CARD #2123.71 – NEW BEGINNINGS – 01.07.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars


(We are in the OUTLAW NATION locker room. AMERICAN GUY, THE BETRAYER and PHANTASY are sitting around in the locker room, looking disgruntled.)

BETRAYER: So…um…why the hell are we here? None of us got notices of matches for tonight.

AMERICAN GUY: I don’t know. Drury just told me to bring everyone here tonight.

BETRAYER: But he ins’t going to be here. He’s still laid up.

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah, but look, if he told us to be here, we’ve got to do what the boss man says.

BETRAYER: I guess, I just–

(Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. BETRAYER gets up and opens it.)


(PATCH enters the room.)

PATCH: Back off freak! Drury warned me about your ‘mannerisms’ and I ain’t havin’ NONE of it. Dig?

BETRAYER: Well, somebody put on their rude pants this morning. But you still haven’t answered my question! What happened to your eye.

PATCH: I lost it.

AMERICAN GUY: Betrayer, shut up. So, Drury sent you here?

PATCH: Yeah. I’m your new teammate.

BETRAYER: Oh goodie!

PATCH: I can see we is gonna get along just fine. Now move so I can get set for my match.

AMERICAN GUY: Who are you wrestling against tonight?

PATCH: Not sure, but the new Commissioner sent word I’d be competing in regards to an announcement he’s going to make.

AMERICAN GUY: Another announcement? That guy’s only been in charge a week and he’s making announcements all over the place. This year is certainly going to be interesting.

(BETRAYER eyes PATCH up and down.)

BETRAYER: You can say that again.

(We the cut to the opening theme.)

(After the opening pyro, the lights blackout. In a moment they reappear and standing in the middle of the ring is none other than the new GWF COMMISSIONER, IRON HAND. He’s greeted by loud BOO’S from the crowd!)

IRON HAND: Good. I see you’ve all heard about my recent announcements regarding the new law here in the GWF. Well, strap in you pathetic underlings because the announcements are just going to keep coming! First of all, as you know it’s my goal to keep a tight control on the GWF CHAMPIONSHIPS. As Commissioner, I, alone, am the gatekeeper. I’m the end all be all when it comes to the championships here in the GWF. Therefore, I have a new rule. From this moment forward, ANY title shot goes through me. No exceptions. You want to challenge for any title, you go through me. I can promise any GWF Superstar that my office door is open. I just can’t promise you’ll like my decision. And speaking of unpopular decisions, I’d like to…

(Suddenly DISASTER’S music hits and he strides to the ring and gets right in IRON HAND’S face,)

IRON HAND: Whoa, whoa there big fella. Our match isn’t until later.

(DISASTER says nothing, just stands nose to nose with IRON HAND.)

IRON HAND: You’re a tough one aren’t you, well, we’re gonna see how tough you are later tonight in the main event when you step into this ring for our FIGHT THE POWER MATCH and, as promised if you win, I will release you and the rest of the GLADIATORS from your 30 Day suspension.

(DISASTER still stares at IRON HAND.)

IRON HAND: Obviously you have more on your mind than the suspension. Why don’t you enlighten us as to what’s stuck in your craw.

(IRON HAND puts the mic up in DISASTER’S face.)

DISASTER: Strafe earned that belt at BIG BANG. She won it fair and square. You had no right to rip it from her and give it back to Mother Superior.

IRON HAND: No right? NO right? (He laughs.) I think you’re forgetting something my friend. You’re forgetting that I am the Commissioner. I have ALL the RIGHT in the world to do whatever I’d like to do. This is something you’d better learn or else you’re going to have a rough year.

DISASTER: Strafe is the rightful champion.

IRON HAND: No. Mother Superior is the rightful champion. But, while that fool Massif was in charge he did place automatic rematch clauses in all championship contracts, so, by contract, Strafe does have a rematch coming. Unfortunately I have to honor that. Oh no, wait a minute, I don’t! I’m the Commissioner. But I’ll tell you what Disaster. If you win the Fight The Power match tonight, I’ll give Strafe a match with Mother Superior. It’ll be non-title, but if she wins that, I’ll give her her title shot. Agreed?

DISASTER: Iron Hand, your reign over this company ends tonight!

