CARD #2122.46 – NEW BEGINNINGS – 01.01.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

Plethador vs. Scimitar
Plethador defeated Scimitar with a via submission with the SUCTION CLAW
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Plethador was dehydrated but still pulled out the win in this amazing match. After the match an Intern ran to the ring with another mysterious package. He opened it and peered inside and blushed brightly when he did it. Suddenly he was attacked from behind by Tricks and the revived Scimitar. Scimitar kept She Devil at bay while Tricks beat on Plethador leaving him a crumpled heap in the middle of the ring. The crowd booed loudly as Tricks and Scimitar left ringside. Plethador was taken from the ring by stretcher. Doctors stated that Plethador would be out of action for two cards.

Daimyo vs. Retribution
Daimyo defeated Retribution with a via pinfall with the BOLO TRIP
Match Rating: 2.00

Strafe vs. Rotunda
Strafe defeated Rotunda with a via pinfall after the Strafe Shot
Match Rating: 2.50

Circus Strongmen vs. Jungle Warriors
Panther Warrior defeated Tanck with a via pinfall with JUNGLE NIGHTS
Match Rating: 3.50

Vidtek vs. Havoc
Havoc defeated Vidtek with a via DQ when Vidtek repeatedly slammed Havoc into the steel rails around ringside
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Havoc dominated most of this match until Vidtek got himself disqualified.

Rage and Paralyze vs. Titan Glory
Reckless defeated Rage with a via pinfall with the RECKLESS DRIVER
Match Rating: 4.00

U.S. Male vs. American Guy
American Guy defeated U.S. Male with a via pinfall with AMERICAN FIREPOWER
Match Rating: 0.50
Match Notes: This was a quick match that saw American Guy win thanks to distractions by Phantasy.

Anivar vs. The Betrayer
Anivar defeated The Betrayer with a via pinfall with the RULES OF THE GAME
Match Rating: 3.50