2075.009 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Santon The Loner defeated Commander Sam with a DQ when SAM slams SANTON’S head into the steel post at ringside. – *** – Match Notes: Pretty even match until the DQ ending.

Omega defeated Torpor with a submission with an abdominal stretch. – * – Match Notes: OMEGA made pretty short work of TORPOR to pick up the win.

DORADO SUNDOWN d. THE MENSANS when Blacklash defeated Trotarus with a pinfall after RUSTLER’S STAMPEDE. – * – Match Notes: A quick match that saw DORADO SUNDOWN dominate.

Screw defeated Ricken Prince with a DQ when RICKEN PRINCE hits the BOW TO THE PRINCE. – * – Match Notes: RICKEN PRINCE loses another match due to DQ. He will not get far in the Contest of Champions if he keeps this up.

PALADIN POWER d. DEFIANCE when Solar Flare defeated Blood with a pinfall after a PATRIOT MISSLE. – ** – Match Notes: PALADIN POWER becomes the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS in a short and sweet match that saw very little offense from DEFIANCE.

Morpheus defeated Torin Caelum with a DQ when the action spills outside and CAELUM won’t stop brawling. – * – Match Notes: MORPHEUS hands CAELUM his first loss but it’s by DQ so CAELUM retains the belt. MORPHEUS was extremely frustrated after the match, but he is the one who took the action outside in the first place, so he’s not getting much sympathy. Of course, due to the nature of CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS, he’ll have to wait a bit to get another shot at the belt.