CARD #2125.120 – STORMFRONT – 03.20.2125

From Demios Intergalactic Arena.



AMERICAN GUY: Whoa ho! Look who’s here!

U.S. MALE: That’s right, functioning better than ever, it’s STARS & STRIPES and tonight we’ve got a one night reprieve from the Infinity Challenge and we aren’t wasting it!

AMERICAN GUY: Turmoil, Rush, prepare to have your reign abruptly ended by STARS & STRIPES!

U.S. MALE: Your soon to be new Galaxian Tag Team Champions!


Rush & Turmoil stare at the camera, the belts over their shoulders. They say nothing.

We cut to the cosmic beings Abroz and Dialectus.

ABROZ: The Infinity Challenge continues even tonight.

DIALECTUS: And so continues the game between logic and intuition.

ABROZ: Tonight out teams will meet in matches, three.

DIALECTUS: The winners of which we soon will see.

The two beings turn and nod at each other.

We cut to Sultana.

SULTANA: Mother Fraud, I’m getting sick and tired of seeing that belt around your waist! It’s about time I took it from you. And how about that mask as well. Tonight, Mother Superior, you…will…lose.

We cut to Mother Superior.

MOTHER SUPERIOR: How many times do I have to beat you? How many times do I have to hit you with the Serpents of Hydra and pin you for the one…two…three? Tonight, I’m going to make it, the last time.

We cut Havoc & Anivar.

ANIVAR: Ha ha! Tonight Paralyze, I get my hands on you and it is not going to be pretty because this time I’ve got back up!

HAVOC: Overmaster, scores will be settled tonight and when the dust clears Aethra may just have a brand new leader.

Both laugh.

We cut to Paralyze and Aethran Overmaster.

PARALYZE: Anivar. It’s so easy to be tough isn’t it? All you need to do is use a needle and some ink on your fingers and you’re an instant tough guy. Mark my words Anivar, by the end of tonight, we’ll see how tough you really are.

OVERMASTER: Havoc. You are nothing but a bug that I will silence tonight.

We cut to Paganax.

PAGANAX: Endgame, again you avoid me. You run like a frightened child. That’s fine. I’ll go through yet another of your teammates. If I have to go through ever single wrestler in this fed to get to you. I will! Endgame, you are my goal.

We cut to Tauran holding the Interplanetary Belt.

TAURAN: Paganax, your biggest mistake is not focusing on what’s immediately in front of you! Mainly, me. I’ve never been in better shape and my years of experience are going to lead to one thing…your downfall!

We cut to Patch.

PATCH: Payback, I’m sick and tired of hearing everyone saying how hardcore you are. Tonight you step into my world, the streets! Tonight you’re going to commit suicide! STREET SUICIDE!

We cut to Payback.

PAYBACK: Patch, when I’m through with you tonight, you’ll need a patch on both sides of your head! A Street Suicide match may be ‘your’ match but when the action goes outside the ring, you step into MY world! The world of hardcore PAIN!

We cut to Retribution.

RETRIBUTION: Ha! Tonight is my night! My once in a lifetime chance to win the Galaxian Championship. And the icing on the cake it means I will finally be getting my hands on you Drury. Time to get a little RETRIBUTION for the way you treated me last year! Ha ha haaa!

We cut to Sly Drury.

DRURY: Retribution, you have a title shot tonight for one reason. I run this fed. Last year I had to listen to you whine and basically give me a headache when you were a part of Martial Law. Tonight I have free reign to chop you down to size and put you in your place and remind you who is in charge. You? Galaxian Champion? Heh. Right.

THe opening theme plays and we cut down to the ring and the crowd is standing for tonight’s card!

Shann-Ra d. She-Devil via pinfall with MACHETE. – ***1/2 – A great opening match and Abroz picks up two points for his team.

LIFTOFF d. FRONTAL ASSAULT vial pinfall after I CAN SEE YOU. – *1/4 – The young team of Mantis and Tristan pick up a huge win against FRONTAL ASSAULT and pick up two points for Dialectus.

Bloodline d. Tricks via DQ after Tricks whips Bloodline into the guardrail against the referee’s warnings. – ***1/2 – A wild brawl breaks out after the bell and members of both Infinity Challenge teams ran out to separate the two.

Once things are settled down the holo-screen flashed the final tally for the night for the night…


Because this is not a full night of Infinity Challenge action, there are no bonus points for winning the night. So this makes the current scores…


This wraps up the Infinity Challenge portion of the evening and now we move onto our other matches but first we cut to…


We see Hector talking to the members of Legends Of The Ring.

