2124.96 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

We see the space port of the DEIMOS INTERGALACTIC ARENA. Almost at the same time two massive ships come in for a landing. One is covered in cannons and is belching black smoke. The other is sleek and modern. They land side by side and ramps begin to lower on each ship. The bottoms touch down mere feet from each other and two large hulking figures begin descending each one.

On the left if former GALAXIAN CHAMPION MONOLITH. The other, is new to the GWF but no stranger to anyone who’s been around a holovision set in the past week, the new Aethran ruler, THE AETHRAN OVERMASTER. The two behemoths walk down the ramp at exactly the same time and at the bottom the come face to face. They stare at each other for a moment and then both turn and begin walking towards the arena. Suddenly, SLY DRURY rushes up to both of them and they stop.

SLY DRURY: Gentlemen, welcome.

The two large men take a breath and both speak at the same time.



They instantly turn and look at each other with growing fury in their eyes. They stand face to face never taking their eyes off each other. DRURY clears his throat.

DRURY: Uh yeah…uh Monolith, everything has been arranged. The first match of your Fatal Showdown with Wolf. First match of the card. It’s all been set up.

MONOLITH (still staring at OVERMASTER): What’s the stipulation? As if it matters.

DRURY: Uh, Milky Way Falls Count Anywhere.


OVERMASTER and MONOLITH are still staring directly at each other.

DRURY: Overmaster sir, it’s certainly nice to have you in attendance tonight. I didn’t have you scheduled to–

OVERMASTER (cutting him off but still staring at MONOLITH): I want a Galaxian Championship shot.

DRURY: Galax…Galaxian Championship. Heh. Well Endgame is the current Galaxian Champion and he’s not here tonight.

OVERMASTER (steps closer to MONOLITH): I. Want. A. Galaxian. Title. Shot.

DRURY: Uh, well, you see we have sort of two problems there. One being, as I told you, Endgame is not here tonight. And two, uh, how do I put this? I cannot just put you in a title match with him, especially since you haven’t wrestled at all in the GWF.

MONOLITH smirks and OVERMASTER steps closer to him. This is about to come to blows.

DRURY: But, hmmmm, I have an idea. Perhaps you can help me out. You see, I’ve been having a little trouble with a certain, fly, that’s been buzzing around my head for far too long. I need someone to squash that fly and you are just the man to do it. That’ll give you a match under your belt, that I have no doubt you can win and then I’ll be in a more proper position to give you Endgame.


DRURY: I hope you can understand my position. Now, uh this card is booked full, but I can give you that debut match next week on INVASION. What so you say?

OVERMASTER says nothing. Just stares at MONOLITH.

OVERMASTER (after a long pause): Fine. (DRURY gives a sigh of relief. OVERMASTER stares at MONOLITH.) Dominate in your match against Wolf tonight. That’s what I’d do. That’s what I always do.

MONOLITH: I plan to.

OVERMASTER: Plans are for the weak. You must simply dominate. No questions.

OVERMASTER turns and begins walking towards his ship. MONOLITH watches him walk. As the OVERMASTER boards his ship and the ramp begins to raise, MONOLITH turns to DRURY and motions him to follow. DRURY does as we cut to the opening theme song.


Monolith vs. Wolf
Wolf defeated Monolith with a submission after the SAVAGE FACE CLAW in the exercise room
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: WOLF comes up with the first win in this FATAL SHOWDOWN with MONOLITH, making the big man tap out to the SAVAGE FACE CLAW in the exercise room of the arena. That’s three straight losses in a row for MONOLITH. We still have some way to go in this best of fifteen matches showdown, but this certainly puts the momentum on WOLF’S side!


A single spotlight shines down in the ring and in it is SLY DRURY. He’s smiling and in his hand he holds the IRON HAND mask. The CROWD is instantly booing loudly. DRURY soaks it all in.

DRURY: Greetings GWF Fans and welcome to the GWF in the year 2124. Last year was the dawning of a new age in GWF lore. An age that will continue today with me, firmly in control. If you thought I was in control last year, wait till you see how I tighten my grasp on the federation this year!

DRURY makes a motion and a phalanx of SHOCK TROOPERS file down the entranceway and surround the ring. They cock their stun guns.

DRURY: As you can see, and as Betrayer and Nosfera learned at BIG BANG, I have even more weight to throw around this year. Speaking of NOSFERA, as you know I stripped him of the Interplanetary Championship at BIG BANG. Starting tonight we will begin down the path of crowning a new Champion. There will be an eight man tournament to decide the new Interplanetary Champion which begins tonight with two first round matches. Those of you who watch our GWFZ programming will be happy to know that two wrestlers who’ve been called up from there will go against each other in the opening round. Ensor will take on Rush in a first round match up.

Those in the crowd familiar with the GWFZ give up a huge cheer. ENSOR and RUSH have had some classic matches in the GWFZ and now they get to see their debut matches here in the GWF.

DRURY: And since I’ve decided to take an even more controlling interest in how titles are awarded, in the other first round match you’ll see me, your commissioner, taking on…

Suddenly the video screens in the arena flicker on with static. The static tunes in till we see the face of THE DARK MENACE! The CROWD erupts in boos.

DARK MENACE: Hello Drury.

SLY DRURY: Menace! What re you doing here?

