2075.005 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

OMEGA and MORPHEUS come to the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

OMEGA: Happy New Year and welcome to a brand new year of GWF action. The GWF is ready to explode to new heights this year and we’re glad you’re along for the ride.

MORPHEUS: Enough with the glad-handing. We’re here to night to say that we were quite displeased with the number of matches at BIG BANG that ended in DQ.

OMEGA: Uh, yes. The GWF was created to promote competition. Not dirty tricks and breaking the rules.

MORPHEUS: Now, we both know dirty tricks and bending and breaking the rules will always happen in wrestling, we want to try and encourage playing by the rules and winning honorably.

OMEGA: Yes. That’s why, starting tonight, and continuing through September we will present the first ever GWF Contest of Champions.

MORPHEUS: Yes, the entire roster has signed on to a round robin format that will pit every wrestler against the other. Wrestlers will be awarded points based on how they won or lost the match.

OMEGA: Yes. SIngle competitors and tag teams will have their own round robin brackets. Morpheus and I will straddle both brackets to even things out.

MORPHEUS: In september the Wrestler and Team with the highest score will get a $10,000 credit bonus paycheck and will get a shot at any championship they choose.

OMEGA: And speaking of champions, they are included in these brackets and when they wrestle, their titles are on the line. That gives everyone on the roster a crack at the belts regardless of where’d they be in the normal rankings.

MORPHEUS: And it all starts, tonight. May the best rise to the top and may GWF live forever!

The crowd cheers as we begin the evening’s event.

Screw defeated Omega with a DQ when OMEGA slams SCREW into a ringpost. – DUD – Match Notes: A shocking end to a match with the honorable OMEGA. The fans were surprised by his actions and frankly he was too.

Morpheus defeated Torpor with a pinfall after TRIP TO HADES. – *

THE MENSANS and DEFIANCE battled to a DOUBLE DQ when both teams refuse to stop brawling. – ***1/2 – Match Notes: The amount of bad blood between these two teams is amazing. They’ve now met early on in the CARNIVAL OF CHAMPIONS and won’t get to face each other until after September! It’ll be interesting to see if things cool down by then or if the rage will still be simmering!

Santon The Loner defeated Ricken Prince with a DQ when RICKEN PRINCE hits the BOW TO THE PRINCE

PALADIN POWER d. THE GUARDIANS when Moonstrike defeated Morpheus with a pinfall after a PALADIN DROP. – * – Match Notes: OMEGA and MORPHEUS appeared drained through this match. That’s what happens when you have to wrestle twice in one night. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare in the rest of the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS.

Torin Caelum defeated K.O. Keller with a submission after CAELUM’S GRIP to retain the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. – ***** – Match Notes: These two put on an AMAZING match! What away to cap off the evening. This was the true spirit of the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS and TORIN keeps his undefeated record intact! A true honorable first champion here in the GWF!