CARD #2122.63 – MIX-UP – 08.15.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

She Devil vs. Strafe
Strafe defeated She Devil with a GROUND ZERO that lead to a pinfall
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Super short match that saw STRAFE dominate and win in only a few moves.

(The crowd cheered when PLETHADOR’S music hit and he came to the ring. He immediately grabbed the mic.)

PLETHADOR: Listen, I know that the whole theme of tonight’s show is that everything is mixed up, but I was lucky enough to draw a spot on the card! So Vin Strutter, I know you’re back there listening, get out here.

(After a few moments, STRUTTER emerged from the curtain.)

STRUTTER: What do you want newt?

PLETHADOR: I want one of your men! I want to run the gauntlet!

STRUTTER: Oh I’m sure you do. You’d do anything to get to Rotunda wouldn’t you. Well, I’ve got some bad news for you, seems luck wasn’t with you tonight and you aren’t going to face one of my guys. It’s a shame really, I really thought tonight was the night. I do know who your opponent is though and I’ll tell you what, you beat this guy and you can have Rotunda.

PLETHADOR: Are you serious?

STRUTTER: Would I lie to you? Wait, don’t answer that. But yes, I’m serious. You can have Rotunda tonight, I won’t stand in your way. All you have to do is beat your opponent….NOSFERA!

(NOSFERA and OMEN burst through the curtain. STRUTTER remains on the ramp to watch as the bell rings to start the match.)

Plethador vs. Nosfera
Nosfera defeated Plethador with a SPRING HEEL KICK into a pinfall
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: PLETHADOR mounted no offense in this match. Afterwards, STRUTTER only laughed and walked back to the dressing room.

Divided We Fall vs. The Master Race
Bloodline defeated Thraxx with a DQ when THRAXX refused to listen to the ref’s warning to stop brawling and bring the action back in
Match Rating: 5.00

(ENDGAME made his way to the ring. He was apparently waiting to find out, as we all were, who his opponent would be. He seemed solemn and distracted. Obviously, the recent injuries of his teammates and the goings on with SLY DRURY have been weighing on him. The bell rang and all in attendance looked to the curtain. Suddenly the curtain parted and out ran ENDGAME’S opponent…..SLY DRURY!)

Endgame vs. Sly Drury
Endgame defeated Sly Drury with an ULTIMA LEAP that lead to a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: After the bell, ENDGAME simply stood over DRURY. He looked down at him and then turned and left the ring without saying a word. The fans were going bezerk!

Mother Superior vs. Shann-Ra
for the GWF Women’s Championship
Mother Superior defeated Shann-Ra with a SERPENTS OF HYDRA that lead to a submission
Match Rating: 4.00

Havoc vs. Tauran
for the GWF Interplanetary Championship
Havoc defeated Tauran with a FALLEN DREAMS into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: Again, the young Gladiator proved himself worthy of the belt he’s currently holding although he did hit TAURAN with the FALLEN DREAMS three times to get the victory. To HAVOC’S credit, he was in control for most of the match though.

Jungle Warriors vs. Rage and Paralyze
for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Panther Warrior defeated Rage with a DQ after RAGE refused to bring the cation back in the ring
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: The fans were disappointed in this outcome as PANTHER WARRIOR had been dominating up to the ending. This is going to make things interesting in the TAG TEAM TITLE picture now.

(It was time for the main event! Monolith made his way to the ring with DARK MENACE in tow. He smirked at all those in attendance. All were speculating on who his opponent would be? We hadn’t seen DISASTER yet. We hadn’t seen WOLF yet either, could we see the rematch tonight? The possibilities of who would be vying for the title were endless! Suddenly the curtain parted and out stepped….DAIMYO! The crowd popped huge because if you remember, DAIMYO came close to becoming number one contender months ago, but WOLF took that shot from him! Now here he was heading to the ring for his chance at glory! MONOLITH, for his part, simply smirked again and stood waiting for the match to begin.)

Monolith vs. Daimyo
for the Galaxian Championship
Daimyo defeated Monolith with a METEOR HAMMER into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The young upstart DAIMYO has done the seemingly impossible and fallen the mighty MONOLITH! MONOLITH’S amazing 23 card reign had been ended! DAIMYO could hardly beilieve it. Neither could DARK MENACE who was simply beside himself and immediately started arguing with the ref! The crowd was standing and going nuts! This was definitely a night of history being made!

Daimyo won the Galaxian Championship

In the ring DAIMYO celebrated as we…