2122.95 – BIG BANG

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

We cut to the center of the ring. Standing in a single solitary spotlight is the GWF Commissioner, IRON HAND.

IRON HAND: Wrestling fans, welcome to BIG BANG XLIX!

Though the fans do not care for IRON HAND they are excited for BIG BANG! The biggest event of the year.

IRON HAND: I know why you’re cheering. You’re cheering because I’ve done my job better than any other Commissioner who’s come before me.

The CROWD boos loudly! IRON HAND smiles.

IRON HAND: Yes, because of me there’s been less suspensions. A direct result of me reigning in the lawlessness that abounded while Massif was in charge. And tonight we cap off 2123 with the biggest event of the year and we’re going to start it off with the biggest athlete in the world of pro wrestling, Monolith!

The crowd boos loudly as MONOLITH makes his way down to the ringside area. Of course the fans in the know understand why the evening is starting out with Monolith! In an unprecedented move, IRON HAND has allowed MONOLITH to wrestle twice tonight. Once in this opening match, then again in the main event for the Galaxian Championship! MONOLITH steps into the ring and shoves past IRON HAND. He stands staring at the entranceway. Waiting for his opponent. Suddenly, over the speaker system comes a sound that brings everyone to their feet…


The CROWD goes nuts as WOLF comes down the ring pointing at MONOLITH. We are ready for our opening event! WOLF versus MONOLITH!

Monolith vs. Wolf
Wolf defeated Monolith with a submission after the SAVAGE FACE CLAW
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: MONOLITH was off his game. First time we’ve seen the big guy like this in quite some time. The crowd of course was nuts that WOLF was able to make the big guy submit to the SAVAGE FACE CLAW. MONOLITH was furious with himself after the match and stormed backstage. He will be back in our main event, but WOLF soaks in the accolades from the crowd!

We cut to the main backstage port of the DEIMOS INTERGALACTIC ARENA. Several attendants run all over as obviously a large ship is pulling in and soon we see that it is an enormous AETHRAN WAR CRUISER. It pulls into the port chugging heavily with black smoke pouring out the back exhaust ports. The cruiser touches down and the engines power off. This development is curious to the GWF staff as all the GLADIATORS competing in tonight’s show are here. The cruiser just sits there. No one exits or enters the craft. After a few moments, we cut back to the arena for our next match which features one of those GLADIATORS…STRAFE

Strafe vs. Deadliest
Strafe defeated Deadliest with a pinfall after TERMINAL HEIGHT
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: STRAFE gets a big win against DEADLIEST to climb up higher in the ranks as she makes her way back up to the #1 contender to the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP. STRAFE is walking back from the ring when two AETHRAN IMPEREAL GUARDS appear at the entranceway. STRAFE freezes. The guards motion towards STRAFE who instantly approaches them. One GUARD barks a short order to STRAFE who nods and immediately heads backstage with them.

The Master Race vs. Circus Strongmen 2123
Tanck defeated Thraxx with a submission after IRON MAN VISE
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: CIRCUS STRONGMEN get a huge win over MASTER RACE, defeating them in a quick match. GRYT seemed a bit upset afterwards as TANCK had never tagged him in. He’d been looking forward to wrestling on the biggest card of the year. He’ll just have to be content with the win for the team.

Disaster vs. Havoc
Disaster defeated Havoc with a pinfall after RAMPAGE
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: DISASTER gets a decisive win over HAVOC. He celebrates in the ring when suddenly two Aethran Imperial Guardsmen appear at the entrance to the ring. The moment DISASTER sees them he freezes. They perform a salute which he returns and he moves out of the ring with a look of pride and as he approaches them with a glance back at HAVOC who’s struggling to get up to his feet in the ring. He stops proudly in front of the GUARDS. One GUARD leans forward an barks an order to DISASTER. DISASTER looks confused for a moment. The GUARD repeats the order, this time more firmly. DISASTER shakes his head no. The GUARDS lunge forward and attempt to grab DISASTER but he wriggles out of the grasp and runs back down the ramp. The GUARDS are behind him. DISASTER hops the rail into the crowd and runs off into the arena. One GUARD pulls out a communicator and yells into it. They then head back through the entranceway. These actions have been confusing everyone. Soon things settle down and we’re ready for our next match.

U.S. Male and Anivar vs. Sly Drury and American Guy
American Guy defeated Anivar with a pinfall after AMERICAN FIREPOWER
Sly Drury defeated U.S. Male with a pinfall after a Twister Slam
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: OUTLAW NATION picks up a decisive win against the FDF who has been leading in the series of matches against their hated rivals.

Payback vs. The Main Event
The Main Event defeated Payback with a pinfall after SIGN ON THE LINE
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: THE MAIN EVENT puts an end to this great back and forth feud between these two fan favorites. The match went out of the ring for a bit, but many were surprised that it ended in the middle of the ring! Good match between these two.

The Betrayer vs. Tauran
Tauran defeated The Betrayer with an escape after a leg hook powerbomb – pinfall
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: TAURAN swings momentum back in the direction of the FDF with a great win after the returning BETRAYER. As TAURAN celebrated on the outside of the ring, A bloody BETRAYER struggled to his feet in the ring. He leaned against the ropes looking out at TAURAN. A slow smile appeared across his face as he reached into his trunks and pulled out a gun! The same gun we’ve seen him pull out before! The crowd suddenly began to panic when a shot rang out! BETRAYER crumpled to the mat as more shots rang out! Suddenly the ring was filled with heavily armed guards who surrounded the prone BETRAYER. TAURN had no idea what was happening. Suddenly, IRON HAND appeared at the top of the ramp.

