CARD #2122.62 – SUPERNOVA – 07.14.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars


(We fade in on the center of the ring and there stands COMMISSIONER MASSIF.)

MASSIF: Hello fans and welcome to SUPERNOVA!

(CROWD cheers.)

MASSIF: We’ve got some great action for you hear tonight! We’ve got not one, but two huge non-title match-ups that are both rematches from THE RECKONING! THE TROUBLESHOOTERS will get a non-title shot at Rage & Paralyze and GWF GALAXIAN CHAMPION Monolith will be in action tonight in a non-title match against Wolf!

(CROWD cheers.)

MASSIF: Also I’m here to let you know that our next card will be a return of the classic Supercard format what we haven’t done in about two years! I’m talking, of course about the return of the GWF’S MIX-UP!

(CROWD cheers!)

MASSIF: For those new fans who may not know, MIX-UP is a card where we those participating wrestlers randomly draw names from a hat to find out who their opponents will be! I’m also pleased to announce every title will be up for grabs at MIX-UP and the opponents will be randomly selected as well! Who knows who will be facing our current champions that night? No one, until the names are drawn.

(CROWD cheers.)

MASSIF: But that brings us to tonight! As I said, we have two huge non-title rematches tonight and if the challengers in either match are victorious they, of course, will have earned a title match. Those title matches will take place after MIX-UP! On INVASION and SUPERNOVA respectively! So fan’s, sit back and relax and let’s get this show started! Welcome to SUPERNOVA!

(Pyro goes off as the theme starts. We then cut to the ring for our first match.)

Shann-Ra vs. Phantasy
Shann-Ra defeated Phantasy with a cross body block that lead to a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.50

Rotunda vs. Sultana
Rotunda defeated Sultana with a FAT LADY SINGS that lead to a pinfall victory
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: ROTUNDA pulls out a surprising victory. While her and VIN STRUTTER celebrated in the ring, suddenly THE ONES IN THE WATER began playing and a virtual backdrop of a swamp lowered to the ring. STRUTTER looked around puzzled but ROTUNDA got a huge smile on her face and turned and looked up the ramp as PLETHADOR appeared at the top of it. He began making his way to the ring! It was obviously time for the first installment of THE LILLY PAD!

(PLETHADOR climbed up into the ring waving to the fans as he strode across and grabbed a microphone. STRUTTER looke furious as ROTUNDA watched PLETHADOR’S every move with big googly eyes.)

PLETHADOR: Thhe GWF’s most charasmatic wrestler is here! And welcome to the first ever installment of…THE LILLY PAD!

(CROWD cheers.)

PLETHADOR: This is the show where you, the GWF fans, get to hear from your hero, me, Andromeda’s Biggest Export…

(CROWD laughs.)

PLEATHADOR: …Plethador! (PLETHADOR smiles and laughs.) Now for the very first installment of THE LILLY PAD, I would be horribly remiss if I didn’t mention what you have been seeing happen over the past year or so here in the GWF. For awhile, I, like I’m sure most of you, were wondering just who it was that had a crush on the sexiest athlete in the GWF, me.

(CROWD laughs. STRUTTER looks disgusted.)

PLETHADOR: But then it all came clear when the, little lady, in the ring here made her intentions known. Rotunda….you like me don’t you?

(ROTUNDA turned a bright red as PLETHADOR held the mic out to her.)

ROTUNDA (sheepishly): Yes.

(Huge CROWD pop!)

PLETHADOR: There it is! It’s out in the open! Rotunda, you have finally admitted in public that you have a thing for the Animan Amphibian!

(CROWD is just eating this up.)

PLETHADOR: Now I suppose, the big questions is: How do I feel about this display of affection to the most entertaining athlete in the GWF? You, the fans want to know, does Plethador share the same sentiment towards Rotunda? Am I right?

CROWD: Yeah! (Cheers.)

PLETHADOR: And you, Rotunda, want to know if the feelings are mutual, knowing full well that I can have any woman in the entire galaxy. Am I right?

(ROTUNDA again blushes.)


PLETHADOR: Well, I guess it’s time to cut the suspense and let the world, and you Rotunda, know. Rotunda…

(PLETHADOR gets close to ROTUNDA who can barely contain herself.)

PLETHADOR: Rotunda…for close to a year now, you’ve sent me packages, rescued me after matches and put your heart on the line to show me that you care for me. And Rotunda, after a long deep soul searching, I have come to the decision. Rotunda, I….I….

(CROWD was going nuts at this point.)

PLETHADOR: I…love you too.

(The CROWD let out a huge cheer as PLETHADOR leaned forward and planted a huge kiss on ROTUNDA who eagerly kissed him back! VIN STRUTTER was going nuts! He grabbed the microphone out of PLETHADOR’s hand.)

STRUTTER: In the name that is decent and sacred in the universe, please stop this immediately!

