CARD #2125.116 – INVASION – 01.07.2125

From the Demios Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


We see a gloved fist slam into a locker. The camera pulls back and we see a furious SWARM. He stands seething, face to face with HECTOR. PAYBACK and THANTOS (II) stand nearby, looking on.

SWARM: The undercard?! I’m wrestling on the undercard? Before the women wrestle?


SWARM: Would you like to tell me WHY?!

HECTOR: I have my reasons.

SWARM: No. No that kind of crap doesn’t cut it. Listen I trusted you enough to join this team, you give me the trust to tell my ‘your reason’ for putting me in an UNDERCARD match? I’m better than this.

HECTOR: You are. In fact, I’d say you’re the top tier wrestler on this team.

SWARM (taking a step forward towards HECOTR): Then why. Am I. Wrestling on. THE UNDERCARD?!

HECTOR: Because I trust you. I value your opinion. You’ll be taking on this newcomer Drury has on his team, this alien. I need an honest evaluation of how much we have to fear from him and I trust YOU to give it to me.

SWARM just stares at HECTOR.

HECTOR: If I go out there, Drury will have his goon squad at ringside in a second looking for a moment to take me out. Thantos’s target is Encubus and he is a newcomer. I don’t think we’ll get an honest evaluation due to the adrenaline of his first match. (He turns to THANTOS (II)) No offense.

THANTOS (II) shakes his head.

HECTOR: And Payback…well, I send this wildman out here and we’d get a fair assessment of this alien’s toughness and ability to withstand a chairshot, but no honest analysis of this it’s ‘wrestling‘ abilities. (He turns to PAYBACK.) No offense.

PAYBACK: None taken. You speak the truth.

HECTOR (turns back to SWARM): But I send you out there, Swarm. My experienced veteran. And I know that afterwards I’ll get an honest assessment of his abilities that I’ll be able to use to plan how we’re going to take out Martial Law this year.

SWARM is silent. Then he nods his head.

SWARM: You’re right. You’re right. I see your point. You got it. But I tell you this, I’m not going to be stuck in an undercard feud this year. Got it?

HECTOR (puts a hand on SWARM’S shoulder): Swarm, trust me. My plan for you this year is about as far from the undercard as you can get. But I need to get a line on this new guy.

SWARM nods.


We’re in SLY DRURY’S luxury box Commissioner’s office. DRURY is talking to two cosmic beings. They are thin and almost transparent, but give off the air of being elderly, yet somehow ageless. They stare silently at DRURY as he looks into a case on his desk. DRURY closes the case.

DRURY: Where’s the other half?

ABROZ: The second half will be paid to you directly at the end of the year.

DIALECTAS: When you have completed your end of the deal.

DRURY: That wasn’t what we agreed on.

ABROZ: Mr. Sly Drury, you are known to us. Being cosmic allows for some more intimate knowledge of the cosmos and the beings that reside in it.

DIALECTAS: And our knowledge of you and how your ‘agreements’ always seem to work out solely in your favor…

DRURY (stands): What agreements are you referring to?

ABROZ: Please Mr. Sly Drury, relax. As cosmic beings we are far above using any knowledge we posess to interfere in the lives of mortals.

DIALECTAS: Yes, the universe has it’s own way of sorting things out. We are merely observers. Only picking sides and allowing things to play out however the universe decides.

ABROZ: But we will not leave to chance our ‘sport’. We must ensure that the arrangement we propose with you is played out exactly as promised.

DIALECTAS: Hence, half the money now. The other half on December 31st. When our challenge is complete.

DRURY regards the two beings for a moment.

DRURY: Fine. But you’d better not renege on your deal. (He sits.) Your show starts next week. We’re renaming it SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE. It’s all yours.

ABROZ: Excellent Mr. Sly Drury.

DIALECTAS: Let the challenge begin, Abroz.

ABROZ: Most certainly Dialectus.

DIALECTUS: We thank you Mr. Sly Drury.

DRURY: Yeah. Hey Paige?

BEJAMIN PAIGE opens the door.

PAIGE: Yeah boss.

DRURY: Show these two out and post these notices in the locker rooms.

DRURY holds out some papers.

PAIGE: Yeah boss.

PAIGE takes the notices and gestures to the door for ABROZ and DIALECTAS. The two beings motionlessly turn and glide out the door.

PAIGE (to DRURY): Kinda weird they don’t have walk, huh boss?

DRURY: Get out of here Paige!

PAIGE: Yes, boss.

