CARD #2124.100 – SHOCKWAVE – 03.20.2124

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

We fade in on the center of the ring where we find VIDTEK.

VIDTEK: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to GWF SHOCKWAVE!

The crowd cheers loudly.

VIDTEK: I wish…I wish I was out here for much better purposes but I’m not. I’m here to show you something. Something I think everyone, everyone in the galaxy needs to see. Now I know that the GWF Board of Directors is, for some reason, behind our Commissioner 100%. I know some of you out there are as well.

The crowd delivers a mixed reaction.

VIDTEK: This is from earlier today. Watch the holoscreens please.

The holoscreens in the arena fire up and we see a grainy image of COMMISSIONER DRURY’S luxury box office. This is obviously footage from a hidden camera. We see DRURY talking to PATCH. Neither man is aware their are being filmed.

PATCH: -you going to be able to do it?

DRURY: Of course. It’s all about planning.

PATCH: I know. And I know you are a hell of a planner. Just seems risky. I mean two in one night?

DRURY: Don’t worry. I have made…arrangements. Things will go according to my plan tonight and after tonight, things will change.

PATCH: You’re the man.

DRURY: Exactly.

The footage cuts out and we cut back to VIDTEK in the ring.

VIDTEK: Now seeing that, it makes the journalist in me wonder some things. He said, “Two in one night.” Two of what? We all know that Sly Drury isn’t above pulling some underhanded tactics to get what he wants. I mean, look at the whole Iron Hand thing. In fact, Hector told–

Suddenly VIDTEK’S mic goes out. He looks around and SLY DRURY comes through the entranceway with his shock troopers.

DRURY: You know, most bosses would fire any employee who dared place a hidden camera in their office. But I have a much more entertaining idea in mind. Vidtek, you’ll keep your job, I’m just going to make your job a living hell. Starting tonight you’re on ring crew duty. A duty you’ll be on until further notice. Oh and you’ll do it for the GWFZ shows too on Cetus. This is, of course, on top of wrestling a full schedule. A schedule that includes a match tonight. Against Retribution.

VIDTEK is looking frustrated up at DRURY.

DRURY: Vidtek, you need to learn what everyone needs to learn, I RUN THIS FED.

SLY DRURY turns and leaves with his SECURITY SQUAD and VIDTEK walks up wht ramp as the CIRCINUS CELL is lowered for our first match…FATAL SHOWDOWN #3 between MONOLITH and WOLF!

Monolith vs. Wolf
Wolf defeated Monolith with a submission after the SAVAGE FACE CLAW
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: An amazingly short match here! MONOLITH misses a deathjump and crashes to the floor of the arena. WOLF slaps on the SAVAGE FACE CLAW and MONOLITH has no choice but to tap and pulls ahead in the FATAL SHOWDOWN.

On the Edge vs. Power and Pride
Payback defeated Scimitar with a pinfall after EXVENGE
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: TANCK started the match against PAYBACK and briefly had the upper hand when SCIMITAR was jumping up and down on the apron begging to be tagged in. TANCK tagged him in and PAYBACK instantly took control and got the one, two, three ending the match! TANKC was furious at the end of this match and left SCIMITAR alone in the ring afterwards.

Plethador vs. Gryt
Gryt defeated Plethador with a submission after the STRONGMAN’S STRETCH
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Many in attendance were surprised in the quality of this match! A fantastic back and forth battle! PLETHADOR trying to get revenge for the attack on SWARM! GRYT was able to get the win in the end, continuing his undefeated streak in singles action! After the match, GRYT and ROTUNDA began making out in the ring much to the disgust of the crowd! Who’s going to be the first to hand GRYT a loss? It’s not happening tonight?

LEADERS OF THE PACK are in the ring when suddenly FRONTAL ASSAULT barrels out of the crowd and attacks them! The ANI-MEN’S cat-like reflexes serve them well though as they are able to turn things around after this ambush! Soon we have two men in the ring and the match begins.

Leaders of the Pack vs. Frontal Assault
Zygon defeated Malkuth with a pinfall after POWER OF KROLL
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Once FRONTAL ASSAULT gained the upper hand, they kept it and kept this match very short delivering a loss to the ANI-MEN.

Anivar vs. Patch
Patch defeated Anivar with a DQ when ANIVAR refuses to stop choking PATCH with a holovision wire
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: These two tore into each other and there was no stopping them! It was apparently very early on that the rule book would be thrown out the window in this one! But the stipulations in a STREET SUICIDE match take into account DQ’s. Somehow it seems that this played into PATCH’S hand who looked to pick up the win in anyway possible.

THE BETRAYER made his way to the special ring used for TURNBUCKLE SHOCK matches. The fans could tell he was fired up and ready to get his hands on SLY DRURY. DRURY came to the ring next, phalanxed by his SECURITY SQUAD, of course. Once in the ring, DRURY grabbed the mic.

DRURY: Betrayer, I don’t trust you as far as a Glidnok can toss a windime. You have probably brought another gun to the ring.

THE BETRAYER shook his head no and held up his hands.

DRURY: Un huh. Like I’m going to believe someone who dresses up like an old woman to attack me. Ref, check him! Make sure he’s got nothing on him.

The REF relented and crossed over to BETRAYER. BETRAYER took a few steps back with his arms raised and spoke with the REF for a minute. Finally BETRAYER nodded and the ref bent down to check BETRAYER’S boots. The REF then stumbled forward and knocked BETRAYER into one of the electrified turnbuckles! THE BETRAYER was shocked instantly! The REF backed up and BETRAYER wearily staggered out of the corner. DRURY called for the bell and we were underway! Accident or not, this was certainly not popular with the crowd.