IRON HAND: I warned BETRAYER to never pull that stunt again. And now he’s paid the price. Guards, pick that pile of trash up and get him out of my arena.

The crowd is stunned at this development and they watch in disbelief as BETRAYER is hauled out of the ring.

The Troubleshooters vs. Gladiators
Paralyze defeated Muss with an escape after THE PARALYZER – pinfall
Muss defeated Rage with an escape after a spear – pinfall
The Bomb defeated Rage with an escape after a small package – pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: THE TROUBLESHOOTERS pick up the big win here against the GLADIATORS. RAGE seemed completely distracted the entire match. PARALYZE was able to escape but RAGE wasn’t able to make it out. After the match, as with the matches involving GLADIATORS, two AETHRAN GUARDS appeared at the entranceway. PARALYZE and RAGE walked up to them. As before one GUARD barks an order. PARALYZE snaps to attention. RAGE does too but a little less enthusiastically than PARALYZE. The GUARD barks another order and PARALYZES steps forward but RAGE turns and begins to run back down the aisle. PARALYZE tries to catch him but RAGE is too quick and he hops over the rail into the crowd as DISASTER did before. PARALYZE looks furious. He turns to the GUARDS and salutes. They return it and the three of them turn and exit.

Mother Superior vs. Phantasy
for the GWF Women’s Championship
Mother Superior defeated Phantasy with a pinfall after MOTHER OF DESTRUCTION
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: MOTHER SUPERIOR retains her belt with a big win over the former champ PHANTASY. MARTIAL LAW gets the first championship victory of the night.

We are back in the main port at the arena where the GLADIATOR WAR CRUISER is parked. The ramps is lowered and STRAFE stands near it. Footsteps are heard and she snaps to attention as the GUARDS and PARALYZE approach. One GUARD barks an order at STRAFE who turns and runs up the ramp. The GUARDS and PARALYZE converse for a moment.

GUARD: Nothing. We haven’t found them.

PARALYZE: We will. Let’s get back. Things are about to get…interesting.

The three GLADIATORS turn and head up the ramp which immediately begins to raise. The engines start and thick black smoke begins to belch out of the exhaust ports and the ship lifts off and backs out of the port and jumps into deep space.

Patch vs. Nosfera
for the GWF Interplanetary Championship
Nosfera defeated Patch with a pinfall after a SPRING HEEL KICK
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: NOSFERA wins and retains his INTERPLANETARY BELT. He avoided getting DQ’d which would have given PATCH the title! NOSFERA and OMEN celebrate in the ring. NOSFERA looks down at PATCH who’s writhing on the ground from the SPRING HEEL KICK. OMEN looks down too and waves the torch at NOSFERA. A sadistic smile spreads across NOSFERA’S face and he drops his belt and picks up PATCH and then hits him, point blank, with the DEMON’S BREATH. PATCH is now writhing on the floor in agony.

IRON HAND appears at the top of the ramp with a mic.

IRON HAND: Nosfera! I warned you! I warned you that I would not tolerate your lawless behavior further. Effective immediately, you are on a three month suspension! Furthermore, I’m immediately stripping you of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and declaring it vacant!

The crowd is shocked. IRON HAND smirks at NOSFERA and OMEN who are not happy at all at this announcemend. OMEN waves the torch once agains and NOSFERA moves to the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP belt and picks it up. He looks down at it and blasts it with a huge DEMON’S BREATH blast! The belt is instantly singed. NOSFERA dumps it on the ring floor.

IRON HAND: Guards!

The same GUARDS who disposed of BETRAYER come out and circle the ring with their shock guns aimed at NOSFERA and OMEN.

IRON HAND: Get these two out of my ring!

NOSFERA and OMEN look around, but realize they are outnumbered and begin a long slow walk back out of the ring area and the arena.

The GWF Interplanetary Championship was declared vacant

Divided We Fall vs. Jungle Nights
for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Bloodline defeated Panther Warrior with a pinfall after a BLOODLINE VERTIBREAKER
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: DIVIDED WE FALL shows they can beat any tag team out there by taking out JUNGLE NIGHTS fair and square. BLOODLINE was limping a bit after this match as they celebrated in the ring with MOTHER SUPERIOR. With MOTHER SUPERIOR retaining, IRON HAND vacating and taking control of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and now this win by DIVIDED WE FALL, one has to wonder if MARTIAL LAW will rule the evening with MONOLITH going up against ENDGAME for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

Endgame vs. Monolith
for the Galaxian Championship
Endgame defeated Monolith with a submission after a ROLLING FIGURE FOUR
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: For the second time tonight, MONOLITH has tapped out! An amazing match in that ENDGAME controlled the entire thing! MONOLITH was furious at the end of this match! He walked to the back not acknowledging anyone.

ENDGAME however, celebrated in the ring with the thousands of cheering fans as we. Put the close on another year and…


Overall Card Rating: 3.54