CARD #2124.97 – INVASION – 01.14.2124

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

We’re in the darkened back rooms of the arena where we find the members of the Dark Carnival. ORACLE is peering into a box of triangle shaped crystals that are glowing eerily in the dark. In the faint light we can see the rest of the members of DARK CARNIVAL. There’s silence as ORACLE peers into the box.

ROTUNDA: It’s dark.

TRICKS: Shhhhh.

ROTUNDA: I’m scared.

GRYT: It’s okay baby. I got ya.


ROTUNDA: I need cake.

GRYT: We’ll get you cake.

TANCK (Obviously annoyed): Look, what are we doing here? Scimitar and I could be going over our match strategy.

GRYT: Yeah, you’ll need to ‘cause you and him aren’t half the tag team you and I were.

TANCK: Stuff it runt!

TRICKS: Both of you, quiet! Oracle’s reading the Cartonium Cyrstals of Kaa’al. It’s a delicate art and he needs silence.

ORACLE: The reading is done.


ORACLE: I believe the crystals show dark clouds and the fist of Gartuka.

TRICKS: You believe?

ORACLE: Well, it’d be clearer if it was quieter around here, but that seems to be too much to ask.

TRICKS: What does it mean?

ORACLE: IF I got a clear reading, it means that we’re getting ambushed tonight.

TRICKS: What?!

ORCALE: Yes, the dark clouds mean impending doom and the first means an attack. Again, if I’m reading it correctly.

TRICKS: You heard him! We’re on our toes tonight! Gryt has done a great job getting The Dark Carnival off on a dominating start. We must continue down that path if we are to prove we’re better off without Strutter.

ROTUNDA: Strutter had cake.

TANCK: (Growl’s in frustration.) Scimitar, let’s go.


TANCK and SCIMITAR walk out of the room to prepare for their match. ORACLE looks up at TRICKS. TRICKS shakes his head and leaves the room as we cut to the opening theme.

Swarm vs. Tricks
Tricks defeated Swarm with a pinfall after AXE MURDERER
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: TRICKS completely dominated SWARM in this match. SWARM tried to come back a few times but TRICKS was out maneuvering him the entire time. TRICKS celebrated over the fallen SWARM at the end of the match and grabbed the mic.

TRICKS: Swarm. I want to play with your son. I want…Mantis.

The CROWD booed loudly as TRICKS raised his arms in victory.

Leaders of the Pack vs. Power and Pride
Panther Warrior defeated Tanck with a DQ after TANCK whipped PANTHER WARRIOR into the guardrails
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: TANCK and SCIMITAR were not on the same page at all during this match. They resorted to brawling and illegal tactics which, in turn, brought the brawling instinct in MALKUTH and PATHER WARRIOR. The ref soon DQ’d POWER & PRIDE when TANCK whipped PANTHER WARRIOR into the guardrails at ringside.

SLY DRURY comes out to a chorus of boos from the CROWD at hand and makes his way to the ring with five shock troopers. Once in the ring he grabs the mic.

SLY DRURY: Yes, yes, I’m sure you’re all pleased as punch on a Sunday afternoon that I’m out here. And I’m sure you’re all pleased as punch with a scoop of vanilla that that no good Hector, The Holy Brown Bear character knocked me out of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT.

The CROWD goes nuts.

SLY DRURY: You are all so funny because what you don’t understand is that as Commissioner, I could simply just award myself the belt.

The CROWD boos loudly.

SLY DRURY: Oh don’t get your bonnets in a bunch. I wouldn’t do that. You see I have far to much to do around here than to worry about that. I promise you will see gold around this waist sometime very soon.

Again, the CROWD boos.

SLY DRURY: But I’m out here tonight to introduce to you the man who, I have no doubt, will be the next INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION, my good buddy and the most dangerous man in the GWF, Patch!

The CROWD boos loudly as PATCH makes his way out and shakes hands with DRURY.

SLY DRURY: Also, to make sure there is no foul tactics in this match, I’ve hand picked the referee for this match.

The CROWD boos realizing that the ref might be one of DRURY’S biased plants.

SLY DRURY: Now now, I needed to make sure that this match was called fair and square as Patch’s opponent will be some mystery member of Covert Operations. And to make doubly sure that things go according to plan, I mean the rulebook…

CROWD boos.

SLY DRURY: And just to make sure the ref doesn’t make any bad judgment calls, my shock troopers and I will remain here at ringside to act as ‘outside officials’.

The holovision screens in the arena go to static and they come to focus on DARK MENACE. The CROWD cheers wildly as this shuts DRURY up.

DARK MENACE: Are you done? Are you done stacking the deck in your favor? Are you done throwing your weight around? Because these fans didn’t come here to hear a speech. They came to see your wrestler get his ass kicked!

The CROWD cheers.

