CARD #2122.61 – INVASION – 06.07.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars


(Standing in the middle of the ring is ENDGAME. He has the appearance of a man who is furious, but collected. Barely. He gets the signal we are live. The CROWD is silent waiting to hear what ENDGAME has to say.)

ENDGAME: For the past few weeks there fans from all over the galaxy have asked me about U.S. Male’s condition after the cowardly attack by OUTLAW NATION at THE RECKONING. Well, unfortunately the outlook is not good and according to doctors, U.S. Male will be out until well into next year. I spoke to him yesterday and he wanted me to pass along his thanks to all the fans who’ve been showing him support.

(CROWD cheers.)

ENDGAME: Drury and his outlaw nation have taken a man’s livelihood away from him and why? Because you know that we know the truth. You know that Tauran stumbled upon your dirty little secret. Because you’re afraid that the truth is going to come out that you, indeed know what happened to Epoch! You’re using every trick in the book to keep us shut up. The problem is that you’ve forgotten one thing. The truth has to come out no matter what! You can try to silence each of the members of the FDF one by one, but even if you’re able to, the truth will still be out there. The truth that Epoch’s Heavy Metal Championship belt was in your bag. The truth is that even if you didn’t personally do anything to Epoch, you know what happened to him and that truth has you scared. It has you so scared you’re doing everything you can to shut us up. Well I know that you are sooner or later going to come after me, so let’s make this easy. Why don’t you get your ass out here now and you can take care of me now.

(CROWD goes nut. Everyone was staring at the ramp and when the curtains parted out stepped COMMISSIONER MASSIF. MASSIF walked to the ring and climbed in with ENDGAME.)

MASSIF: Endgame, look, I understand you’re upset.

ENDGAME: You understand? You understand?! Outlaw Nation took out a good friend of mine. They could have, quite possibly ended his career! You’re [censored] right I’m upset! I think I got good reason to be upset! Valour, Betrayer and American Guy put U.S. Male in the hospital! I think I have a right to be upset. And Drury was the mastermind! You saw it. The fan saw it. So my question is, after the Outlaw Nation put a man on your payroll out for 12 cards, what are you, as the Commissioner going to do about it?

MASSIF: The actions of the Outlaw Nation were indeed some of the most reprehensible I’ve seen in my long career here in the GWF. You heard me at THE RECKONING that those men are suspended and they will remain under suspension for 4 cards.

(The CROWD is shocked at this as is ENDGAME.)

ENDGAME: 4 cards! 4 cards! They put a man out for 12 cards! And you give them a 4 card suspension?!

MASSIF: Look, Endgame, I’d hate to say this but you and your men brought this on yourselves! I told you when this whole thing started to let the investigators do their work. But you and the FDF have taken matters into your own hands and this is what happens.

ENDGAME: Drury’s a murderer! Epoch is gone and Drury knows what happened to him!

MASSIF: You don’t know that! You think you know that but you don’t know that!

ENDGAME: Are you blind?! Epoch’s belt was in his bag.

MASSIF: And the investigators are looking into it!

ENDGAME: So in the meantime we’ll just let Drury do as he pleases.

MASSIF: Endgame, we have rules! This isn’t Aethra! This isn’t CTA-102! Here men are innocent until proven guilty!

(ENDGAME stood quietly staring at MASSIF.)

ENDGAME: Give. Me. Drury!

MASSIF: Now look we…

ENDGAME: Give. Me. Drury!

(The CROWD has now taken up the chant. MASSIF looks around the arena.)

MASSIF: Okay, okay. Look, I can’t throw Drury in jail. I don’t have that power. I can’t convict him of crimes. I don’t have that power. But I do have the power to put him in a match against you. On the next card, SUPERNOVA, you’ll get your match against Drury. And to show you that I’m not all bad, I’ll even let you choose the match. Whatever you want.

(ENDGAME thought for a second.)

ENDGAME: Drury and his men have lived by one rule this year and that rule has been anarchy. So if you truly are willing to give me any match I want. Then I want to give Drury a taste of anarchy! I want Drury in a TOTAL ANARCHY MATCH!

(The CROWD goes nuts.)

MASSIF: Endgame, if you want it. You got it! Next card, you and Drury in a Total Anarchy match

(The CROWD again goes nuts as ENDGAME and MASSIF leave the ring and we prepare for our first match.)

Lorelei vs. Strafe
Strafe defeated Lorelei with a pinfall after a GROUND ZERO
Match Rating: 5.00

Daimyo vs. Retribution
Daimyo defeated Retribution with a pinfall after the METEOR HAMMER
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: Daimyo made very short work of Retribution in this match. It seemed as though Retribution’s mind was elsewhere.

Vidtek vs. Tauran
Tauran defeated Vidtek with a DQ after the ref catches Sultana handing Vidtek and illegal weapon
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: Tauran fought had during this match and was disappointed when the DQ was called at the end. After the match, he left the ring immediately. No one is quite sure where he’s gone to.

(THE ONE’S IN THE WATER hits and out come PLETHADOR doing his patented SHUFFLE as he heads to the ring.)

PLETHADOR: For months now people have been asking me one questions. They’ve been asking me about…Rotunda.

(CROWD cheers as they’ve been loving ROTUNDA’S actions toward PLETHADOR as of late.)

PLETHADOR: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Well I’m here to tell you that next week I’m going to talk all about it on my new segment that Commissioner Massif has allowed me to produce! That’s right, the GWF’s most charismatic wrestler gets to have his own show! You’re not going to want to miss it! Because next time on SUPERNOVA, you’re going to see the GALAXY WIDE DEBUT of THE LILLY PAD!

(The CROWD cheers at this news as PLETHADOR’S music hit and he waved to the crowd as he left the ring.)

Circus Strongmen vs. Divided We Fall
Tanck defeated Encubus with a pinfall after TANCKED
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: A great back and forth match between these two teams. In the end it was the STRONGMEN who were able to score the victory despite some amazing offense by DIVIDED WE FALL. There still looks to be some tension in the DwF camp.

Tricks vs. Swarm
Swarm defeated Tricks with a pinfall – escape after hitting the HORNET’S STING
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: This was a rematch from THE RECKONING and Swarm was fired up and wasted no time in destroying Tricks. In fact, Tricks never mounted any offense and five moves into the match Swarm had hit the HORNET’S STING and was out the door of the cage!

Mother Superior vs. She Devil
She Devil defeated Mother Superior with a DQ after Mother Superior slammed She-Devil’s head into the steel rails at ringside
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: She-Devil gave the new champ a run for the money, frustrating her to where it looked like Mother Superior MAY have gotten herself intentionally DQ’d.

Havoc vs. Kill Prey
Havoc defeated Kill Prey with a pinfall after the Gothic Tomb Spike
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: The young Gladiator proved that his win at THE RECKONING was not a fluke by destroying Kill Prey in this match. It was back and forth for awhile, but soon Havoc took the lead and kept it until finally scoring the pinfall. The victory delighted the Dark Menace to no end and made wrestling pundits across the galaxy rethink their position on the new champ.