IRON HAND: Heh. Disaster, win or lose tonight, when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have one reality staring you in the face. I am the commissioner and what I say goes. Now clear this ring so we can start the action.

(DISASTER slowly exits the ring. IRON HAND follows after as the bell rings for our first match.)

Rotunda vs. Deadliest
Rotunda defeated Deadliest with a DQ when DEADLIEST refuses to stop brawling
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: It was hard for fans to get a good guage on DEADLIEST in this match as she actually seemed to have a bit of trouble against ROTUNDA. Her frustration lead her to ignore the ref, which resulted in a DQ in ROTUNDA’S favor. DEADLIEST and DARK MENACE left the ring in disgust after the match.

(IRON HAND once again returns to the ring for an announcement.)

IRON HAND: Now I’d like to discuss the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP situation. I have decided that–

(Suddenly HAVOC’S music hits and he heads to the ring. The CROWD was a little unsure of what to do here as neither IRON HAND or HAVOC were fan favorites.)

HAVOC: Iron Hand, I’ve decided to come out here tonight and give you a chance to explain yourself.

IRON HAND (Laughs): Havoc, I’m the Commission around here. I do NOT have to explain myself to anyone, let alone you.

HAVOC: Well, unfortunately, I have to question your sanity when you stripped me of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP! A belt I right fully won and defended on several occasions.

IRON HAND: That’s good Havoc. Very good. Isn’t the old saying, “Question Authority?” I believe it is. Anyway, you just have to understand that the Authority here in the GWF, me, is always right. Look, as I explained at my earlier press conference, I needed to vacate the titles as a statement. A statement that it doesn’t matter who you are, you answer to me. It was . That includes the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. I had to strip you of it because I need to make sure that. If Monolith hadn’t been Galaxian Champion and DIVIDED WE FALL hand’t been Galaxian Tag champs, I would have stripped whomever did hold those belts to show my power, but since Monolith and DIVIDED WE FALL already respect the my position, they were allowed to retain their belts. Look what I did to Strafe.

HAVOC: I don’t care about anyone else. I only care about me!

IRON HAND: As you should. Look on the bright side Havoc, I didn’t award the INTERPLANETARY belt to another wrestler, which means…you still have a chance of getting it back.

HAVOC: What do I have to do?

IRON HAND: Wrestle. Win. That’s all. I have decided to hold an 8 man single elimination tournament to crown the new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION. You, Havoc, will be the number one seed and know that that’s not only because you are the former champion. It’s because you have one of the highest winning percentages currently in the GWF. Joining you in this tournament will be Tricks, Nosfera, American Guy and The Betrayer. That leaves us with three other slots to fill and some very worthy contenders. That’s why tonight we’ll have three qualifying matches to determine who the final three entrants are. Tauran will take on a newcomer by the name of Patch. Retribution will take on Vidtek. And Anivar will take on an interesting new prospect by the name of The Main Event. So you see Havoc, you have your work cut out for you, but it could be worse. I have no doubt you’ll be able to do quite well in this tournament.

HAVOC: Do quite well, heh, I’m gonna sweep this tournament and reclaim my belt. When I do, I assume you’ll be offering me the same protection you’ll be giving the other champions?

IRON HAND: Protection? Monolith doesn’t need my protection. DIVIDED WE FALL doesn’t need my protection. Mother Superior doesn’t need my protection. They are all worthy athletes who can take care of themselves and do not need me to protect them. If you mean, will all challengers for the INTERPLANETARY BELT have to go through me, then yes. That will be the case.

HAVOC: Fine. Let’s get this started.

(HAVOC exits the ring, followed by IRON HAND as we prepare for the first of three qualifying matches!)

Patch vs. Tauran
Tauran defeated Patch with a LEG HOOK PILEDRIVER into a pinfall
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Not a very impressive debut for PATCH. TAURAN easily took care of PATCH and advanced to the INTERPLANETARY tournament.

Vidtek vs. Retribution
Retribution defeated Vidtek with a GROUNDING THE DEMON into a submission
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: RETRIBUTION looked the best we’ve seen him since his debut a year ago. It’ll be interesting to see how far he can get in this tournament for the INTERPLANETARY championship.

