CARD #2125.117 – SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE! – 01.14.2125

From Deimios Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


We see the two comic beings standing side by side.

ABROZ: Good evening mortals.

DIALECTAS: And welcome you are to Supernova: Challenge.

ABROZ: You have heard, yes, of our Infinity Challenge?

DIALECTUS: The challenge we now bring here to the Galactic Wrestling Federation.

ABROZ: Tonight we shall draft two teams, with me drafting with my intuition.

DIALECTAS: And I using logic based on study of records.

ABROZ: Our teams will compete in events throughout the year.

DIALECTAS: To decide the victor between conjecture and reason.

The two turn and look at each other and nod slightly.

DIALECTAS: Our two teams will compete in many matches and challenges against each other.

ABROZ: A win by pinfall or submission will earn the victor two points for his team.

DIALECTAS: A win by disqualification or countout will earn the victor one point for his team.

ABROZ: The team that scores the most points on that night earns their team one extra point.

DIALECTAS: The team at year’s end with the most points, will win the challenge.

ABROZ: And our centuries long battle will continue.

The two turn and nod to each other.

ABROZ: One by one we’ve made our choice.

DIALECTUS: I using logic, while intuition fueled his choice.

ABROZ: The Infinity Challenge has begun.

DIALECTAS: Let us reveal our teams now to everyone.

A graphic comes on the screen showing how the two teams are divided.

The Betrayer
LEADERS OF THE PACK (Panther Warrior & Malkuth)
FRONTAL ASSAULT (Thraxx & Zygon)

STARS & STRIPES (U.S. Male & American Guy)
LIFTOFF (Tristan & Mantis)

From this we cut down to the ring for our first match!

Deadliest d. She-Devil by pinfall with PURIFICATION. – *1/2 – Deadliest makes a strong opening statement for her team, easily dispatching of She-Devil.

Scimitar d. Plethador by pinfall after a deathjump. – **** – Holy cow! This was the match of these two wrestler’s careers! This competition has brought the fire out in these two and they both shocked the galaxy with a hard fought match. They shocked the galaxy even further by standing up and shaking hands afterwards! The crowd exploded! Plethador even tried to get Scimitar to do the Plethador Shuffle but the knife thrower refused. This match set the right tone for the challenge and Scimitar’s win tied the scoring up early on.

Vidtek d. Gryt by pinfall with a Powerbomb! – ***1/2 – Another great match and these two took each other to the limit.

LIFTOFF d. FRONTAL ASSAULT by DQ when Zygon hit Tristan with a chair as he flew out of the ring at him. – *1/4 – The new tandem of Mantis and Tristan actually worked very well together. They were close to winning several times before the DQ ending.

Oracle d. Tanck by pinfall with the DIVINATION. – ** – The former teammates went toe to toe and Oracle shocked many in attendance by overpowering the big man and getting the win.

At the end of the evening, Dialectas led Abroz 5-4 which gives Dialectas a bonus point bringing the Infinity Challenge score after the first night of action to:

Dialectas: 6
Abroz: 4

We cut back to the cosmic beings looking at the score on a holo-vid. They nod to each other.

DIALECTUS: Logic seems to be leading the way.

ABROZ: But this was merely the very first day.

They nod again to each other as we…