CARD #2124.98 – SUPERNOVA – 02.07.2124

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

We’re in SLY DRURY’S luxury box. DRURY is looking over some paperwork when there’s a thud at the door. DRURY sighs.

DRURY: Paige! Let him in.

The door creaks open. It’s being pushed open by PAIGE’S body as he’s being held aloft by the AETHRAN OVERMASTER.

PAIGE: H-h-h-how d-d-d-did you know who it w-w-w-was?

DRURY: I was expecting a visit from him. I run this fed Paige.

The OVERMASTER drops PAIGE to the ground and strides over to the desk when he slams his two fists down on it causing all the stuff on the top to topple over.

DRURY: Thank you Paige. You can leave us.

PAIGE gets up, adjusts his glasses and exits. There’s silence for a second. DRURY doesn’t even look up at the OVERMASTER.


DRURY: Yes. Endgame. You want him. But if you recall, a few weeks ago, I told you I can’t just give you Endgame. Endgame is the Galaxian Champion. I can’t just let you face him for a title shot. You are a powerful specimen and I’m sure you’d have no trouble at all defeating Endgame. But you’ve wrestled one match and it ended in a double DQ! If I was going to give you a title shot because of that, I’d have to give Vidtek one too and there’s no way in the trees of Cariptor I’m going to do that.

OVERMASTER begins to growl.

DRURY: So, here’s what I propose. Tonight, I’ll schedule a rematch between you and Vidtek. If you win, you can face Endgame, in a non-title match, next week on Invasion. Sound good.

OVERMASTER growls again.

DRURY: Oh, and to make sure you’re free to use all the weapons at your disposal, sort to speak. Tonight’s match will be a Titan Death Match. No DQs. No Countouts. Sound good?

OVERMASTER says nothing, but turns and stomps to the door. He opens it and we see PAIGE has been standing there with his ear to the door. He looks up and OVERMASTER looks down at him.

PAIGE: Um…excuse me.

PAIGE takes off running. OVERMASTER slams the door shut.

DRURY: Not even a thank you. Phhhft.

Shann-Ra vs. Strafe
This match ended in a draw (double DQ after a wild brawl errupts)
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Tensions were through the roof and this was only our opening match! The fans expected trouble to ensue as PARALYZE accompanied STRAFE to the ring and TAURAN did the same for SHANN-RA. During a pinfall PARALYZE hopped up onto the ring apron, which brought TAURAN to the ring apron as well and that’s all it took. The two dove through the ropes and went at each other, the ref stopped the match.

Then everything broke loose as RUSH and the AETHRAN OVERMASTER rushed to ringside which brought out ENDGAME and ENSOR! It was a melee! And the OVERMASTER was finally able to get his hands on ENDGAME but it was such a wild brawl the fans ouldn’t gauge who’d get the best of who!

FInally GWF official swarmed the ring and were able to get things under control! A wild beginning to the evening’s show!

Titan Energy vs. Frontal Assault
Nitro defeated Zygon with a DQ after ZYGON slams NITRO with a holovid monitor
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: SHE-DEVIL seems to have worked a little magic on the boys from Titan. They were functioning extremely well as a team tonight. They frustrated FRONTAL ASSAULT to the point of ZYGON using the holovid monitor as a weapon when the action spilled out of the ring. TITAN ENERGY picks up the win.

We cut back to DRURY’S luxury box. The holocom crackles.

PAIGE (on holocom): Sir, uh On The Edge is here.

DRURY: On The Edge?

PAIGE (talking to someone else): It is On The Edge right? Okay. (To the holocom) It’s Havoc and Payback. Hey your names sort of rhyme. That’s kinda—oh right! On The Edge is their tag team name.

DRURY (sig): Right. Send them in!

PAIGE (over holocom): You can go in now.

ON THE EDGE enters the room. HAVOC and PAYBACK enter and stride up to DRURY’S desk.

DRURY: Gentlemen, I’m sure you have important business to discuss but I’m busy and only have a moment.

HAVOC: This’ll only take a moment.

DRURY: Fine.

HAVOC: I want Menace. I want to make him pay for just dropping me like a Clignet stone on Tartis.

DRURY: I see. Well as you know, I’ve been having my problems with The Dark Menace myself but he isn’t so easy to get a hold of or my Shock Troopers would have had him already.

HAVOC: I want to make him PAY!

DRURY: Yeah fine, well I don’t know…

The holocom crackles on.

PAIGE (over the holocom): Sir, Common Enemy is here.

DRURY: Common Enemy?

PAIGE (over holocom but talking to someone else): That’s what you’re going by right? How come you didn’t stick with Stars and Stripes. (pause) Oh I see, well that’s cool. You know there’s been a lot of teams changing their names this year I’ve had to–


PAIGE: Oh right, sorry, uh yeah it’s Common Enemy. They want to see you.

HAVOC: Common Enemy?! They are working with Dark Menace!

DRURY: You’re right. Hmmmm. That gives me an idea. (to holocom) Paige, send them in.

PAIGE (on holocom): Yes, sir.

