CARD #2123.73 – SUPERNOVA – 01.21.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

(We fade in on ENDGAME lacing up his shoes. The CROWD cheers. Suddenly we see a pair of feet walk up to ENDGAME. ENDGAME quickly stands and is nose to nose with WOLF. The CROWD cheers louder. The two men stare at each other for a minute.)


WOLF: Endgame. I just wanted you to know that tonight isn’t personal. You and I are friends and even though we haven’t always seen eye to eye, we’ve always had some sporting match ups in the past. That being said, this is different. With Iron Hand’s arrival, the stakes have changed.

ENDGAME: Exactly, which is why I have to win tonight. Monolith has to be defeated. Iron Hand must learn that we’re here to defend the GWF against tyranny, which is all he stands for. The only way to do that is for me to capture the Galaxian belt.

WOLF: We’re in agreement on everything, except for who it’s gonna take to defeat Monolith. I’ve got to go on to Stormfront and win.

ENDGAME: Well looks like we’re in a stalemate and we’ll have to settle this tonight.

WOLF: Again, just know it’s not personal. I’ve got to win tonight.


(The camera holds on the two men for a second and then we cut to the opening theme! This is GWF SUPERNOVA!)

Rotunda vs. Shann-Ra
Shann-Ra defeated Rotunda with a MACHETE into a pinfall
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: SHANN-RA had no trouble with the rotund one in this opening bout.

The Stand vs. The Troubleshooters
Kill Prey defeated Muss with a DQ when THE BOMB interfered to break up a pinfall attempt by THE STAND
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: After the match THE STAND and THE TROUBLESHOOTERS got in each other’s faces. This definitely has the makings of an interesting feud.

(We see TANCK walking down the hallway. He’s idly lifting a very heavy looking dumbell. Suddenly, way down the hallway, we see a figure appear.)

FIGURE: Hey! Tanck!

(TANCK stops and turns. The figure is still pretty far away to make out who it is. The figure starts running to catch up with TANCK. The figure is still getting closer. TANCK keeps up his reps as he watches the figure get closer. The hall is completely silent as TANCK watches this still far off figure get closer. TANCK’S communicator rings. He picks it up, looks at who’s calling, shakes his head and silences it. The figure is still getting closer. TANCK, no bored looks around the hallway. He sees a small aphoidious tumbler slowly crawling up on of the walls in the hallway. He smushes it under his thumb and wipes the remains on a nearby travel case.. The figure is close enough now that we see it’s AMERICAN GUY. GUY finally makes it up to TANCK and is winded.)

AMERICAN GUY (out of breath): That….that hallway’s a lot longer than it…than it looks.

(TANCK nods in agreement.)

AMERICAN GUY: Anyway, I heard you got word from Iron Hand you’re in a tag match at Stormfront, but he hasn’t told you who your partner is.

(TANCK nods in agreement.)

AMERICAN GUY: I got the same message!

TANCK: Iron Hand said you’re in a tag match too?

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah, but Paige wouldn’t tell me who my partner is or who I’d be facing.

TANCK: Me too. Well, You’re a pretty decent tag guy. I wouldn’t mind tagging with you.

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah. Same here.

TACNK: Just know though, that this ain’t the start of some new team. GRYT is my tag partner and CIRCUS STRONGMEN are my main focus.

AMERICAN GUY: Totally. I completely understand. Hey, you want to meet sometime this week and just go over some strategy?

TANCK: Yeah, okay. Let’s meet at the gym on Hectatus.

AMERICAN GUY: Great. Wednesday at 3 good for you?

TANCK: Sure we…

VOICE: Hey! Tanck! Guy!

(TANCK and AMERICAN GUY turn and look down the hallway. A tiny figure can be seen running down the hallway towards them. They watch as it comes closer. The figure is still pretty far off. AMERICAN GUY’S communicator goes off. He picks it up and looks at who’s calling. He answers it.)

AMERICAN GUY (to phone): Hey babe. (pause) Did you look under the cushion on the recliner? (pause) Well that’s where I always keep it. (pause) Well, look again. (pause.) I know, I know, look I’ll be back in about an hour and I’ll help you look for it. (pause) Okay. (pause) Okay. (pause) You two.

