CARD #2123.77 – SUPERNOVA – 03.07.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

(We’re in IRON HAND’S office. He’s sitting at the desk talking off screen to some unseen people.)

IRON HAND: So, let me get this straight, you heard me say to Jungle Nights that I wanted the stand dealt with. They beat them, they got their title shot.

OFF SCREEN VOICE #1: Yeah, but check it, they didn’t really ‘deal’ with them did they. They beat them sure, but they are still around.

OFF SCREEN VOICE #2: Yeah. What we’re offering to do it to ‘deal’ with them. Take them out of the picture completely.

(IRON HAND nods and reclines in his chair.)

IRON HAND: I see. Interesting. And, of course, you’d do this out of the goodness of your hearts right? No other motive than to just help out the Commissioner?

OFF SCREEN VOICE #2: Well, I mean, if the Commissioner was to be so happy with our handiwork that he decided to soften his attitude towards us, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

OFF SCREEN VOICE #1: Yeah and if a title shot somehow came our way that wouldn’t be too bad either.

(IRON HAND smirks.)

IRON HAND: Yeah. Well, I don’t know about that. But it’d certainly be a good first step in the right direction. (He pauses for a second.) Okay. You got The Stand tonight. Let’s see how you handle this little problem and we’ll go from there.

OFF SCREEN VOICE #1: Heh. Don’t you worry about it Iron Hand. After tonight, The Stand won’t be causing you any trouble.

OFF SCREEN VOICE #2: True that. ‘Cause when you need trouble handled, the only team to call is….

(CAMERA pans back to reveal MUSS and THE BOMB)

BOTH: The Troubleshooters!

Rotunda vs. Deadliest
Deadliest defeated Rotunda with a pinfall after a running spear
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: DEADLIEST picks up a win in this decent match against ROTUNDA.

(Back from commercial we cut to the ring and in it stands PLETHADOR. He signals for the music to be cut and has a mic in his hand.)

PLETHADOR: Wow! That’s what people are saying. Wow! They are saying, “Wow!” after my amazing submission victory over Vidtek.

(CROWD cheers.)

PLETHADOR: No I know you’re wondering when I’ll pull up the old flippers and challenge Monolith for the Galaxian belt.

(CROWD goes nuts. PLETHADOR smiles but holds up a hand.)

PLETHADOR: Now hang on, hang on. I’m just coming back from injury. I’m at 100% but I want to be at 110% before I take down Monolith.

(CROWN again goes nuts.)

PLETHADOR: So tonight, I want to issue and open challenge to anyone. Anyone at all in the locker room. Get out here. Get in the ring and see if you can go toe to webbed toe with the Ani-Man Dynamo, Plethador!

(CROWD cheers. No one come out.)

PLETHADOR: Oh come on! Don’t tell me you’re all afraid. Ain’t no thing to lose to someone hotter, especially when that man can breathe underwaster!

(CROWD cheers. Suddenly the lights go out and a spotlight shines on the entranceway. And eerie calliope music begins to play. TRICKS is here and he’s heading to the ring!! PLETHADOR puts down the mic and gets ready to go for our next match!)

Tricks vs. Plethador
Tricks defeated Plethador with a DQ when SHE DEVIL attempts a pin save and the ref sees it
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Before the DQ finish, TRICKS completely dominated PLETHADOR. It seems it’ll be awhile before PLETHADOR makes another open challenge!

The Troubleshooters vs. The Stand
The Bomb defeated Kill Prey with a DQ when KILL PREY slammed THE BOMB into the guardrails at ringside
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: This devolved into a wild brawl after the DQ! THE STAND eager to prove their worth as a team and THE TROUBLESHOOTERS eager to help out IRON HAND! It certainly seemed like these two teams would meet again.

Tauran vs. Patch
Patch defeated Tauran with a DQ when several masked wrestlers attacked PATCH out of nowehre
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: The three maksed wrestlers hopped the rail at ringside and slid into the ring and attacked PATCH with a baseball bat! PATCH was taken from the ring via stretcher. Security was again unable to capture the masked wrestlers who escaped through the crowd.

Titan Energy vs. Circus Strongmen 2123
Gryt defeated Nitro with a submission with the strongman stretch
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: TITAN ENERGY are again unable to gain any traction here in the GWF. They are a young and inexperienced team and have yet to click. CIRCUS STRONGMEN looked very impressive, which is saying something based on their track record against higher ranked tag teams.

The Main Event vs. American Guy
American Guy defeated The Main Event with a DQ after THE MAIN EVENT slammed AMERICAN GUY into the rails despite the ref’s warning
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: These two really pulled out all the stops against each other! Again there is no clear winner in this match! Fans and critics alike are hoping these two step into the ring for a third time for clear winner!

Swarm vs. Vidtek
Swarm defeated Vidtek with a submission via WASP TRAP
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: SWARM made short work of VIDTEK in this exciting main event. VIDTEK did okay, but SWARM was just too quick! Fans are eager to see SWARM wrestle again. SWARM posed for the cheering fans on the corner of the ropes and it’s this image we see as we….