CARD #2122.47 – GWF EXHIBITION – 01.07.2122

From Deimos Athletic Club, Mars

– Welcome By Commissioner Massif –
The sold out Deimos Athletic Club was a buzz with this unannounced GWF event. The lights dimmed and out walked Commissioner Massif to a big cheer.

MASSIF: Greeting GWF fans. Thank you all for turning out for this special event. Last week the GWF was approached by a major television network that would enable us to expand out viewership. The asked if we would put on a small card of matches so that they can see first hand the type of action the GWF provides. So this evening will feature three matches with some of our talent to show the rest of the world that the GWF is THE BEST show on TV!


MASSIF: And to show we only put on the very best show, the GWF GALAXIAN CHAMPION will be here tonight to defend his title!


MASSIF: So let’s not waste any time, lets go right down to ringside!

MASSIF walks backstage as we go to our first match…

Daimyo vs. Retribution
Daimyo defeated Retribution with a via pinfall after a Daimyo High Leg Kick in a quick match.
Match Rating: 0.00

Rotunda vs. Strafe
Strafe defeated Rotunda with a via pinfall after the TERMINAL HEIGHT
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Vin Strutter tried to interfere in this match and Strafe whipped Rotunda into him for a big collision! She then hit Rotunda with the TERMINAL STRIKE for the win!

Payback vs. Vidtek
Payback defeated Vidtek with a via pinfall via the EXVENGE
Match Rating: 2.50

Monolith vs. Plethador
for the Galaxian Championship
Plethador defeated Monolith with a via DQ when Monolith refused to return the action to the ring
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: From the moment Monolith walked out you could tell he didn’t want to be in this tiny little facility. As he stood in the ring waiting for his opponent to come to ringside he looked as if he’d rather be elsewhere. Suddenly Plethador’s music hit and the AniMan came out doing his shuffle. The match began and Plethador got in some good shots. Frustrated, Monolith threw him out of the ring and began wailing on him. Monolith threw him through a table at ringside against the refs warnings. It was when monolith bent a steel chair cleanly around Plethador’s head, the ref DQ’d Monolith. Monolith left in disgust with his belt. Plethador could barely stand, but even with the chair on his hiead he managed a few Shuffle steps as he left ringside. After he was gone, Massif came out and thanked everyone for coming to the show.