CARD #2122.72 – INVASION – 01.14.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

(We are in the locker room of THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY. TANCK and GRYT are lifting dumbbells as they prep for their opening match. VIN STRUTTER is pacing back and forth.)

VIN STRUTTER: …mind telling you I was a bit disappointed.

GRYT: Ain’t gonna happen again.

VIN STRUTTER: We lost on the first card of the year! Not an impressive way to kick of the year and our new determined focus to capture the tag straps.

GRYT: AIN’T gonna happen again.

VIN STRUTTER: Tonight against the TITANS I want a lot of tags. Keep the fresh man in the ring. Everyone knows you two are powerhouses, but you are out there to try and impress each other with your shows of power! Keep focused! We are not–

(There is a knock on the door. STRUTTER goes over and opens it and there’s PAIGE.)

STRUTTER (smirks): Well, lookie here boys, It’s Paige! I thought you’d have been canned along with Massif!

PAIGE: Un, no actually, I can’t be fired. I have a…

STRUTTER: Paige, no one cares. Why are you here?

PAIGE: Oh, uh, well I’ve come to let Tanck know he’s got a tag match at the next SuperCard, Stormfront.

TANCK: Excellent. Another chance to show the Strongman power. Who are me and Gryt fighting?

PAIGE: Actually, you won’t be teaming with Gryt.

STRUTTER: What?! Look as the manager of the Circus Strongmen, I have to okay all their matches and I certainly wouldn’t allow the team to be broken up, even for one match.

PAIGE: Well, uh, this has come straight from Iron Hand himself. He said if you had any sort of problem with it to consider it a favor he’ll pay you back for.

STRUTTER: A favor eh? Well I guess it’ll be okay for one night.

TANCK: Who’s my partner?

PAIGE: Iron Hand says you’ll find out right before the match.

TANCK: Well, who am I wrestling against then?

PAIGE: Again, you’ll find out right before you match.

TANCK: Something’s fishy about this.

STRUTTER: I agree. But if it will earn us some points with Iron Hand, we should go for it. Especially if I can cash in that favor for a GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP shot for Tricks.

TANCK: Whoa, whoa, whoa…look if I have to team up with some other schmoe, then you’re gonna use that favor for me and Gryt! Besides, Tricks is already in the interplanetary tournament.

STRUTTER: Okay, okay.

PAIGE: So I’ll tell him it’s okay?

TANCK: Yeah, that okay with you Gryt?

GRYT: If it gets us a title shot, I’m all for it.

STRUTTER: Now get outta here Paige so we can concentrate on our match against TITAN GLORY.

(PAIGE EXITS and the CIRCUS STRONGMEN go back to pumping iron as we cut to the opening theme.)

(From the opening theme we cut to the pyro and as soon as it’s clear ENDGAME’S music hits and the leader of the Federation Defense Fighters heads to the ring. He grabs a mic and signals for his music to be cut off.)

ENDGAME: Iron Hand!!! Iron Hand you need to get out here immediately!

(There is a pause and nothing happens.)

ENDGAME: I have all night Iron Hand. You need to get out here…NOW!

(IRON HAND appears at the top of the ramp with a mic in his hand.)

IRON HAND: Endgame, I am the Commissioner of the GWF. I do not have time to be at your beck and call. You know where my office is, you could make an appointment with Paige and I’ll…

ENDGAME: Shut up Iron Hand.

(CROWD goes nuts. IRON HAND looks incensed.)

IRON HAND: Fine. It’s obvious you want something and in the interest of keeping the show going, I’ll humor you. What do you want.

ENDGAME: A title shot against Monolith at Stormfront.

(CROWD goes nuts at the thought of ENDGAME and MONOLITH for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at the first supercard of 2123!)


(CROWD boos loudly.)

ENDGAME: What?! No?!

IRON HAND: That’s right! I said, “No!” You need to learn something and learn it fast, I’m the Commissioner. What. I. Say. GOES. Got it? If you don’t you’re gonna have to learn that MMA stuff and pack your bags for P.O.W.

ENDGAME: This is how you’re going to run this fed? By protecting the champion?

IRON HAND: No. I’m not protecting Monolith! He doesn’t need my protection. I just need to find a worthy opponent for him.

