2138.484 – The Reckoning – Night 4

Card 484 – The Reckoning – Night 4 from Triton Pavilion, Neptune.

All Matches No DQ/No Countout.

Saber used the SONIC WAVE to beat Exo-King II –  – Saber set the tone for the evening, beating Exo-King II quickly.

Tempest rolled through a cross body block to pick up a surprise win against Saber – ★★★★ – The Conquerors and FDF feud resurfaces in a hell of a match between these two hated rivals.

Epoch took Tempest out with DARK AGE – ★★ – Epcoh takes advantage of a weakened Tempest to get the victory here.

Epoch used RETURN OF THE BEAST to score a quick win over HelSin – ★★ – Epoch came out a little worse for wear but gets the win.

Grand Master easily defeated Epoch with a slingshot catapult – ★★ – Grand Master didn’t even break a sweat here.

Grand Master made Havoc tap out quickly with a cross face chicken wing – ★★ – The Liberators teammates go toe to toe and Grand Master gets the better of the veteran Havoc.

Grand Master snagged The Reckoning MVP by besting Perfect Specimen with HERO’S JOURNEY – ★★★ – Fantastic match! Perfect Specimen came close to victory but couldn’t get the job done.

Shayne crushed Grand Master with EYE 4 EYE – ★★ – Shayne makes a statement that he is back in the Main Event scene by leveling Grand Master minutes into the match.

In the Main Event, Monolith destroyed Shayne in seconds with two CATASTROPHES in a row – ★★★ – Monolith, still enraged that Shayne cost him the Galaxian Championship bulldozes Shayne and picks up the win. Monolith will get his shot at Mr. Everything on the next card!

MVP – Grand Master – 2 wins