CARD #2122.48 – INVASION – 01.15.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

Strafe vs. Lorelei
Strafe defeated Lorelei with a via pinfall after a Gladiator Piledriver
Match Rating: 0.50
Match Notes: Strafe made very short work of Loreli in this match. After the match she got on the microphone…

STRAFE: A new era of Gladiator dominance has arrived! It’s just too bad there isn’t any competition here in the women’s division to step up to the plate.

She threw down the mic and left the ring.

Valour vs. Tauran
Tauran defeated Valour with a via pinfall with a LEG HOOK PILEDRIVER
Match Rating: 1.50

Sly Drury vs. Payback
Sly Drury and Payback battled to a Double Disqualification outside the ring.
Match Rating: 1.00

– Non-Wrestling Segment –
We cut to backstage where we see Massif talking to someone.

MASSIF: …all worked out.

VOICE: So I’m all cleared then?

MASSIF: Yes, you’re clear to step into the ring later tonight.

VOICE: Excellent.

MASSIF: It sure is great to see you again.

VOICE: You haven’t seen me Massif. Not yet.

With that we CUT TO THE RING.

Swarm vs. Tricks
Tricks defeated Swarm with a via pinfall after a brainbuster.
Match Rating: 3.50

– Non-Wrestling Segment –
Nosfera and Omen came down to the ring to a loud chorus of boos. They entered the ring and Omen grabbed the mic.

OMEN: Nosfera is the most dominant wrestler in the GWF. He’s the only one to give Monolith any sort of a challenge. Now, unfortunately, Commissioner Massif states that Nosfera cannot challenge for the belt again so soon. Unfair as this is, we aim to prove Nosfera’s dominance and that is why we have issued an open challenge to ANY GWF wrestler currently under contract. Come out here. Come out and taste destruction!

There was silence as the crowd looked to the entrance area. No one appeared.

OMEN (Laughing): Just as I suspected! There is no one willing to take us up on our challenge. The entire locker room is nothing but weak willed gnats, afraid to compete. Perhaps we shall head over to the…

Suddenly a howl was heard through the arena and through the curtain burt WOLF! The place EXPLODED! He ran to the ring, grabbed the microphone from Omen and shoved him aside and walked right up to Nosfera’s face.

WOLF: You want a challenge? You got one now! I’m going to take care of your sorry butt then I’m going after Monolith! Ring that bell! The bell rang and the match began…

Nosfera vs. Wolf
Nosfera defeated Wolf with a via pinfall after the DEMON’S BREATH
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: This was a great back and forth match. Near the end, Wolf climbed the turnbuckle to use the SAVAGE FACE CLAW on Nosfera. As he stood on the top turnbuckle, Omen leapt to the apron and smashed Wolf on the back of the leg with the burning torch while Nosfera distracted the ref! Wolf fell from the top turnbuckle to the ring where Nosfera was waiting and hit him with the DEMON’S BREATH! Nosfera was then able to quickly roll wolf up for a quick cover! Wolf was immediately to his feet and chased Nosfera and Omen backstage!

The Troubleshooters vs. The Master Race
Zygon defeated Muss with a via submission with the TRI-CLAW
Match Rating: 5.00

Endgame vs. Disaster
Endgame defeated Disaster with an after escaping the cage after using the submission hold the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: After the match Endgame returned to inside the cage and locked Disaster back in the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. Endgame refused to release the hold screaming that he was tired of Disaster and was putting him out of commission once and for all. Rage & Paralyze hit the ring and started beating on Endgame which caused him to release the hold. Disaster was soon back up, limping and he instructed Paralyze to use the PARALYZER repeatedly on Endgame. Tauran, Anivar and U.S. Male ran to ringside to break up the attack and chase off the Gladiators. Endgame was taken from ringside on a stretcher.

– Non-Wrestling Segment –
Before the show went off the air it was reported that Endgame will miss seven cards due to injuries sustained by the Gladiators. Tauran, Anivar and U.S. Male stormed into Commissioner Massif’s office asking him to suspend the Gladiators for their actions. Massif’s reply was that it was his feeling that Endgame brought it all on himself and refused to issue any suspensions. This is how the historic night of action ended as we…