SLY DRURY (obviously frustrated): Send out your man Menace! Send him to the slaughter. (Drury laughs wildly.)

The lights in the arena dim briefly, there is a flash of light and there on the entrance way stands the DARK MENACE with ANIVAR! The CROWD cheers loudly. ANIVAR is pumped and he heads to the ring.

Anivar vs. Patch
Anivar defeated Patch with a pinfall after an airplane spin drop
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: ANIVAR does it! He overcomes the odds that DRURY had stacked against him and advances in the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT! The CROWD is cheering wildly as DRURY and PATCH make their way back up the entranceway with the SHOCK TROOPERS. DARK MENACE grabs the mic.

DARK MENACE (laughing): Ha, ha, hey, Drury? I have a question for you. What do you do now DRURY? Despite your bought off official, your masked goons and your presence at ringside, your man has lost and my wrestler has continued on. Does it bother you that the more you tighten your grasp on the federation the more it just spirals out of your control.

SLY DRURY is shouting loudly at DARK MENACE and ANIVAR but with the roar of the crowd and no mic, he can’t be heard. DARK MENACE and ANIVAR celebrate a little longer before leaving the ring for our next match!

Tauran vs. Paralyze
Tauran defeated Paralyze with a DQ when PARALYZE went outside the ring and then threw a chair into TAURAN’S face
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: This match stemmed from what happened on SUPERNOVA when TAURAN went to break up a brawl between SHANN-RA and STRAFE! PARALYZE was furious that TAURAN shoves STRAFE off of SHANN-RA and the brawl that broke out between the two was intense! Emotions were running very high in this match from the start. THese two tore into each other. Soon the action spilled outside the ring and PARALYZE threw a chair, full force into TAURAN’S face. The ref called for a DQ in the favor of TAURAN. A wild brawl ensued after the bell and again officials had to come ringside and break things up. This is certainly not over between these two.

Oracle vs. Plethador
Oracle defeated Plethador with a pinfall after DIVINATION
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: An amazing impressive victory for the newcomer, ORACLE! Certainly better than his prediction earlier in the evening that said that DARK CARNIVAL would be attacked. None the less, ORACLE continues into the next round of the tournament for the vacant INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

VIDTEK is standing in the back talking to DARK MENACE and ANIVAR. VIDTEK turns and kicks a trashcan.

VIDTEK: It sucks to no end! Anivar and Hector get to be in the tournament and after my years of hard work I become cannon fodder.

ANIVAR: You saying I haven’t worked hard to get where I am?

VIDTEK: Maybe I am.

DARK MENACE: Now hold it! Hold it! When we started this venture, this arrangement, it was agreed upon that whatever decisions I make would be final. Drury asked for you to fight tonight, outside the tournament, I agreed so that’s what happens.

VIDTEK: You know that Drury has it out for me so this isn’t going to be an ordinary match.

DARK MENACE: Actually it…is…going to be just a regular match.

VIDTEK: Huh. Yeah. Regular match.

ANIVAR: See. You can handle a regular match.

DARK MENACE: A regular match.

VIDTEK: SO…let me get this straight. Sly Drury. The new Commissioner, well old, new Commissioner. The former robot that wants to do nothing more than make my life, your life, the life of every GWF superstar who isn’t his personal lapdog life’s a living HELL and you’re telling me that this is going to just be a normal match?!?


VIDTEK and ANIVAR just stare at DARK MENACE.

VIDTEK: Who’s it against?

DARK MENACE: (in an low almost undecearnable voice) ecrenvoverhaster.


DARK MENACE: Aethran Overmaster.

There is silence. VIDTEK turns and kicks the trashcan.

Aethran Overmaster vs. Vidtek
This match ended in a draw (double DQ after a wild brawl erupted.)
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: VIDTEK actually held his own against the monstrous newcomer, but the match soon went outside and both men’s desire to be victorious in this match overpowered their sense of playing by the rules and the ref had no choice but to DQ both men. VIDTEK soon took the high road, upset at the outcome, but was jawing all the way to the back, vowing to prove himself against the OVERMASTER. Many are wondering now what this does to the OVERMASTER’S quest for ENDGAME.

Divided We Fall vs. Common Enemy
American Guy defeated Encubus with a pinfall after AMERICAN FIREPOWER
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: The crowd cheered wildly as the former tag partners reunited picked up an impressive win against the champions! BLOODLINE was furious with ENCUBUS after the match and two left the ring separately with MOTHER SUPERIOR trying to reconcile the two.

This outcome obviously has to be frustrating to SLY DRURY as the whole night has not gone his way at all! The cameras focus on U.S. MALE and AMERICAN GUY staring at each other and then reluctantly shaking hands. The CROWD goes while as they mount opposite turnbuckles to celebrate!


Overall Card Rating: 2.23