(AMERICAN GUY hangs up the communicator and looks over at TANCK. Then he looks down the hallway to see the figure is still pretty far off. TANCK continues his reps as they way.)

TANCK: Hey, you been over to catering? What are they serving.

AMERICAN GUY: They have an omelette station set up.

(TANCK nods. The figure is still approaching. AMERICAN GUY notices the remains of the aphoid tumbler on the travel case. He wrinkles his nose in disgust. TANCK switches the dumbbell to the other hand and continues his reps. The figure is now finally close enough where we can see that it’s PAIGE.)

AMERICAN GUY (softly to TANCK): Well THAT was worth the wait.

(PAIGE staggers up, completely winded. As if he’s just run a a marathon.)

PAIGE (gasping for air): Uh…..hallway….long…(gasp)…so….hard….(gasp)

(As PAIGE tries to catch his breath he puts his hand on the travel case, right on top of the aphoid tumbler’s remains. He holds up the finger on his other hand asking for TANCK and AMERICAN GUY to give him a second.)

PAIGE: Sor…sorry. (He swallows) Okay…um…the uh….(he swallows again)…Iron Hand sent me to…to tell you guys about your tag match at Stormfront.

AMERICAN GUY: So I was right, Tanck and I are in the same match?

PAIGE (nods, still winded): Yeah, yeah. He wanted me to let you guys know that it’s gonna be a flare bomb match

TANCK: Flare Bomb? Like they do in that indy circuit out on Carradepies?


AMERICAN GUY: Well, this is gonna be a lot of fun. The first ever Flare Bomb match and we’re in it!

TANCK: Yeah, maybe this Iron Hand guy ain’t such a pain after all. Okay man, I’ll see you Wednesday at 3.

AMERICAN GUY: Sounds good.

(AMERICAN GUY and TANCK walk off and PAIGE watches them go.)

PAIGE: Um, you’re WELCOME! Sheesh, no one has any manners these days. (He sighs) Well guess I’d better get back to the office.

(PAIGE turns around. Picking his hand up he sees the squashed bug is now all over his hand.)

PAIGE: Eeeeew! What in the names of….blech!

(PAIGE begins walking back down the hallway. He wipes his hand along the wall ad he does. He continues to walk. After a bit he again wipes his hand on the wall. He continues further down the hallway. He stops and bends down and ties his shoe. He stands and continues down the hallway. After watching him walk for a few more second we cut back to the ring for our next match.)

Deadliest vs. Sultana
Sultana defeated Deadliest with a SULTANA SPEAR into a pinfall
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: DEADLIEST dominated this match, but then a few missteps by the rookie lead to her downfall. SULTANA was able to put DEADLIEST away, but toyed with her a bit giving her three SULTANA SPLASHES before going for the pinfall.

Patch vs. Anivar
Patch defeated Anivar with a countout after a slam outside the ring that left ANIVAR unable to climb back in before the 10 count.
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: These two went at it tooth and nail in a wild match. PATCH was able to walk away with the win, but it’s probably pretty safe to say that these two will meet again.

Swarm vs. Disaster
Swarm defeated Disaster with a VENOMOUS STINGER into a pinfall
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Talk about the win of a career! When SWARM first returned and scored the easy victory over SCIMITAR, and he looked pretty impressive in that match. Critics however countered that of course he’d look good, he was wrestling a far inferior opponent. Well he certainly had a challenge tonight against DISASTER and proved he has improved ten fold. SWARM manhandled DISASTER! SWARM is focused, determined and has gained amazing skill. Pundits are predicting a run at the big belt sooner rather than later.