(We cut to the back corner of the arena where we see ANIVAR talking to someone in the shadows.)

ANIVAR: So you three just hang out here. Got it?

VOICE 1: Got it. We just hang unless someone is getting out of hand right?

ANIVAR: Right, especially anyone on ‘the list’ I gave you.

VOICE 2: Yeah, I have it here.

ANIVAR: Good. Remember you guys have to play it totally cool. If any of you get caught while enacting our little plan, we’re gonna deny all knowledge of you and you suffer the consequences.

VOICE 1: Yeah, yeah, we understand.

VOICE 3: Yeah, we’re just happy to be here in the big leagues.

ANIVAR: Well, you ain’t in the big leagues yet kids, but with some of the connections you guys make by helping us out, the sky’s the limit. Unless you get caught, then you’ll have to learn some MMA because you’ll only be able to compete in the P.O.W.. Now if you three will excuse me, I need to go kick some ass.

The Main Event vs. Anivar
The Main Event defeated Anivar with a DQ after ANIVAR whipped THE MAIN EVENT into the guardrails at ringside
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Definitely the best rookie debut of the night! THE MAIN EVENT had ANIVAR so frustrated that he whipped the rookie into the guardrails and got himself disqualified. THE MAIN EVENT would have probably liked a more decisive win, but he was very impressive and showed those in attendance a bit of what he was capable of.

Circus Strongmen 2123 vs. The Troubleshooters
Muss defeated Gryt with a MUSS ‘EM UP into a pinfall
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: THE TROUBLESHOOTERS made short work of the CIRCUS STRONGMEN. GRYT looked way over confident in this match and that lead to his defeat, giving THE TROUBLESHOOTERS the win.

Swarm vs. Scimitar
Swarm defeated Scimitar with a WASP TRAP into a submission
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: SWARM looked amazing in this match up! He’s definitely been working hard and learning some impressive new moves. It should be pointed out that much to everyone’s surprise, SCIMITAR actually held his own for awhile in this match.

The Stand vs. Titan Energy
Valour defeated Nitro with a VALOUR THRUST into a pinfall
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: THE STAND was impressive in their debut. You’d never know these two men were singles stars a month ago. They may actually do better as a team then they ever did as singles. TITAN ENERGY looked good, but they are definitely a younger team that needs some more experience before they’ll be able to shine.

Iron Hand vs. Disaster
Disaster defeated Iron Hand with a RAMPAGE into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: DISASTER was clearly determined to walk out of the ring as the victor in this match and he did just that. After the match DISASTER was leaving the ring and IRON HAND grabbed a mic at ringside.

IRON HAND (breathing hard): Disaster. Congratulations. You win. And, as promised, the 30 day suspension on you and the rest of your team is lifted.

(DISASTER turned and faced IRON HAND. His hands on his hips.)

IRON HAND: And, also as promised, I will keep my word and Strafe will get a match with Mother Superior.

(DISASTER nodded and turned and continued to the back.)

IRON HAND: Oh, but Disaster, hang on a second.

(DISASTER froze and then slowly turned around.)

IRON HAND: That match between Strafe and Mother Superior is going to be a non-title match.

(CROWD boos. DISASTER looks enraged.)

IRON HAND: Yeah see, I’m the Commissioner so I make the rules. It’ll be a non-title match and IF Strafe wins, well, then we can discuss a title shot. Notice I said discuss. I may or may not give it to her.

(DISASTER starts walking back to the ring, full of rage.)

IRON HAND: Hold it! Hold it there Disaster! You take one more step towards the ring and I’ll reverse my decisions on the suspensions and I know you don’t want that.

(DISASTER stops in his tracks.)

IRON HAND: Look, I get it. The Gladiators are a big tough group of warriors who’ve had the pleasure of running this federation for year. You’re upset that that time is past and you’re not able to push Massif around and get your way. You’re understandably angry about that. But know this. I’m the new law in the GWF and everyone, that includes the Gladiators, will respect the law. No go hit the showers.

(CROWD boos as DISASTER slowly turns, seething, and heads to the locker room. IRON HAND stands on the top turnbuckle surveying the crowd as we…)


Overall Card Rating: 2.25

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