2075.010 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Omega defeated Santon The Loner with a pinfall after COSMIC WAR DANCE. – ** – Match Notes: Good back and forth, but OMEGA dominates.

Morpheus defeated Screw with a DQ when SCREW refused to stop brawling outside the ring. – ***1/2 – Match Notes: Very competitive match until the DQ finish.

Commander Sam defeated Ricken Prince with a DQ when RICKEN PRINCE hits the BOW TO THE PRINCE. – * – Match Notes: RICKEN PRINCE clearly has no desire to compete in the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS. It seems he almost clearly got himself DQ’d against SAM.

THE GUARDIANS d. DEFIANCE when Omega defeated Jammer with a pinfall after the COSMIC WAR DANCE. – * – Match Notes: THE GUARDIANS used quick tags to easily take care of DEFIANCE.

K.O. Keller defeated Torpor with a pinfall after THE TEN COUNT. – * – Match Notes: KELLER makes short work of TORPOR in this match.

PALADIN POWER d. CROSSCURRENTS when Moonstrike defeated Thetis with a pinfall after PALADIN DROP. – **1/2 – Match Notes: Great match that saw the champs retain their titles against some stiff competition.