2075.006 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Omega defeated Ricken Prince with a pinfall after the COSMIC WAR DANCE. – *1/2 – Match Notes: This was the OMEGA the fans had come to expect. Picking up a win and getting back on track.

Morpheus defeated Santon The Loner with a pinfall after TRIP TO HADES. – ** – Match Notes: MORPHEUS continues his dominance in the CARNIVAL OF CHAMPIONS.

Screw defeated K.O. Keller with a DQ when KELLER slams SCREW headfirst into a ringpost. – *1/2

THE GUARDIANS d. THE MENSANS when Morpheus defeated Trotarus with a pinfall after TRIP TO HADES. – * – Match Notes: A great night for MORPHEUS and OMEGA and THE GUARDIANS looked strong in this match.

CROSSCURRENTS d. DORADO SUNDOWN for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP when Vortex defeated Blacklash with a pinfall after WATERY GRAVE. – *1/2 – Match Notes: It was quite apparent that DORADO SUNDOWN didn’t give CROSSCURRENTS any credit as they started the match yelling about how they were going to easily destroy them. But the CROSSCURRENTS hit had and made quick tags and minutes later we had new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Torin Caelum defeated Commander Sam with a submission with an abdominal stretch to retain the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. – ***** – Match Notes: A fantastic match! What is it about TORIN that brings out the best in his opponents? SAM has never looked better, even if he wound up with the loss. Simply a great match and TORIN is a true champion.