(Suddenly a primal howl blasts through the arena sound system. The CROWD is on their feet because they know exactly who’s on his way out! And there he is, WOLF! He’s got a microphone in his hand.)

WOLF: Ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! Iron Hand, brother, if you’re looking for a worthy opponent for Monolith, you don’t need to look any further than the Savage One, me WOLF!

(CROWD goes nuts.)

IRON HAND: Oh great, we’re going to be out here all night! Look, I’m sure that the fans here would love to see you, Wolf, wrestle Monolith for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

(CROWD cheers.)

IRON HAND: And I’m sure that the crowd would love to see you square off against Monolith, Endgame.

(CROWD cheers.)

IRON HAND: There’s just no way I’m going to simply hand EITHER of you a title shot!

(CROWD boos.)

IRON HAND: No, it wouldn’t teach you respect. The respect that I demand here in the GWF. So no, neither of you are going to get handed a GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP match.

(CROWD boos.)

IRON HAND: That being said, part of my job description is to give the fans what they want. SO let’s make this fun. I’ll give both of you a chance to earn a title shot against Monolith. On the next card, Supernova, we’ll have a #1 Contender’s match! The participants of which will be Wolf versus Endgame!

(CROWD cheers. WOLF and ENDGAME stare at each other.)

IRON HAND: Endgame, that okay with you?

ENDGAME (still staring at WOLF): Fine.


WOLF (still staring at ENDGAME): Perfect.

IRON HAND: Good, then it’s all set. Next card, Wolf versus Endgame, the winner gets a title shot at Stormfront!

(Crowd cheers. WOLF and ENDGAME are still staring at each other. IRON HAND turns to leave, but stops and turns back around.)

IRON HAND: Oh, and boys, in order to see which one of you wants it more, because I only want a #1 contender who REALLY wants the title shot. In order to determine which one of you WANTS it more, it’ll be a TORTURE CHAMBER MATCH!

(The CROWD goes nuts thinking about WOLF taking on ENDGAME in a torture chamber! Who will survive this explosive encounter? And will the survivor be in ANY shape to face MONOLITH?! We’ll find out. WOLF heads backstage and ENDGAME clears the ring and we are ready for our first match!)

Circus Strongmen 2123 vs. Titan Energy
Tanck defeated Nitro with a TANCKED into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: THE CIRCUS STRONGMEN dominated this match, systematically picking apart TITAN ENERGY. So far TITAN ENERGY has not been able to capture a victory or the crowd’s attention. Some fans are lamenting the retirement of RECKLESS. The jury is still out on this team, but the way the STRONGMEN manhandled the two youngsters left some wondering if NITRO was a good addition to the TITAN team.

She Devil vs. Phantasy
Phantasy defeated She Devil with a countout when the two were battling outside the ring and PHANTASY was able to slip back under the bo
Match Rating: 2.00
The Master Race vs. Gladiators
Paralyze defeated Thraxx with a DQ when THRAXX shoved the referee during the match
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: Obviously two teams who do not get along. They have met in the ring before and will several times in the future to be sure!

(IRON HAND makes his way to the ring with the brand new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP BELT in his hands.)

IRON HAND: Respect. That’s what my presence in the GWF is here to bring about. Respect for authority. My authority! This is why I have stripped Havoc of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. To show the GWF roster that I am in control. The lawlessness will come to an end here in the GWF. I will see to that and in a very short amount of time, the GWF roster will learn that. Tonight, we have the start of an 8 man tournament to fill the vacated GWF INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. The opening round is tonight. The semi-finals will be on Supernova and the finals will be at Stormfront! This is a straight ahead, single elimination tournament, however I’m decreeing that all matches are NO disqualification and NO countout. I want decisive victories in order to give the fans a decisive champion! No let’s get this started!

(IRON HAND clears the ring, taking the belt with him, and the bell rings for our first match.)

Tricks vs. Retribution
Tricks defeated Retribution with a COULROPHOBIA into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: RETRIBUTION had the upper hand early on in this match, but TRICKS proved too wily for him as the match continued. One funny moment was when TRICKS attempted his patented ‘bite to the nose’ and realized that RETRIBUTION doesn’t have much in the way of a nose! TRICKS picked up the win and STRUTTER was overjoyed and told all who would listen that they were looking at the next INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION.

