2075.011 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Ricken Prince defeated Morpheus with a DQ when MORPHEUS refuses to stop brawling. – *1/2 – Match Notes: It almost seems as if MORPHEUS had one purpose in this match, to get DQ’d before RICKEN PRINCE did. As MORPHEUS beat RICKEN PRINCE outside the ring he was yelling at him about respect for the sport! The loss doesn’t hurt MORPHEUS too bad in the standings of the CoC. Time will tell if RICKEN PRINCE changes his ways.

Omega defeated Commander Sam with a DQ after a slam onto the ring floor. – ** – Match Notes: These two friends went at it tooth and nail, but SAM got carried away and slammed OMEGA onto the concrete floor at ringside, getting himself DQ’d.

DEFIANCE d. DORADO SUNDOWN when Blood defeated Bullwhip with a DQ after BULLWHIP slammed BLOOD onto the arena floor. – *1/2 – Match Notes: DORADO SUNDOWN were wound up after their month off and perhaps got a bit overzealous when they went after DEFIANCE.

Santon The Loner defeated K.O. Keller with a pinfall after a cross body block from the top rope. – ** 1/2 – Match Notes: SANTON hits a perfect cross body block to pick up the win against KELLER.

THE MENSANS d. PALADIN POWER for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship when Trotarus defeated Solar Flare with a pinfall after a flap jack. – ** – Match Notes: THE MENSANS become the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS after working well as a team and dispatching PALADIN POWER!

Torin Caelum defeated Torpor with a pinfall after a cross body block from the top rope. – *** – Match Notes: In the match of his career, to date, TORPOR brings the fight to TORIN CAELUM! Though written off as hardly a competitor, TORPOR surprised a lot of people by taking the match further than anyone expected. TORIN CAELUM proved why he’s champion though and picked up the win to retain his belt.