Card 2139.526 from Iapetus Scope, Saturn.

Nakano Takeko d. Galaxia with the Naginata Spear to win her first match all year – ★★ – Nakano, who came to ringside completely alone, finally scores a victory. There was no celebration. She just rolled out of the ring and left.

In a Grudge Match, Bulldoze d. Hyla with BARRAGE – ★★★1/2 – Hyla returned from injury with a vengeance but could not overcome Bulldoze.

In another Grudge Match, Storm d. Taichi via MILITARY PURGE – ★★★ – After the match, Hyla and Taichi attacked Storm until Bulldoze and several Aethran Soldiers made the save. Storm left under her own power but was obviously hurt.

Promoter Note: Storm injured for 2 cards.

In a rematch from the Brymstone Brawl, Grand Master d. The Basilisk with a slingshot catapult – ★★★1/2 – Not as wild as their previous encounter. The Basilisk has seemed to lose a bit of the fight so associated with him.

In a match to determine the #1 Contender to the Galaxian Women’s Title, Purge d. Scorn via DQ when Scorn refused to bring the action back in the ring – ★★★1/2 – Scorn demanded the match be restarted but Purge and Vizir took their victory and left. It appears Purge will face Killer Queen (II) at Big Bang.

In an incredible Main Event, Fist d. Havoc after rolling through a cross body block – ★★★★★ – This match was incredible! After interference from an Aethran Soldier, Shayne came ringside in Havoc’s corner! He slid into the ring to foil a pin attempt by Fist and was sent from ringside by the ref! After the bell, Fist stormed from the ring looking for Shayne!