The door opens and U.S. MALE and AMERICAN GUY come in. They see HAVOC and PAYBACK and walk bodly up to them.

DRURY: Gentlemen, I assume you’re here to ask for a title shot.

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah. How’d you figure that one out?

DRURY: Well I do run this fed. But I assumed that since you luckily bested Divided We Fall a few weeks ago in a non-title match, you’d want to take them on for the titles.

U.S. MALE: Your intelligence astounds.

DRURY: I know. But you see, I’m loathe to give you any sort of title shot because you’re working side by side with The Dark Menace, my sworn enemy.

HAVOC: Get in line Drury.

DRURY: Oh yes, you see that, Dark Menace is very unpopular. That unpopularity has given me an idea though. See, I love throwing hurdles in people’s way. So you want a title shot against Divided We Fall, you need to jump a hurdle.

AMERICAN GUY: We beat them fair and square in a non-title match!

DRURY stands violently.

DRURY: Listen! I run this fed! What I say goes! You want to disobey me you’ll meet my shock troopers at the very least or you’ll be looking for new employment at the very worst! SO you will be jumping another hurdle if you want any chance of getting a title shot!

U.S. MALE: Fine. What hurdle?

DRURY: You’re looking at them. On The Edge. Tonight. Next! You beat them you get a title shot.

HAVOC: What do we get?

DRURY: You get the Dark Menace! Take him out! Take any of these lunkheads out!

PAYBACK: Look I’m not here to take people out, I’m just here to get a little extreme!

DRURY: You’re here to get the hell out of my office and get down to that ring and beat the living crap out of each other!

ON THE EDGE and COMMON ENEMY stare at each other, then turn to leave the luxury box. The door closes behind them. DRURY looks back down at the papers. There is quiet but then the holocom box crackles on.

PAIGE (on holocom): You handled that very well sir.

DRURY: Don’t listen in on my meetings Paige.

PAIGE: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. (a pause) Oh, by the way, your Mother’s coming for a visit later tonight.

DRURY: Oh that’ll be…My Mother?!

PAIGE: Yes. Says she’ll be here before the main event.

DRURY says nothing as we cut back down to ringside.

On the Edge vs. Common Enemy
American Guy defeated Payback with a pinfall after AMERICAN FIREPOWER
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Wow! What an absolutely amazing match these two teams put on! Both wanted to win, but in the end it seemed that HAVOC was a little more concerned about getting his hands on DARK MENACE to worry about getting the win. ON THE EDGE were doing well, but PAYBACK looked for the tag and it wasn’t there as HAVOC was jawing at DARK MENACE! This gave AMERICAN GUY the chance to hit the AMERICAN FIREPOWER and get the one two three! Looks like COMMON ENEMY will get their shot for the GALAXIAN TAG CHAMPIONSHIP!

Vidtek vs. Aethran Overmaster
Aethran Overmaster defeated Vidtek with a pinfall after a Gladiator Piledriver
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: VIDTEK never stood a chance. He got in some good offense, but the AETHRAN OVERMASTER was there to win and win he did. After the match the OVERMASTER grabbed a ringside mic.


He threw the mic down and left the ringside area while VIDTEK struggled to get back up on his feet.

Leaders of the Pack vs. Power and Pride
Malkuth defeated Tanck with a pinfall after THIRD REIGN
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: POWER & PRIDE looked better than they had previously, but they were no match for the tag team workmanship of LEADERS OF THE PACK. The big cats pick up a win here while PWOER & PRIDE work out the kinks.

SLY DRURY makes his way to the ring to a loud chorus of boos from the assembled CROWD. He’s accompanied by 20 SHOCK TROOPERS. He enters the ring as the TROOPER surround it.

DRURY: You know, a few weeks ago, The Dark Menace asked me a question. He said something to the effect of, “What am you going to do now that both you and your man are out of the Interplanetary Championship Tournament?” Well, as I’ve stated previously, since I run this fed, I could, if I wanted to, simply award myself the Interplanetary belt.

CROWD boos.

DRURY: But as I’ve said I have no intention of doing that. What I can do, though is make life hell for The Dark Menace and his so called Covert Operations team. You see, the Interplanetary Tournament is now down to four men. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear.

CROWD cheers.

DRURY: Yeah, though how a person in a bear outfit can be called a man, I have no idea. Continuing, goody two shoes Ensor.

CROWD cheers.

DRURY: That muscle-bound lunk Anivar.

CROWD cheers.

DRURY: And, from Dark Carnival, Oracle.

CORWD boos.

DRURY: Two for those four men are from Menace’s Covert Operations so I imagine that Dark Menace is hiding somewhere in this arena gloating that he’s got a two out of four chance of winning this whole thing and humiliating me.

DARK MENACE: I am gloating but I’m not hiding.

DARK MENACE steps through the entranceway and the crowd cheers loudly. DRURY’S shock troopers snap to attention, aiming rifles at DARK MENACE and scanning the crowd for sneak attacks.

DRURY: Oh good. You’re here. I want to see the look on your face when I make this announcement.

DARK MENACE: Let me guess you’ve found some loophole to kick my men out of the tournament and keep your guys in?