PAIGE leaves and slams the door behind him. DRURY shakes his head then opens the case and looks in again. He smiles.


We’re down at ringside for our first match of the night and 2125!

Swarm d. Symbiosis by pinfall with the Beekeeper Backbreaker – *

Strafe and Phantasy brawl to a quick DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION. Ringside security had to come down to separate these two after the bell rang. – DUD


We’re back in DRURY’S office DRURY sits looking back and forth between tow people. The camera pans back to reveal that it’s the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Encubus and Bloodline! The stand, arms crossed, not looking at each other.

DRURY: Now, whatever kind of Family Feud is going between you to, I don’t care. Well, I don’t care inasmuch, as you two are the Galaxian Tag Team Champions and I’m the Commissioner. So tonight, you’ll defend the belts.


BLOODLINE: Against whom?

DRURY: Well, as you may or may not know, this year I have a co-commissioner.

ENCUBUS: Overmaster?


BLOODLINE: We make strange bedfellows don’t we try to work every angle don’t we Drury.

DRURY (pause): Regardless, since he’s still out with an injury, I asked him to choose your opponents for tonight.

BLOODLINE: Let me guess. The Gladiators.

DRURY: Yes. In the main event.


BLOODLINE turns to exit. ENCUBUS follows behind and as he’s about to exit he turns and looks at DRURY. DRURY looks at him and brushes a single finger alongside his nose. ENCUBUS nods and exits.


Back down at ringside, RETRIBUTION stands in the ring. Suddenly the arena is flooded with red light and newcomer PAGANAX enters the arena. A small, but very vocal crowd cheers loudly. The rest of the arena watches quietly as the impressive creature makes his way to the ring.

Paganax d. Retribution via pinfall with the PAGAN VOID. – * – Paganax makes short work of Retribution in their brief encounter.

Ensor d. Coven Black via pinfall after the ERUPTION OF THARSIS in a completely unimpressive debut for the vampire. – SQUASH


We are in the Legends of the Ring locker room. The four members sit talking.

SWARM: — Going to be that much of a threat. He was strong but I was able to…

There’s a knock on the door.


The door cracks open and MANTIS pokes his head in. SWARM signals to the other to hold on a second and crosses to the door.

SWARM: Yeah?

MANTIS: Sorry to bug you dad. Have you seen this Infinity Challenge notice that Paige posted in the locker rooms?

SWARM: Yeah.

MANTIS: Well I’m thinking about signing up and I wanted to ask you if you thought…

SWARM holds up a hand.

SWARM: Kid. Last year you made it clear to the entire galaxy, and that includes me, that you can handle yourself in the ring. You don’t have to ask me permission anymore. I trust your judgement.

MANTIS: Really?

SWARM: Yeah. You call your own shots now. No need to ask my permission anymore. Just know that no matter what I’m involved in, I’m here for you if you need my opinion. As far as my OPINION on you being in this challenge. Go for it. Kick some ass!

MANTIS gets a big smile on his face and they shake hands.


We’re back at ringside for our next big event.

Anivar d. Paralyze by DQ when PARALYZE slammed Anivar into the guardrails at ringside against the refs warning. – DUD – The match was a brawl for the beginning. After the bell, Anivar was dazed and lying on the ground. Paralyze stood over him and looked down at Anivar’s extended tattooed fingers. Paralyze crouches down and picks one of Anivar’s hands up in his. He looks closely at the tattoos on his fingers. Then he looks over at Strafe who was standing behind him. He smiles. Strafe smiles back and nods. Then he drops Anivar’s hand and stands. Then simply turns and walks away from ringside to a huge chorus of boos from the crowd.

Anivar was helped to the back and we were ready for our next big match up!

Endgame d. Bishop Hell (II) by submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. – *** – Many were shocked to see a new incarnation of Bishop Hell (II), and several children in the crowd were a bit frightened by the imposing visage but their fears were soon assuaged by Endgame, the hero, came out and was able to pretty much handle Bishop Hell (II). The newcomer did get in some offense, but in the end, Endgame was able to easily score the win.


Encubus started against the impressive newcomer Turmoil. Encubus got a few moves of offense in and then tagged out to Bloodline. Bloodline slipped a bit against Turmoil and when he reached out for the tag, Encubus just left ringside. He simply walked to the back as Bloodline helplessly watched. Turmoil pounced and showed…no…mercy and after moments of punishment, the duo hit their finisher CHAOS IN THE CROWD and easily pinned Bloodline.

The Gladiators, the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS stood in the ring holding their newly won belts over the fallen body of Bloodline as we…