CARD #2124.99 – INVASION – 02.14.2124

2124.99 – INVASION
02.14.2124 from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

We started in the DARK CARNIVAL’S locker room where ORACLE predicted that one member of DARK CARNIVAL who was wrestling tonight would injure their opponent. This seemed to make the rest of the team happy, especially TRICKS.

Deadliest vs. Rotunda
Rotunda defeated Deadliest with a pinfall after THE FAT LADY SINGS
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Pretty decisive victory for ROTUNDA which surprised a lot of people. Many think it was the presence of GRYT at ringside that inspired ROTUNDA on.

Gryt vs. Swarm
Gryt defeated Swarm with a submission after the STRONGMAN’S STRETCH
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: What an amazing match and a HUGE win for GRYT! Near the end of the match the action spilled outside and GRYT slammed SWARM on the arena floor. SWARM was seconds away from being counted out when MANTIS ran to ringside and helped his father back in. THe slam to the floor had knocked SWARM for a loop though as the moment he rolled in, GRYT hit the STRONGMAN STRETCH and SWARM tapped! GRYT refused to let go of SWARM and while MANTIS tried to get in the ring to help, ROTUNDA held his leg so he couldn’t! This brought PLETHADOR from the back who tackled GRYT and then slapped on the SUCTION CLAW! The crowd went berserk as PLETHADOR held the SUCTION CLAW on until GRYT tapped! He let go and GRYT and ROTUNDA bailed as PLETHADOR and MANTIS helped SWARM to his feet. Doctors looked over SWARM and there was no injuries noted.

SLY DRURY came out and said that since MOTHER SUPERIOR was the undisputed GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION, defeating everyone in her path, he needed to find a suitable replacement. Stating the bad blood between the FDF and the GLADIATORS is fun entertainment, he ordered that STRAFE and SHANN-RA would face each other in a TITAN DEATH MATCH to determine the number one contender for SHOCKWAVE.

Strafe vs. Shann-Ra
Shann-Ra defeated Strafe with a pinfall after a MACHETE
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: SHANN-RA gets the win and is now in line to face MOTHER SUPERIOR for the belt at SHOCKWAVE!

Tricks vs. Plethador
Tricks defeated Plethador with a countout after a powerbomb on the concrete floor
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: TRICKS was out for vengeance after what happened in the ANI-MEN/DARK CARNIVAL match earlier. TRICKS was able to get PLETHADOR counted out. He then, again, grabbed the mic and demanded a match with MANTIS.

Tauran vs. Paralyze
Paralyze defeated Tauran with a DQ due to wild brawling
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: No one expected this one to settle anything. There’s just too much hatred between TAURAN and PARALYZE for it to be finished in another one on one match. This one went off the rails early when SHANN-RA leapt onto the ropes to point out to the ref that STARFE was choking TAURAN. PARALYZE then charged across the ring and shoved SHANN-RA off the apron! TAURAN saw this and went insane, punching PARALYZE with closed fists and completely ignoring the refs warnings! The ref DQ’d TAURAN and officials had to separate the two of them.

Oracle vs. Ensor
Oracle defeated Ensor with a pifall after DIVINATION
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: A heck of a match put on by these two rookies! Again, ORACLE’S prediction from the beginning of the show doesn’t come true, but he makes good in the ring, advancing to the finals in the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT where he’ll face HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR!

Endgame vs. Aethran Overmaster
Aethran Overmaster defeated Endgame with a pinfall after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Wow! An amazing back and forth match that had the crowd on their feet the entire time! ENDGAME came close to winning several times but the power of the OVERMASTER won out in the end!

A the show was going off the air, OVERMASTER turned and looked down at ENDGAME. Then he looked over at STRAFE who was at ringside. He nodded and STRAFE went over and grabbed the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP BELT from the announce table and brought it and mic up into the ring and handed them both reverently to the OVERMASTER. OVERMASTER looked at the belt then down at ENDGAME. OVERMASTER told everyone listening around the universe that he’d just beaten the GWF’S champion and as a result he would now get a title match for the belt at SHOCKWAVE.

This brought out SLY DRURY who told OVERMASTER that he simply can’t give the OVERMASTER a title shot, especially since he’s only wrestled three matches in the fed since his debut.

OVERMASTER told DRURY that if he knew what was good for him and the GWF, he’d sign the match.

DRURY began to explain again that he couldn’t get a title shot when suddenly a fan leapt out of the crowd and began attacking DRURY! DRURY’S shock troopers ran out to make the save and the fan bolted back into the crowd. As he did his hat fell off and cameras were able to pick out that it was THE BETRAYER who’d attacked DRURY! The shock troopers bailed into the crowd to try and catch him, but he escaped!

DRURY escaped any serious injury but was humiliated in front of the crowd and when he stood he still had the OVERMASTER standing in the ring looking at him. The cameras zoomed in on DRURY’S face of anguish as we…


Overall Card Rating: 2.93