CARD #2123.78 – INVASION – 03.14.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

(We’re back at the Deimos Intergalactic Arena and the crowd is booing loudly and we instantly see why, in the middle of the ring stands IRON HAND. He smirks as he looks around.)

IRON HAND: Welcome to GWF INVASION! When I took the reigns of the GWF I promised that I alone would be in control of who got title shots around here. Well our next event is the GWF’S Rings Of Destruction event and every title in the GWF will be up for grabs. You already know that challenging Divided We Fall for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship will be Jungle Nights.

(CROWD cheers.)

IRON HAND: And you also know that tonight Wolf will take on Havoc, one on one to determine the #1 contender for the Galaxian Championship, though in my book neither man stands a chance against Monolith.

(CROWD boos.)

IRON HAND: But we’ve got two other belts to discuss. Challenging Nosfera for the Interplanetary Championship is a man who’s just returned from injury but has been on a good streak since returning….Payback!

(CROWD cheers!)

IRON HAND: Yes, won’t that be a wild match. And, facing Mother Superior for the GWF’S Women’s Championship…ugh….I can’t believe I’m saying this….taking on Mother Superior…. Okay, let me tell you the reasoning. I give title shots to worthy competitors. I look at the standings. I look at wins and….facing Mother Superior, for the GWF’S Women’s Championship…will…be…ugh….Strafe.

(The CROWD goes nuts.)

IRON HAND: Yeah, yeah. I knew you’d like that. Well, never let it be said that no matter how tight of control I keep on the GWF, I’m nothing but fair when it’s called for. I could of easily given this title shot to Rotunda, but I gave it to who deserved it. And Strafe deserved it. So that’s the title match situation for Rings Of Destruction. But we’ve got a whole night of action before we get there, so let’s not waste any time and get things going.

(IRON HAND steps out of the ring and we’re ready for our first match. Out first match features the woman mentioned just moments before…STRAFE! STRAFE’S music hits and she comes out just as IRON HAND is leaving. They stare each other down for a moment and then IRON HAND goes backstage and we’re ready for our first match.)

Strafe vs. She Devil
She Devil defeated Strafe with a DQ when STRAFE refuses to stop brawling
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: STRAFE has been on a mission. A mission to prove she’s the very best female competitor the GWF has. She let her anger run free in this match and it was too much for the confines of the GWF rules and she wound up getting disqualified. She was all business and you can tell she has one goal. The GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.

Sultana vs. Phantasy
Sultana defeated Phantasy with a DQ due to SULTANA’S brawling
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: It appears as if the ladies are throwing the rule book out the window tonight as we get another DQ ending! THis was the second match between these two and there is absolutely no love lost between them. A third match is definitely in the offing!

Sly Drury vs. Endgame
Endgame defeated Sly Drury with a submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: The FDF vs. OUTLAW NATION blood fued continues with the FDF picking up the win here as Endgame easily dominates Sly Drury in a good match that, surprisingly, didn’t get close to breaking any rules.

Disaster vs. Retribution
Disaster defeated Retribution with a pinfall after RAMPAGE
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: It was short. It was brutal. DISASTER made short work out of RETRIBUTION. THis was the match critics had expected to see between these two the last time. DISASTER was focused, determined and got the win.

Payback vs. Scimitar
Payback defeated Scimitar with a pinfall after EXVENGE
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Well, you certainly have to give SCIMITAR credit for hanging in with the hardcore titan as long as he did! It was brutally tough match. PAYBACK dominated the majority of it and in the end got the win.

The Master Race vs. Jungle Nights
Malkuth defeated Zygon with a pinfall after THIRD REIGN
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: In this match, JUNGLE NIGHTS showed exactly why they were on the top of the tag team heap currently in the GWF. They were efficient, they were dominating and they took care of business. They are READY for DIVIDED WE FALL.

– CUT TO: –
We cut to one of the luxury boxes as the door opens and in walks MONOLITH. He’s got the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP with him and he sits in a chair, smirking. Obviously he’s here to see who will be facing him at RINGS OF DESTRUCTION! As MONOLITH gets comfortable we cut back to the ring for our #! CONTENDER’S MATCH!)

Wolf vs. Havoc
Wolf defeated Havoc with a pinfall after an insiguri
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: In what just might be his biggest win to date, HAVOC put WOLF away to secure a shot at MONOLITH at RINGS OF DESTRUCTION! HAVOC, clearly not a fan favorite, earned a lot of respect tonight and the fans cheered him at the end of the evening. Many, though, wondered how the youngster would fare against the GALAXIAN CHAMPION. HAVOC stands on the corner looking up at MOMOLITH who’s now standing looking down at him. This is what we see as we…