge rosters to participate. However we can adjust the Challenge to incorporate the excitement of The Reckoning into it. We said last time you saw us that the Infinity Challenge would be changing and that change starts tonight! TOnight we introduce these…

ABROZ gestures next to him and three shimmering green cup like trophies appear next to him.

ABROZ: These are the Infinity Challenge Cups. There is one cup for single competitors, one cup for tag team competitors and one for female competitors. These cups give those who win them bonus points for their team. WInning one of these cups awards the winner three bonus points. Successfully defending one of these cups via adds three bonus point to the holder’s team. These are in addition to any points, regular or bonus, awarded in the match. Tonight we begin the ranking gauntlets to determine who will be the first holders of these cups!


ABROZ: Dialectus and I, of course, knew the limitations of holding a gauntlet with both Infinity Challenge Rosters in one big gauntlet meant that members of the same roster may wind up facing each other for the cups. To avoid this we have decreed that the rosters will face each other first, in point free gauntlet matches, to determine who will face each other for these cups tomorrow night. Those matches begin immediately following the next in the series of the Non-Fatal Showdown!

Plethador d. Scimitar via submission with the SUCTION CLAW! – **** – These two brought it again! Plethador retakes the lead in the Non-Fatal Showdown and in addition to getting the points for his victory he also gets an extra point for winning consecutive matches! Scimitar is also awarded a bonus point for his performance in this match!

Deadliest d. Shann-Ra via DQ when the action spilled outside the ring and Shann-Ra smacked her teammate with a vicious chair shot. – DUD – Both these women wanted the win to move forward to get the cup. Shann-Ra was willing to do anything to get the cup but as this was a regular rules her use of the chair cost her shot. Deadliest will go against the winner of the women’s match between Dialectus’ teammates.

FRONTAL ASSAULT d. LEADERS OF THE PACK via submission when Zygon locked Malkuth in the TRI_CLAW. – *3/4 – Surprising short match between these two teams. LEADERS OF THE PACK seemed woefully out of sync. It was not their night. FRONTAL ASSAULT moves on to to Night Two of THE RECKONING to compete for the Infinity Challenge Tag Team Cup!

She Devil d. Rotunda via pinfall with FALLEN DEVIL. – *1/2 – She Devil showing off some new moves and looks very impressive as she dispatches of Rotunda and will go on to face Deadliest for the Infinity Challenge Women’s Cup tomorrow night.

LIFTOFF d. STARS & STRIPES via DQ when American Guy loses his temper and whips Mantis into the guardrails. – DUD – This match started with LIFTOFF surprising double dropkicks to start the match! The action spilled outside and the ref desperately tried to get it back inside. American Guy refused to bring the action back into the ring and was DQ’d when he ignored the ref’s warning not to whip him into the guardrails! LIFTOFF gets the win and will face FRONTAL ASSAULT for the Infinity Challenge Tag Team Cup tomorrow night on night two of THE RECKONING!

As LIFTOFF heads to the back and STARS & STRIPES air their frustrations in the ring we cut to ABROZ in another part of the arena.

ABROZ: The lines of battle have been set. Deadliest from my team will face She Devil from Dialectus’ for the Infinity Challenge Women’s Cup and Dialectus’ team LIFTOFF with face my FRONTAL ASSAULT for the Infinity Challenge Tag Team Cup. These matches will happen tomorrow night and the winners will begin their path defending their cups! Until the crowning of the Cup Holders, I bid you mortals, goodnight.


NOTE: INFINITY CHALLENGE STANDINGS at the end of this event:

ABROZ – 40