Tauran vs. American Guy
Tauran defeated American Guy with a cross body lock into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: The crowd was fired up for this meeting between the FDF’s TAURAN and the OUTLAW NATION’S AMERICAN GUY. TAURAN looked mighty impressive in this match and definitely gained a few new fans.

Nosfera vs. The Betrayer
Nosfera defeated The Betrayer with a small package into a pinfall when OMEN distracted THE BETRAYER
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: BETRAYER did’t seem to stand a chance in this match up. NOSFERA was a ball of fire, no pun intended, and manhandled BETRAYER the whole match. No pun intended there either.

(We cut to the OUTLAW NATION’S locker room and see AMERICAN GUY sitting in a chair. PHANTASY stands behind him rubbing his shoulders.)

PHANTASY: It’s okay baby. You’ll get them next time.

AMERICAN GUY: I’ve just been thinking singles action is not for me. I was born and bred a tag competitor.

PHANTASY: Look, just ’cause you ain’t captured any gold yet don’t mean you aren’t championship material. Look we’ll just wait till after the tournament and then go ask Iron Hand for a title shot.

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah. I’m sure he’ll be willing to give a shot to a guy who lost in the first round. Well, perhaps Betrayer is faring better than–

(The door to the locker room opens and n comes THE BETRAYER, moping. He closes the door behind him, crosses the room and then sits o the floor in front of AMERICAN GUY, with his back against GUY’S legs. AMERICAN GUY, in his funk, reaches forward and starts massaging BETRAYER’S shoulders.)

AMERICAN GUY: Didn’t do too well huh?

BETRAYER: Nope. Lost in the first round.

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah. Seems to be going around.

PHANTASY: Come on you guys! Cheer up y’all! I know, let’s get changed and we’ll go out for a drink or somethin’!

BETRAYER: Or dancing!

AMERICAN GUY: Say Betrayer, you ever think of forming a tag team?

BETRAYER: Are you serious? Every night honey, every night!


(There’s a knock on the door.)

PHANTASY: Come in.

(PAIGE comes in the room and pauses a bit as he sees the massage chain that’s going on in front of him.)

AMERICAN GUY: What do you want Paige?

PAIGE: I have a message for you from Iron Hand.

BETRAYER: What are you even still doing here? I thought you would’ve been thrown out with Massif.

PAIGE: No actually I can’t be fired because–

AMERICAN GUY: No one cares, what’s the message?

PAIGE: Oh, uh, well, Iron Hand wanted me to tell you that you have a tag match on Stormfront.

AMERICAN GUY: What? A tag match?! That’s great! Who’s my partner?

PAIGE: Um, Iron Hand says you’ll find out at the show. Same with your opponents.

AMERICAN GUY: Oh this is great! This could be just what I’m looking for!

PHANTASY: See baby! I knew things would come around. I just knew it!

AMERICAN GUY: This could be the start of a whole new chapter in my career!

BETRAYER: Hey! Hey Guy!!


BETRAYER: little less talky talky, little more rubby rubby!

(PAIGE stands in terror at the scene in front of him. He turns and leaves the room, closing the door behind him. We cut back up to the ring for our next match.

Havoc vs. The Main Event
Havoc defeated The Main Event with a FALLEN DREAMS into a pinfall
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: While THE MAIN EVENT lost the match, proving he may not be ready for main event matches, he certainly put on an amazing match here against HAVOC. There were moments where the rookie came within seconds of winning. HAVOC’S experience is what saved him in this match and now he moves on in the tournament to get back his INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

Mother Superior vs. Strafe
Mother Superior defeated Strafe with a DIVIDED WE FALL into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Wow! If there was ever any doubt that MOTHER SUPERIOR could not bring her A game to a match with STRAFE, they were squashed during this encounter! MOTHER SUPERIOR schooled STRAFE. STRAFE was never on offense at all. Though it should be noted that MOTHER SUPERIOR had to use DIVIDED WE FALL three times in succession in order to get the pin, but STRAFE just let her do it. Many are questioning just what was happening with the Gladiator to make her come so unprepared for the match.

Overall Card Rating: 3.31

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