HECTOR: Payback, tonight is a must win.

PAYBACK: Not a problem. I can handle Patch. This is my type of match.

HECTOR: Good. Sultana, it goes without saying that you winning the belt tonight would help things along.

SULTANA: That belt is as good as mine. Tonight I’m not accepting anything less than a win.

HECTOR: That’s the spirit. And I will take out dispatch of the nuisance Nosfera that Drury sent after me. We’re all set then.

A suddenly chair slams against the lockers. The camera pulls back to show SWARM in HECTOR’S face.

SWARM: We’re all set?! We’re all set?! This is unbelievable. Once again, I’m NOT on the card!

HECTOR: It’s not part–

SWARM: Don’t you DARE give me that PLAN crap! I’m sick to death of it!

HECTOR: When you joined this team you agreed to follow my plans to take down Drury.

SWARM: So far I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing! And again tonight I’m doing a whole lot of NOTHING!

HECOTR: After tonight my roadmap will be more clear. I wish I could tell you more but with Drury’s spies everywhere. I can’t risk it getting out.

SWARM: So again, we have to blindly trust you but you don’t have the decency to trust us in return. How is that being a ‘team’?

HECTOR: You just have…

SWARM: Don’t…say…it. You are on THIN ice…bear.

HECTOR: Understood…bee. In time all shall be revealed.

There is a few tense moments in the room. After a moment, we cut back to the ring for our next match.

Phantasy d. Strafe via pinfall with SWEET SUICIDE. – ***1/2 – A brutal match, but Phantasy pulls out the win.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Ensor via pinfall after HELLFIRE. – * – Bishop Hell (II) easily took care of Ensor in this short match.


We cut to Drury’s office where the Commissioner is talking to Overmaster.

DRURY: It’s just not done. The Galaxian Champion always wrestles in the main event.

OVERMASTER: Not tonight. Tonight my grudge match with Paralyze versus Havoc and Anivar goes last.

DRURY: …The main event is always…

OVERMASTER: You’ve hand picked your opponent. You’re wrestling Retribution because you know you can beat him. As co-commissioner I say the match that will be the most explosive, closes the show.

Drury stares up at Overmaster.

OVERMASTER: Unless you’d like me, as co-commissioner, to choose a new opponent for you to wrestle in the main event. A bear perhaps?

DRURY: No, no. Fine. Your match will close the card. But it better be as explosive as you say.

OVERMASTER: Trust me. It will be. I want to go over a few more details for it though.

DRURY: Like what?

OVERMASTER: Like your Security Squad. As co-commissioner, I can give them marching orders correct?

Drury stares up at Overmaster.

DRURY: What do you have in mind.

Before Overmaster can speak, we cut back down to ringside for our next match.

Nosfera d. Hector The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall with the SPRING HEEL KICK. – ** – Nosefera handled Hector pretty easily in this one on one match surprising many by not resorting to his DEMON’S BREATH though it’d be legal.

After the match we cut back to the LEGENDS OF THE RING Locker Room and Swarm watches on a monitor and shakes his head.

Patch d. Payback via pinfall with WALK THE WALK. – ***** – An amazing match. Both men tore into each other in and out of the ring. Bother were a bloody mess by the end of the match. Patch hit Walk The Walk after Payback missed a Suicide Dive out of the ring to pick up the win!

Mother Superior and Sultana battle to a DOUBLE DQ when the two of them spill out of the ring and refuse to stop tearing into each other. – DUD – Mother Superior retains her belt but this rivalry is FAR from over!

Paganax d. Tauran via pinfall with PAGAN VOID. – ** – Paganax just completely destroys Tauran to become the new GWF INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION! The ref handed Paganax the belt and he just threw it down and went to the nearest camera and screamed into it.

PAGANX: Endgame! There’s no one left! You…are…next!

GLADIATORS d. STARS & STRIPES pinfall when Turmoil pins American Guy after CHAOS IN THE CROWD. – *3/4 – Rush and Turmoil easily dispatch of STARS AND STRIPES in their first title defense. The two men celebrate by holding the belts aloft. Rush grabs the mic.

RUSH: The Aethran era of dominance is well underway. This, is only the beginning.

Sly Drury d. Retribution via pinfall with the BACK STABBER. – *1/2 – Drury takes easy advantage of Retribution after a thumb to the eye. Drury retains his GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

It’s time now for the Main Event! Anivar and Havoc are out first to huge cheers. Aethran Overmaster and Paralyze hit the ring in full war regalia. Including Rylock Axes and large ceremonial war daggers. The ref spent extra time making sure the two were completely weaponless before the match began.