DRURY: No. That wouldn’t be fair. And as we all know I’m nothing if fair.

CROWD boos.

DRURY: Anivar and Hector are still in the tournament for the Interplanetary belt. But you see, what I’ve done is mix things up a bit. I’ve nudged the bracket a bit and so now, in the next round of the tournament Hector and ANivar…will face each other! And they will face each other here tonight!

CROWD boos.

DARK MENACE: Heh. And this is supposed to get Covert Operations riled up? Psyched out? Pheh! What you fail to understand is I’ve made the best deals with these men in the history of the GWF. These men are on my team, the same team. They get along because of their mutual hatred of you but they have no qualms about stepping into the ring with each other. It’s a single elimination tournament Drury. The possibility of them having to face off was always there.

DRURY: Hmmmm maybe so. But you see all these matches have been Titan Death Matches, with no DQ and Countout. This one will be too.

DARK MENACE: Again, if these statements are meant to scare me and my men, they are falling on deaf ears.

DRURY is getting frustrated and he looks around the ringside area where his SHOCK TROOPERS are standing. A smile flashes on his face and he adjusts his hat.

DRURY: Okay. Okay. You’re not intimidated. That’s fine. Since you’re so carefree about my rulings, how’s this? The match is going to be a Hydra Lumberjack Match!

DARK MENACE: Again, who cares? Common Enemy is here tonight as is Vidtek and Wolf. We have plenty of Lumberjacks to come to ringside.

DRURY: Oh no. No, no, no. See, I run this fed. What I say goes. And what I say is we don’t need any more lumberjacks. You see, these fine men surrounding the ring, (He indicates the SHOCK TROOPERS.) they will serve as the lumberjacks for this match.

CROWD boos. Loudly. DARK MENACE appears a little rattled as this now means that all four sides of the ring will be enemy territory for his men.

DRURY: Send them out Menace. Send your men to the slaughter!

DRURY laughs maniacally as DARK MENACE stops off stage. Moments later in a show of solidarity, HECTOR and ANVIAR come to the ring together. Side by side. They make their way ringside and the ominous SHOCK TROOPER stand in their way for a moment before parting and letting them enter the ring.

Once the men are in the ring, they shake hands. The bell rings and they tear into each other!

Anivar vs. Hector
Hector defeated Anivar with a pinfall after I KNOW YOUR SECRET
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: This was an interesting match as you could tell both men were trying to keep the action inside the squared circle. Several times as they neared the ropes, SHOCK TROOPERS made grabs for their legs. At one point ANIVAR got into the match and threw HECTOR over the top rope. The SHOCK TROOPERS immediately started ganging up on HECTOR, but ANIVAR launched himself over the top rope, dispatched the attackers and quickly threw HECTOR back in the ring. In the end, HECTOR was able to get the winning pinfall and now moves to the finals of the tournament.

DRURY was not happy and quickly left ringside with his SHOCK TROOPERS surrounding him.

Monolith vs. Wolf
Monolith defeated Wolf with a pinfall after THE END OF ALL THINGS
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: MONOLITH pulls ahead in this series against WOLF, evening the score one to one! MONOLITH broke his losing streak with this match and it was possible that WOLF was a little too cocky going into this match. All in attendance are eager to see these two meet again in Fatal Showdown Match #3!

We cut to the backstage area. Crews are already putting away the equipment. The camera pans the workers slowly and stops on a small frail looking old woman. She’s wearing a grey dress suit she carries a small wooden cane and has shawl that she has pulled up close around her face. She’s hunched over watching as the men work. SLY DRURY comes in barking orders at some men.

DRURY: Make sure that that gets stowed right. I don’t want any damage.

WOMAN: Hello son.

DRURY spins around to face the old woman.

WOMAN: How’s my big boy tonight?

DRURY: I’m fine, which is more than I can say for you.

WOMAN: How dare you talk to your mother that way.

DRURY: You and I both know you’re not my mother. So that only leaves the question who are you and who sent you?

WOMAN: My, my. You’re so very brave and without your hired goons around you to protect you.

DRURY (smirks): Why would I need my Shock Troopers to handle a little old lady.

WOMAN: Oh. You never know. Appearances can be deciving and what you see could betray your thoughts.

DRURY: Betray my thoughts?


With lighting quick agility the woman springs towards DRURY and her whole appearance begins to morph. It’s THE BETRAYER and her begins attacking DRURY with the cane, crumpling him to the ground.

BETRAYER: Send your goons after me huh? Have them shoot me down in the ring huh? You’re playing with fire Drury. After our years working together, you just didn’t learn, you don’t betray The Betrayer!

BETRAYER laughs at the fallen Commissioner, writhing in pain on the ground. Suddenly a stun pulse hits the column behind BETRAYER’S head and the shouting of SHOCK TROOPERS can be heard.


BETRAYER looks up and smiles. He presses a small butting on his belt and in a whiff of smoke he’s gone! Seconds later the SHOCK TROOPERS surround DRURY and a few tend to him. This is what we see as we…


Overall Card Rating: 2.64