Nosfera vs. Tauran
Nosfera defeated Tauran with a DEMON’S BREATH into a pinfall
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: Simply put, TAURAN was robbed. TAURAN completely owned this match and had whipped NOSFERA from pillar to post during the majority of this match. NOSFERA was seconds from tapping out from a vicious TAURAN VICTORY LOCK when OMEN hopped up onto the apron. The ref went over to tell him to get down and as he did NOSFERA started tapping out. TAURAN, frustrated, dropped the hold and walked over to the ref to get his attention. As the ref dealt with OMEN, TAURAN turned around into the DEMON’S BREATH that put him on the mat. NOSFERA gave him one more for good measure and then covered TAURAN just as the ref returned his attention to the match. NOSFERA gets the win and will head to STORMFRONT to wrestle for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

(NOSFERA and OMEN come through the curtain to backstage following NOSFERA’S win and are making their way to NOSFERA’S locker room.)

OMEN: Yes, Nosfera. Excellent. Now it’s on to Stormfront and capturing the Interplanetary Championship. We must be careful though, once, the tournament is over the matches will no longer be non DQ or Countout and I’m still unsure of the new Commissioner’s stance on you. We must…

(Suddenly OMEN and NOSFERA look up and standing in front of them is ANIVAR. ANIVAR walks up to OMEN.)

ANIVAR: Listen runt, the ref may not have seen that crap you and Nosfera pulled tonight, but I did and I’m purring you on notice, that’s the end of it. You’ll immediately stop your underhanded tactics.

OMEN: Get out of the way imbecile! You have no authority over us! You are not the law around here.

ANIVAR: I’m a member of the Federation Defense Fighters and as such we will ensure that a certain code of conduct is maintained. You have been put on notice. It ends tonight.

OMEN: Stop your insipid prattling! No one’s listening. Besides, I’d say at the moment, you have bigger fish to fry.

(OMEN and NOSFERA turn from ANIVAR who has a puzzled look on his face. He smirks and turns directly into a chair that instantly lays him out! The camera pans back to reveal PATCH standing there holding the chair.)

PATCH: This ain’t over punk! It’s just getting good!

(PATCH throws the chair down on top of ANIVAR and leaves. As he does we cut back up to the ring for the next match.)

Havoc vs. Tricks
Havoc defeated Tricks with a FALLEN DREAMS into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: When it is said that the GWF has the very best competitors in the galaxy who perform at a level higher than anywhere else, one would only have to view this match to agree without question. This was an amazing match. It’s quite impossible to think of a match with more heart, more drama, more excitement than the meeting of these two men. Here you had a meeting between two, admittedly, non-fan favorite wrestlers. Two men who’d do ANYTHING to win and go onto STORMFRONT to wrestle for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. HAVOC, the wrestler who was stripped of the belt earlier this month and TRICKS who’s new focus would let him stop at NOTHING to win and move on to the finals. This match was indescribably amazing. Yes, there was drity tactis. Yes there was distractions from DARK MENACE and VIN STRUTTER, but once the two managers were sent back to the lockerroom by the ref and these two men were left to their own devices, the action became relentless. Simply stated, this match could have gone either way at ANY moment. In the end, HAVOC was able to hit his finisher and get the win. TRICKS, defeated rolled out of the ring and started up the ramp. Before he got to the top he turned and realized the ENTIRE crowd was giving these two men, two unpopular rule breakers, a standing ovation. The two men locked eyes for a moment and then TRICKS turned and walked backstage. THis was one for the ages.

Wolf vs. Endgame
Wolf defeated Endgame with a HOWLING MOONSAULT into a pinfall
Wolf defeated Endgame with a suicide drop into a pinfall
Wolf defeated Endgame with a cross body block into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was the match that pitted friend against friend. IRON HAND watched from his skybox with a delight of thrill in his eyes. Both men tore into each other with wild abandoned, but it was WOLF’S amazing skills that lead to a victory. That’s not to say ENDGAME didn’t get ANY offense in, but WOLF was simply the better man and controlled the pace of the match. A pace ENDGAME simply couldn’t match. And now, WOLF gets his title show against MONOLITH at STORMFRONT. After the match, ENDGAME was obviously injured and WOLF helped him onto the stretcher and made sure the medics had him well in hand. Then he climbed to the top of the TORTURE CHAMBER and let out a heart stopping howl as we…


Overall Card Rating: 3.06