2075.008 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

K.O. Keller defeated Morpheus with a pinfall after THE TEN COUNT. – ***** – Match Notes: Fantastic match! MORPHEUS dominated until he missed a deathjump and KELLER was able to hit the TEN COUNT!

Santon The Loner defeated Torpor with a pinfall after the Headbanger’s Ball. – *1/2

CROSSCURRENTS d. THE MENSANS when Vortex defeated Cordsar with a pinfall via the WATERY GRAVE. – *

Screw defeated Commander Sam with a pinfall after FREAKISH FACE SLAM. – *

THE GUARDIANS d. DORADO SUNDOWN when Morpheus defeated Bullwhip with a DQ when BULLWHIP slams MORPHEUS on the concrete floor outisde the ring. – ***1/2 – Match Notes: Fans suspected that in this meeting of these hated rivals, DORADO SUNDOWN wouldn’t play fair and they didn’t! This one was wild from opening bell till the ref called for the DQ!

Torin Caelum defeated Ricken Prince with a pinfall after a standing dropkick. – * – Match Notes: The match between these two sometimes allies was short and sweet. CAELUM seemed to know just where to take advantage and even though the PRINCE got SOME offense in, CELUM was able to handle him well and retain his GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.