DARK MENACE: I’m here to make your life miserable Drury! I’m here to be a thorn in your side! A fly in your ointment! A pebble in your shoe! A—

SLY DRURY: Alright, knock off the one liners and get to the point.

DARK MENACE: Well I’m sure as a fair and balanced Commissioner, you’re planning on letting me enter some men into this Interplanetary Championship Tournament you’re putting on correct?

SLY DRURY: If you have men you’d like to enter, a petition can be filled out at Corporate Headquarters and will be taken—

DARK MENACE: Oh shut up Drury!

The CROWD cheers loudly.

DARK MENACE: You let me enter two of my men in this tournament. Unless, since you’re in the tournament, you’re chicken.

SLY DRURY: Heh, you don’t know me that well Menace. I’ll let you enter your men into my tournament and heck, I’ll even take on one of them tonight in the first round match up. But on one condition.

DARK MENACE: What’s that?

SLY DRURY: Now, don’t get used to this because I normally don’t negotiate with terrorists and in my eyes that’s all you are. But I know you’ve been hanging out with that punk Vidtek. I’m still not through with him after his insubordination and questioning about this Hector character. So here’s the deal, you tell Vidtek he’s got a match next week on Invasion and I’ll let you enter any two of your men into the Interplanetary Championship Tournament.

DARK MENACE: Fine. Vidtek in action next week. And I enter two of my men into the Interplanetary Tournament.

SLY DRURY: Excellent. Who are you entering in the tournament?

DARK MENACE: Heh. Wouldn’t you like to know. That’s not our style though, so you’ll find out when the entire GWF finds out. Moments before the bell rings to start the match.

SLY DRURY: Menace, that’s not how—

Suddenly the holoscreen cuts to static and DARK MENACE is gone. Drury is visibly upset by this and throws down the mic and heads to the back as we get ready for our next match.

Mantis vs. Gryt
Gryt defeated Mantis with a submission after the STRONGMAN’S STRETCH
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: GRYT’S first big match in singles action gets him a check in the win column defeating the inexperienced MANTIS. During the match, ROTUNDA wound up getting herself banned from ringside for the rest of the match! This is may what have made GRYT more focused in the remainder of the match!

SLY DRURY is out in the ring for the first match in the 8-man INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT. The ring is surrounded by SHOCK TROOPERS. DRURY’S whispering to the REF who is nodding apprehensively. After a minute or so of waiting, DRURY grabs the mic.

DRURY: Menace! Let’s get this show on the road! Send out one of your guys so I can—

Suddenly some strange music hits. Music we haven’t heard before. Then suddenly, from the back appears HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR! DRURY is instantly agitated. He’s yelling at the REF and pointing at HECTOR. HECOTR slowly makes his way to the ring stopping an staring at the SHOCK TROOPERS who nervously part for him to pass into the ring.

The ref calls for the bell and we’re underway!

Hector vs. Sly Drury
Hector defeated Sly Drury with a pinfall after CEREBRAL ASSASSIN
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: The ref made several very questionable calls during this match and seemed to be very slow on the count when DRURY’S shoulders were down. In the end though, the REF had no choice but to count the one, two, three and award the match to HECTOR! DRURY was furious after and bailed from the ring with his SHOCK TROOPERS following him out the entranceway.

Shann-Ra vs. Strafe
Shann-Ra defeated Strafe with a DQ due to STRAFE ignoring the ref’s call to stop brawling
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: STRAFE took the action outside the ring early on in this match and pretty much ignored the ref’s calls to bring it back in. This led to a DQ victory for SHANN-RA. After the bell STRAFE continued to pound on SHANN-RA. THis lead TAURNA to run to from the back to help try and get STRAFE off SHANN-RA. The moment he laid hands on STRAFE, PARALYZE burst from the back and charged into TAURAN. The two started brawling uncontrollably! It took several officials to finally calm the fighting down. The entire time, TAURAN and PARALYZE were screaming at each other! WHen these two meet, it’ll be an all and all out brawl.

Rush vs. Ensor
Ensor defeated Rush with a pinfall after FLIGHT TO PHOBOS
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: These two rookies looked great in their debut on the main stage of professional wrestling! Of course they’ve battled before in the GWFZ, but you could tell they both stepped it up a notch in this event! ENSOR picked up with win, advancing in the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP TOUNRMANET. What a feather in the cap going all the way to the belt would be for this young man!

Frontal Assault vs. On the Edge
Thraxx defeated Payback with a pinfall after a vertibreaker
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: FRONTAL ASSAULT capitalized on the inexperience of the team of HAVOC and PARALYZE in the first tag match of 2124! FRONTAL ASSUALT looked as cohesive as ever while ON THE ENDGE look like they need a little more work to find their groove.

Mother Superior vs. Sultana
Mother Superior defeated Sultana with a pinfall after DIVIDED WE FALL
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: MOTHER SUPERIOR continues to show that she can beat just about anyone by dominating SULTANA in this non-title match.

We cut to the COMMISSIONER’S office where DRURY sits with a thermo-ice pad against his head..

DRURY: I let him get to me. I let HECTOR get me off my game.

DRURY throws the ice pad against the wall where it liquifies instantly. He looks across the room.

DRURY: It’s up to you now. You need to bring home that belt.

The camera pans and zooms in on PATCH who turns his disfigured eye into the light.

PATCH: No problem.

PATCH smiles as we…


Overall Card Rating: 3.50