CARD #2125.118 – INVASION – 02.07.2125


We open on the imposing figure of PAGANAX standing in the middle of the ring. He has the mic.

PAGANAX: Endgame! I’m here. Come face me…NOW!

There is no response until suddenly ENSOR appears at the top of the ramp to a huge ovation.

ENSOR: Endgame isn’t here tonight. But if it’s a fight you want, I’m more than ready to bring it to you.

ENSOR rushes the ring and the bell rings for our first match!

Paganax d. Ensor by pinfall with the PAGAN VOID. – ** – Ensor put up a valaint effort but was soon overrun by the behemoth Paganax! After the match Paganax demanded the mic.

PAGANAX: Endgame. If decimating each of the members of your faction is what I have to do, then I will. I’m coming for you.

PAGANAX storms out of the ring leaving a weakened ENSOR to try and stand.


We’re in COMMISSIONER DRURY’S luxury box office. The GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP BELT sits on his desk. He’s talking to someone off camera.

DRURY: …set up. So all you have to do is go out there and make sure he loses. Hector cannot move up the rankings to get a shot at this belt. I’ve got to keep him as far away from me as possible. Understand?

The camera pans back to reveal OMEN and NOSFERA.

OMEN: We understand. Come Nosfera. We have a match.

NOSFERA hisses as they turn to walk out and we head back to the ring.



SHOOT: We’re here in the GWF to prove one thing. That we are the most dominant tag team in the galaxy. Right Clinch?

CLINCH: That’s right Shoot. And it won’t be long until those Galaxian Tag Team Championship Belts are around our waist. Right Shoot?

SHOOT: That’s right Clinch! And we ain’t going to take no cakewalk to win them either, like the team that currently holds them did. We’re here to prove our toughness and fight! Right Clinch?

CLINCH: Right Shoot! So why not send out the first team we’re going to ground and pound into a bloody pulp, cause the Ultimate Fighters are….


There’s a pause and suddenly FRONTAL ASSAULT appear at the top of the ramp and head towards the ring!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. FRONTAL ASSAULT by pinfall when Clinch hits Thraxx with DEADLY SHADOWS. – *1/4 – The ULTIMATE FIGHTERS look good in their debut match, picking up a strong win against a tough team.


We’re in Legends of the Ring’s locker room. SWARM and PAYBACK talk.

SWARM: …frustrating as all get out.

PAYBACK: I understand, but we went into this agreement, knowing that he had a plan. We didn’t know WHAT the plan was exactly, but we trusted him enough to trust he’s got one.

SWARM: Yeah, I know.

PAYBACK: Look, Swarm, you know I’ve got your back. Whatever happens. You don’t like the way things are going, make the call and I’m behind you, 100%.

SWARM: Thanks, man. I just–

The door opens and HECTOR, THANTOS (II) and SULTANA enter the room.

HECOTR: Okay, here’s the plan for tonight. Drury’s afraid. He’s put me in a match against Nosfera, so I have that to deal with.

SWARM: Good luck.

HECTOR: Thanks. “Thantos” has Encubus next. “Thantos”, your is to keep Encubus off his game. Keep him focused on you.

THANTOS (II): Got it.

HECTOR: Sultana. You have a non-title match against Mother Superior. I know she’s a tough egg to crack but if we put get her worried about her belt, that’ll get her complaining to Drury and keep him scattered. A win tonight would be well met.

SULTANA: I’m going to make that witch squirm.

HECTOR: Good. Payback, I’ve booked you in a match against Patch. Can you handle him?

PAYBACK: You kidding, I’ll poke his other eye out. Heh. (He cracks his knuckles.) With a table.

HECTOR: Excellent. Looks like we’re set. Good luck tonight.

SWARM stands.

SWARM: Whoa, wait a minute. We’re not ‘all set’. What’s the ‘plan’ for me?

HECTOR: The plan for you, right now is just to sit tight.

SWARM: Sit tight?!


SWARM: This is crap! I’m the best wrestler on this squad and I’m being wasted.

HECTOR: You are NOT being wasted! You are a major piece in this game I’m playing with Drury and I have to wait until the precise moment to play you to do the most damage!

SWARM fumes the calms down.

SWARM: You wait too long Hector and this ‘piece’ might not be here for you to ‘play’.

HECTOR: Look, I understand and I appreciate your concerns. It’s all part of a plan. Turst me.

SWARM stares at HECTOR for a moment.

SWARM: Fine.

HECTOR: Good. Okay, “Thantos” let’s go. Sultana you accompany him. I’ll watch from the audience.

The three of them exit. The door closes. SWARM punches a locker.


Thantos (II) d. Encubus by submission via THE MASTERLOCK. – * – Encubus was sufficiently off his game and Thantos (II) easily took charge and won the match. Afterwards Thantos (II) and Sultana mocked Encubus as he slunk back to the locker rooms. Hector came out to congratulate them and also prepare for his match that was next.


We’re back stage in Covert Operation’s dressing room. HAVOC stands talking to ANIVAR and DARK MENACE.

ANIVAR: …can’t believe I let him get to me!

MENACE: It’s fine. Don’t worry. It’s in the past.

ANIVAR: And what was with him looking at my tattoos and nodding? I need to get my hands on him again!

MENACE: And you will. But tonight Havoc gets The Overmaster. And I need you focused on commanding the Sleeper Cell!

ANIVAR: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m good. Sleeper Cell will be there. Just give the signal.

MANACE: Havoc. You set.

HAVOC: To end the Gladiator reign of dominance. Heh. Anytime.



Mother Superior d. Sultana via pin with SERPENTS OF HYDRA. – ***1/2 – Great back and forth match. Sultana came close to winning several times, but Mother Superior pulled out the victory.

Payback d. Patch by DQ when Drury’s Security Squad interfered in the match on behalf of Patch. – ***1/2 – This was an all out brawl! These two men tore into each other and it looked as if Payback would have the upper hand! That is until Drury sent in the Security Squad and one of them cold cocked Payback with the butt of his rifle in view of the ref who had no choice but to call a DQ. As Patch left the ring with the security squad around him, Payback grabbed the mic.

PAYBACK: Patch, you think you’re tough yet you need these clowns to help you. You know that I had you tonight. So I’m going to make it easy for you. You and me. Stormfront. In one of your, what you call it? Street Suicide matches! What do you say?

PATCH thinks for a second and then smiles and nods.

PAYBACK: You think you’re the definition of tough. But at Stormfront you’ll find out the definition of EXTREEEEEEME!

The crowd cheers loudly as PATCH exits.

Havoc d. Aethran Overmaster by DQ when Overmaster refused to stop grinding Havoc’s face into the guardrails at ringside! – **1/2 – After the match, Overmaster continued to wail on Havoc which brought out Anivar, The Ultimate FIghters and the Sleeper Cell! This brought out Paralyze, Rush, Turmoil and Strafe! A huge brawl ensued and it’s this we see as the whole show…