Sly Drury vs. The Betrayer
Sly Drury defeated The Betrayer with a pinfall after CRIME LORD
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: BETRAYER was unable to recover from the initial shock he received before the match and SLY DRURY had the upper hand for most the match. DRURY picked up the win and then called for the mic.

DRURY: BETRAYER, you are garbage and as I’ve said time and time again, I RUN THIS FED! So I take care of garbage! Tonight, the GWF has seen what I can do and I promise you ALL, this is only the beginning!

Tauran vs. Paralyze
Tauran defeated Paralyze with a pinfall after a corkscrew piledriver
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: This was the brutal bloody affair every one expected from these two. Not sure how much was settled and these two may be going at it again soon. There is just that much bad blood between them.

We cut up to SLY DRURY’S luxury box office. DRURY is relaxing with a bag of ice on his neck. RETRIBUTION is standing on the opposite side of the desk.

DRURY: You will make him pay tonight.


DRURY: And I’ll sweeten the pot a little. You beat Vidtek and I’ll be happy. You, ahem, make it so that he’s out for awhile, and I’ll give you an Interplanetary Championship title shot.



DRURY: Now, get out of here. I have to prepare.

RETRIBUTION: Prepare for…?

DRURY: Get out.

RETRIBUTION nods and leaves the room and we cut back to the ring.

Vidtek vs. Retribution
This match ended in a draw (double DQ when a huge brawl broke out)
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: Early in the match, one of the SECURITY SQUARD’S rifles fired off and the blast narrowly missed VIDTEK. Enraged, VIDTEK leapt through the ropes and started brawling with the SECURITY SQUAD. This brought out WOLF, HECTOR and COMMON ENEMY! An enormous brawl broke out and it was several minutes before order was restored. The ref called for a no contest ruling.

Mother Superior vs. Shann-Ra
for the GWF Women’s Championship
Mother Superior defeated Shann-Ra with a submission after SERPENTS OF HYDRA
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: MOTHER SUPERIOR dominated the match here. At one point it looked like TAURAN was going to interfere on SHANN-RA’S behalf, but members of the SECURITY SQUAD held him back. MOTHER SUPERIOR is proving to be the most dominant GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION of all time.

Oracle vs. Hector
for the GWF Interplanetary Championship
Hector defeated Oracle with a pinfall after I KNOW YOUR SECRET
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was an amazing five star match between these two newcomers! The crowd was on their feet the whole time. ORACLE fought an amazing match but on this night, HECTOR was just a hair better! After the match, HECTOR grabbed the mic…

HECOTR: Drury! You tried and tried! You tried to keep me down, keep me out but here I stand. Holding this belt aloft. Know why you find it impossible to throw a roadblock in my way? Because the truth always finds the light! Always!

Hector won the GWF Interplanetary Championship

Divided We Fall vs. Common Enemy
for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
This match ended in a draw (double DQ when a huge brawl broke out)
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Smarting from their non-title loss, DIVIDED WE FALL tore into COMMON ENEMY and the action soon spilled out of the ring into a four way melee! The ref soon DQ’d both teams, shortly after the beginning of the match. The interesting thing to note here was not the DQ brawl but what stopped the brawl. All four men were battling outside the ring when ENCUBUS grabbed a chair. It looked as if he was going to hit U.S. MALE with it but instead turned and raised it up as if he was about to hit BLOODLINE with it! BLOODLINE turned quickly as he sensed someone behind him and ENCUBUS froze mid swing. There was an intense stare down for a moment and the BLOODLINE simply left ringside!

Both ENDGAME and AETHRAN OVERMASTER are in the ring. Suddenly the holoscreen kicks on and it’s filled with SLY DRURY’S face. A nice tight close-up of DRURY’S face.

DRURY: Gentlemen. Before you begin I wanted to make you aware of two things. One, as Commissioner, I wish both of you the very best in your match tonight. You are two worthy competitors and I’m confident you’ll put on a hell of a match. The second thing I wanted to tell you is that I’ve decided to spice things up tonight and make tonight’s match a TIRION TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!

The crowd cheers loudly. ENDGAME and OVERMASTER are visibly furious.

DRURY: Oh and the third competitor…is me!

The crowd goes nuts! Boos reign supreme at this obvious attempt by DRURY to gain control over the fed by winning the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

DRURY: I’ll be right down. I just need to finish suiting up. The camera pulls back as DRURY snaps on the hemet of IRON HAND’S armor! The crowd is livid! Moments later DRURY, dressed in the IRON HAND armor comes ringside with his SECURITY SQUAD. He enters the ring and OVERMASTER and ENDGAME are furious! DRURY calls for the bell and we are underway.

Endgame vs. Aethran Overmaster vs. Sly Drury
for the Galaxian Championship
Sly Drury defeated Endgame with a pinfall after I RUN THIS FED
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: It was an amazing match! ENDGAME got the brunt of the punishment from both men and by then end it was simply a matter of who would over him first. That man was SLY DURY. And SLY DRURY, the commissioner of the GWF is now the GALAXIAN CHAMPION! The crowd is livid! ENDGAME is out and the OVERMASTER who was outside the ring when the deciding fall was made is staring in at DRURY with an intense rage. Then he turned in disgust and left the ringside area. DRURY grabbed a mic.

DRURY: I told you! I told you all that my match earlier was just the beginning! I run this fed and I’m now it’s champion! What. I. Say. Goes!

The crowd booed loudly and the SECURITY SQUAD had to hustle DRURY out of the there as the crowd was turning ugly as we…


Sly Drury won the Galaxian Championship

Overall Card Rating: 2.59