Aethran Overmaster & Paralyze d. Anivar and Havoc by pinfall when Paralyze hit Anivar with PERMANENTLY PARALYZED. – **** – This one was wild from the start seeing both the SLEEPER CELL and ULTIMATE FIGHTERS interfere. The ref sent all from ringside and the match continued back and forth until Paralyze hit Anivar with his finisher and got the win.

After the bell rang to end the match, Overmaster threw Havoc out of the ring and into the guardrails. He then took a chair and smacked Havoc, full force, with a chair, knocking him out cold. He threw the chair into the ring where Paralyze was set up to perform another PERMANENTLY PARALYZED and he did so right onto the chair! Anivar was out too.

The ULTIMATE FIGHTERS charge ringside but were blind sided out of nowhere by Rush and Turmoil who brawled with the two at the end of the aisle. The champs slammed Shoot and Clinch into the guardrails and began smashing them with chairs, knocking them out cold as well. Paralyzed yelled some instructions to Strafe who looked under the ring for two long sets of chained shackles and she threw them up into the ring to Paralyze and the Overmaster who now joined him standing above Anivar.

The two took the shackles and bound Anivar’s legs. They tossed the ends to Strafe who wrapped them around the ringpost. They then shackled Anivar’s wrists together and Strafe tied those ends to the ringpost diagonal from the other one. Anivar was now chained, face down, with his legs shackled and his wrists shackled above his head.

Overmaster stood towering above Anivar and nodded to Paralyze who left the ring and grabbed the microphone and one of the ceremonial war daggers and stalked back into the ring.

Paralyze handed over the mic to Overmaster.

OVERMASTER: Anivar. The Enforcer. Didn’t do much ‘enforcing’ tonight did you? In fact, you fell, weakly to the full might of Aethra. You know on Aethra if you aren’t as tough as you claim to be, you get punished. So that’s what shall happen tonight.

Overmaster looks down and steps on the backs of Anivar’s wrists, flattening Anivar’s hands on the mat. He holds the mic out for Paralyze to speak.

PARALYZE: Anivar! Marking your fingers with a needle and ink does NOT make you tough. You show you are tough by actually being tough. On Aethra we wear war paint when we go into battle. This is done on ceremony. We could easily go into battle without it and still be as dominating. You think these primitive marks on your fingers make people intimidated of you because you spent a little time getting a needle repeatedly jammed into your fingers. Tattoos prove nothing. It takes bold actions to prove you’re tough. Bold actions such as this.

Overmaster dropped the mic as Paralyze dropped to his knees. Overmaster leaned forward putting more pressure on Anivar’s wrists, flattening out Anivar’s hands on the mat even more. Paralyze grabbed the fingers on the right hand of Anivar, and pushed them all together. He slowly pressed the blade down into the flesh of Anivar’s fingers right beneath the letters of Anivar’s tattoos. This brings Anivar to imeediately and he begins screaming in complete agony. The Overmaster steps down harder on his wrists and the delivers a swift kick to the side of Anivar’s head knocking him cold again.

Paralyze drags the knife up Anivar’s fingers, essentially filleting the skin off the bone. Once he slices under the length of the letters he withdraws the blade and slices down near the top of the letters slicing the skin free from the bone. Paralyze places each piece of skin in a small pouch. Blood pours out of Anivar’s hand.

At this point, four members Sleeper Cell charge down the aisle and suddenly from behind them several shots ring out and the Sleeper Cell members drop suddenly, stunned by unseen stun guns from around the arena. Swarm and Ensor charge the ring as well and are immediately stunned as they appear.

Paralyze momentarily looks up, then back down and slides the fingers on Anivar’s left hand together. He places the knife blade down on the bottom of the letters on the left hand and drives the blade in to the bone. He again moves the blade in a sawing motion under the letter, again filleting the skin to the bone. He then finishes the surgery by severing the flesh and placing the pieces of skin in the pouch which which is now, like the mat under Anivar’s hands, drenched with blood. The crowd is sickly silent with these actions.

Paralyze stands and looks at Overmaster who removes his foot from Anivar’s wrists. The two begin laughing. The crowd violently begins to boo them. Paralyze pulls the draw stings of the pouch closed and attaches it to his belt. He looks down at Anivar and yells at him “Who’s the ‘enforcer’ now Anivar?” Paralyze wipes the knife on his leg and he and Overmaster exit the ring and join Strafe. As they exit they turn and look at Havoc out cold. They join Rush and Turmoil at the end of the aisle and they all exit the arena.

The camera zooms in on the bloodied hands of Anivar, wet, raw, bone exposed as we…