(PLETHADOR and ROTUNDA break their kiss and turn and stare in amazement at STRUTTER.)

STRUTTER: Oh my god, I ate before I came out here you know! Please, I want to at least keep my food down!

(CROWD laughs.)

STRUTTER: So, we’ve got a little romance here huh? a little budding school age crush. Well you two imbeciles are forgetting one very important thing. THE GREATEST SHOW and THE ANIMEN are sworn enemies! There is no way, in God’s grand Galaxy that I’m going to allow this foolishness to go on any further! Rotunda, get your fat, over-fed body to the locker room!

(ROTUNDA pleaded with STRUTTER to let her stay.)

STRUTTER: NOW! Unless you want to find yourself in the unemployment line, get that lard ass back to the locker room now and stay there.

(ROTUNDA, clearly torn, began to tear up and head to the ropes. Suddenly PLETHADOR grabbed the mic.)

PLETHADOR: Look, you can’t take to her like that! That’s my girlfriend!

STRUTTER: Your girlfriend huh? You’re girlfriend? Well your girlfriend is my employee and as such I can talk to her any god [censored] way I please and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

(PLETHADOR grabbed STRUTTER by the lapels.)

PLETHADOR: Look, we’re in love! There’s no force in the universe powerful enough to stop two people in love! You hear me?! We will be together.

STRUTTER: Is that so?

PLETHADOR: That is so! I would do anything for her!

(STRUTTER paused for a moment and looked around.)

STRUTTER: Hmmmmm. Anything eh? Okay, fine. You want to live happily ever after with your mountain of love and you’re willing to do anything to do so?

PLETHADOR: That’s right Strutter.

STRUTTER: Well, we all know that as the Galaxy’s Greatest Entertainer, I like to put on a good show. SO how about we make a little deal right now. IIf you want Rotunda, you can have her. You only have to accomplish one little feat.

PLETHADOR: What’s that?

STRUTTER: Rotunda will be yours if you can run the Greatest Show Gauntlet.

PLETHADOR: What’s that?

STRUTTER: Simply beat each member of the Greatest Show in one on one competition and you’ve get Rotunda. Come one, surely Andromenda’s biggest export can beat the likes of Scimitar, Gryt, Tanck and Tricks. And to show you I’m sporting, I’ll tell you what, you can attempt to run the gauntlet anytime you want as many times as you want.

PLETHADOR: Fine. I want to start now.

STRUTTER: Fine. Scimitar, get out here and pour some salt on this worthless slug. Plethador, you’re in for a world of hurt.

(SCIMITAR ran down the ramp and it looked like we had the makings of a bonus match!)

Plethador vs. Scimitar
Scimitar defeated Plethador with a MACHETE KNIFE JABS that lead to a pinfall
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: It was clear the PLETHADOR was shaken by all that happened that he was not 100% focused on this match. SCIMITAR made quick work of him and after the match was over, SCIMITAR and STRUTTER just laughed at the defeated Animan.

STRUTTER: Remember Plethador, it’s an open invitation. Anytime you want to try and win your lady love, you just let me know.

(Laughing STRUTTER and SCIMITAR headed to the locker room.)

Disaster vs. Nosfera
Nosfera defeated Disaster with a DEMON’S BREATH that lead to a pinfall
Match Rating: 4.00

Jungle Warriors vs. The Master Race
Malkuth defeated Zygon with a THIRD REIGN that lead to a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Amazing match between these two teams, either of which could be TAG CHAMPIONS.

Endgame vs. Sly Drury
Endgame defeated Sly Drury with a pinfall after DRURY stepped on a shock mine
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was the bloodiest battle the GWF has seen in a LONG time. Endgame was more focused and vicious than we’d seen him in quite some time. Yet, after the match was over and DRURY lay motionless on the ground, ENDGAME just got up and walked back to the locker room. Most pundits thought if the opportunity arose, he would have tried to injure DRURY in some way, but her proved them wrong.

Rage and Paralyze vs. The Troubleshooters
The Bomb defeated Rage with a Troubleshooter Press Slam into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: The cocky and overconfident TROUBLESHOOTERS we saw at THE RECKONING were gone. We saw a focused team that scientifically took apart the champions and surprised quite a few people in attendance! If the GLADIATORS are still champs after MIX-UP this will certainly be a title rematch for the ages.

Monolith vs. Wolf
Wolf defeated Monolith with a SAVAGE FACE CLAW leading to a submission
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: MONOLITH had the early upper hand in this match, but the GALAXIAN CHAMP was too overconfident, trying to punish Wolf instead of winning the match. WOLF waited for just the right moment and like lightning struck and took MONOLITH our with the SAVAGE FACE CLAW! Handing the monster his second loss since arriving in the GWF! The crowd cannot wait until these two meet again and some are even hoping the random draw turns out that they’ll get to see the title match at MIX-UP!

This was all the action for SUPERNOVA as we FADE TO BLACK!