CARD #2125.119 – SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE! – 02.14.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


We see ABROZ and DIALECTUS standing side by side.

DIALECTUS: Well met dear mortals once again we convene.

ABROZ: You join us once again as we step closer to the end.

DIALECTUS: Of this chapter of the battle that has raged for eons.

ABROZ: Between logic and intuition.

The two turn and nod to each other.

DIALECTUS: Currently logic has taken the lead.

ABROZ: Only by two points it has indeed.

DIALECTUS: Let us to that add some points more.

ABROZ: From the battles tonight of which there are four.

The two cosmic beings nod to each other and we cut to the ring.

Shann-Ra d. Rotunda via pinfall with the MACHETE. – * – Shann-Ra picks up 2 points for Abroz.

The Betrayer d. Notro via pinfall with BLACK BETRAYAL. – 1/2 – Betrayer helps his team with two more points.

STARS & STRIPES d. LEADERS OF THE PACK by pinfall when American Guy hits Panther Warrior with AMERICAN FIREPOWER. – * – STARS & STRIPES gets Dialectus his first points of the evening.

In an unscheduled appearance, Plethador comes to ringside and asks for the mic. The crowd is cheering wildly. He waves and does hints of his Plethador Shuffle. He then motions for the crowd to quiet down a bit.

PLETHADOR: Thank you, thank you good people. You know, I completely understand that pressure inherent in being the Galaxy’s most charismatic athlete.

Crowd cheers loudly.

PLETHADOR: I know. I know. Thank you. You know, one of my responsibilities is to come out here and entertain the pants of you people. Settle down ladies.

Crowd laughs.

PLETHADOR: And I think on the last episode of SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE, I did just that. I wrestled what might have been the match of my career.

Loud cheer from the crowd.

PLETHADOR: But you know what? I didn’t do it alone. I had some…help. And I like to bring the person who helped me out here now. Scimitar, get out here.

Huge cheer from the crowd, they are eager to see where Plethador is going with this. Scimitar does not make his way out of the locker room.

PLETHADOR: Oh now, come on, get out here buddy. Come on folks, don’t you want to see my good friend Scimitar out here?

Crowd cheers louder. Scimitar appears at the top of the ramp. He looks skeptical but his arrival gets him probably the biggest cheer of his career.

PLETHADOR: There he is. There he is. Hey pal. Now look, I know we’ve been feuding for years. And I know we’re on opposite teams here on this Infinity Challenge thing. But even you, my sworn enemy, have to admit, we captured some lightening in a bottle out here last time. Didn’t we folks?

Huge cheer from the crowd. Scimitar stands with his arms crossed, but he does give a slight nod.

PLETHADOR: So here’s what I’m proposing, Scimitar. I’m proposing we go ask Abbadaz and Diddleus…wait…Albius and Diadacticus…Alioicious and Dinecticus? Oh, you know the two guys running this whole rigamarole….

Crowd laughs.

PLETHADOR: I propose we go ask those two guys, if you can I can come out here and do what we did last time on a grander scale.

Scimitar looks at Plethador, obviously not quite understanding.

PLETHADOR: I propose that you and I, as part of the Infinity Challenge have our very own Fatal Showdown!

Crowd cheers loudly at this.

PLETHADOR: That’s right. That’s right. Except fatal is a bit too extreme a word I think. I mean heck, Wolf and Monolith had a Fatal Showdown last year and they are both still alive. Well, Monolith’s hanging in there, but you know what I’m saying. So anyway, long story short, Plethador vs. Scimitar, as part of the Infinity Challenge, in a NON-FATAL SHOWDOWN!

Crowd cheers loudly! They are eating this up.

PLETHADOR: So what do you say Scimmy? Heck I’ll even let that last match count as your first victory! I’m one behind. Eeeek! Of course, we have to clear it with Amos and Dandy, first, but if they say, “Yes.” What says you?

The crowd falls silent as all eyes fall on Scimitar. Scimitar looks directly at Plethador. He smirks. Then, slowly, he nods his head yes!

The crowd ERRUPTS! Plethador raises his arms and THE ONE’S IN THE WATER begins to play and Plethador breaks into his shuffle! Scimitar shakes his head and walks back stage! Plethador leaves the ring, high webbing fans as he makes his way back stage. Everyone is wondering with Abroz and Dialectus will allow this Non-Fatal Challenge!

Bloodline d. Tricks via DQ when Tricks refuses to bring the action back into the ring. – *1/2 – Tricks, eager to get the win for his team, gets a little wild and winds up getting DQ’d. Bloodline was obviously a little frustrated at his first solo outing since the breakup of DIVIDED WE FALL.

Tonight’s scores:


Abroz’s win gives his team an extra point and brings the total scores to…


In just one night, Abroz’s team goes from being down by two to ahead by four! After the scores are revealed, we cut back to Abroz and Dialectus.

DIALECTUS: My friend it seems you’ve jumped ahead.

ABROZ: Proving that intuition is not dead.

DIALECTUS: Logic though will soon gain ground.

ABROZ: Perhaps that we’ll see, next time ‘round.

The two beings nod at each other.

ABROZ: And now mortals, we say farewell.

DIALECTUS: We shall return soon with more of the…

BOTH: Infinity Challenge.

They nod again to each other as we…