2075.007 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Commander Sam defeated Torpor with a DQ when TORPOR slammed SAM into a ringpost outside the ring. – * – Match Notes: These two rivals went at each other with a vengeance. This match was bound to end in DQ for sure!

K.O. Keller defeated Ricken Prince with a countout after a piledriver on the arena floor. – ***1/2

DORADO SUNDOWN d. PALADIN POWER when Bullwhip defeated Solar Flare with a DQ after SOLAR FLARE bodyslams BULLWHIP on the concrete floor outside the ring. – *

Morpheus defeated Omega with a pinfall after TRIP TO HADES. – ** – Match Notes: It took FOUR repeated TRIP TO HADES to put OMEGA away, but MORPHEUS did to get the big win here!

DEFIANCE d. CROSSCURRENTS when Blood defeated Thetis with a submission with SCAR TISSUE. – * – Match Notes: DEFIANCE gets a huge win and become the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Torin Caelum defeated Screw with a DQ when SCREW slammed CAELUM on the conrete floor at ringside. – ***