CARD #2123.76 – INVASION – 02.14.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

(We are LIVE at the sold out Deimos Intergalactic Arena! The opening theme plays and the pyro goes off! The CROWD is hot and we cut to the back as a Light Speed Cruiser pulls up and the door opens! Out steps PANTHER WARRIOR and MALKUTH! JUNGLE NIGHTS is here! The CROWD goes wild! The two men shake hands and turn and enter the arena! We cut back to ringside for our opening bout!)

Strafe vs. Deadliest
Strafe defeated Deadliest with a pifall after TERMINAL HEIGHT
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: Decent match. STRAFE controlled most of it and even the interference of DARK MENACE could stop STRAFE for getting the win.

Sultana vs. Phantasy
Sultana defeated Phantasy with a countout after SULTANA performed an amazing cross body over the top rope onto the floor
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: SULTANA had PHANTASY’S number in this match but couldn’t seem to put her away in the ring. It was a spectacular dive to the outside that knocked the wind out of PHANTASY. She couldn’t answer the ten count and SULTANA got the win.

(The arena is filled with JUNGLE MUSIC and out comes JUNGLE NIGHTS! We’ve not seen these two for nine cards after MALKUTH was injured by the GLADIATORS. They were in line for a title shot at the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP and they hit the ring looking bound and determined to collect.)

PANTHER WARRIOR: You know, 9 cards ago, we won the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. We held the belts in our hands for mere seconds until the GLADIATORS attacked us and injured my partner MALKUTH here. Injured him so badly we had to forfeit the belts we’d worked so hard to get! Well, we are back. Malkuth is 100%. I am 100% and by Rulah, WE WANT OUR TITLE SHOT!

(CROWD cheers wildly!)

PANTHER WARRIOR: Now, a lot has happened since that card. We have a new Commissioner here in the GWF and love him or hate him…

(CROWD cheers.)

PANTHER WARRIOR: Yeah, we don’t like him much either. But love him or hate him, his word is law. So now we stand here in this ring and ask…IRON HAND….When do we get our title short?!

(CROWD cheers and moments later, through the curtain steps IRON HAND. The crowd boos loudly.)

IRON HAND: Heh. And I feel the same about you. You know what, JUNGLE NIGHTS, I like you. I like you because you came out here and you spoke the truth. I am indeed the new Commissioner and my word IS law! So for that I’m going to go easy on you. I understand you deserve a title shot, but you see, I’ve made it my rule around here to not follow any dictates or proclamations left to me by the former Commissioner. I mean, if I started making good on all the promises he made when he was in charge, I’d be no better than him. So that’s why I just simply can’t let you have a title shot at the drop of a hat.

(CROWD boos.)

IRON HAND: But I like you. So here’s the deal. Tonight, right now in fact, you face a team of my choosing. You win. You get your title shot. You lose, you don’t. You seem fired up. You seem all ready and rearing to go. I see you having no trouble.


IRON HAND: No. I’d like to see you go up against a team that’s becoming a thorn in my side. Tonight, you take on…THE STAND!

(The CROWD cheers as IRON HAND exits as this will no doubt be a great match! Seconds later, SULTANA is leading KILL PREY and VALOUR to ringside and we’re ready for our next match!)

Jungle Nights vs. The Stand
Panther Warrior defeated Valour with a DQ after Valour’s VIOLENT OUTBURST
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: Amazing match! JUNGLE NIGHTS were so close to winning, but so were THE STAND! In the end, VALOUR let his rage get the better of him and he got himself disqualified! After the match, IRON HAND returned to the top of the ramp. JUNGLE NIGHTS looked at him.)

IRON HAND: Well, it was a DQ win, but it was a win. To show you I’m a man of my word, you got your title shot at the next SuperCard!

(The CROWD cheered and JUNGLE NIGHTS hugged in the ring. They had secured their title shot against DIVIDED WE FALL!)

Retribution vs. Disaster
Disaster defeated Retribution with a DQ when RETRIBUTION refuses to stpp brawling
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: This was a WILD match that even saw SHE DEVIL ejected from ringside! This was a huge chance for RETRIBUTION to show he was improving and he took it! DISASTER could not put him away! Aethran Spike was followed by Aethran Spike was followed by Gladiator Piledriver after Gladiator Piledriver, but DISASTER could not get the one, two, three! In the end the action spilled to ringside where RETRIBUTION got the upper hand but refused to listen to the ref and got himself disqualified!

The Master Race vs. Titan Energy
Thraxx defeated Nitro with a pinfall after a noggin knocker when TRISTAN tried to make the pin save
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: As expected, THE MASTER RACE dominated this match. TITAN ENERGY put up a good fight, but they were no match for the bigger, more experienced team.

(We’re in the dressing room of the GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY and we see TRICKS and VIN STRUTTER going over strategy for tonight’s match. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. STRUTTER goes over to open it and in walks HAVOC.)

TRICKS: Oh goodie! Visitors! What do YOU want?

HAVOC: You’re fighting Wolf tonight.

TRICKS: Yes, I know this.

HAVOC: Well look, I’ll b fighting him in a few weeks to see if I get a title shot against Monolith.

TRICKS: What does that have to do with me?

HAVOC: Well, I was just thinking that since you have Wolf tonight, if you could be a little extra rough on him.

TRICKS: Ah, I see, soften him up for you eh?

HAVOC: Yeah, that’s the point.

(TRICKS walks right up into HAVOC’S face.)

TRICKS: Well, what you don’t know is that I’m ALWAYS a little extra rough! I never take it easy on ANYone.

HAVOC: Yeah, but how sick, twisted and…demented are you?

TRICKS: Brother, there is no one more sick, twisted or demented then me.

HAVOC: Oh i see. Well then prove it.

(TRICKS smiles broadly.)

TRICKS: I will.

(HAVOC smirks and walks out of the dressing room. STRUTTER turns and looks at TRICKS and motions to the door.)

STRUTTER: Shall we?

TRICKS: Let’s.

(TRICKS exits with STRUTTER right behind him as they head to the ring for our next match!)

Wolf vs. Tricks
Wolf defeated Tricks with a DQ due to violent brawling at ringside
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: Wow! This was a wild brawl from the moment the bell rang. WOLF wasted no time in savagely attacking TRICKS and TRICKS was a sadistic as ever. HAVOC had come to the top of the ramp to watch, but when the match ended in DQ and WOLF got the win, he shook his head and returned to the back. These two had to be separated at the end. Fans are eager to see these two step into the ring together again, but it’ll have to wait as WOLF’S next challenge is HAVOC.

Tauran vs. Sly Drury
Sly Drury defeated Tauran with a pinfall after DRURY hit CRIME LORD in the hallway
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: THis was every bit as brutal as everyone assumed it would be! TAURAN took the early advantage, but this match is SO dangerous that the tide could turn in an instant and it did. It started in the ring, but only returned there once for a brief few minutes.In the end SLY DRURY was able to pick up the win ensuring that this round of the feud between the FDF and the OUTLAW NATION went to the OUTLAWS!

After the match DRURY stood looking down on TAURAN and smirked. Then just calmly walked down the hallway. It was this image we se as we….