2138.483 – The Reckoning – Night 3

Card 483 – The Reckoning – Night 3 from Red Ice Arena, Mars. June 7, 2138

Deva started the show saying that since the Gladiators have been absent for the past several shows, she’s ordering that the Gladiators defend their titles tonight as part of the Ranking Gauntlet and then they’ll have to defend them again on card 485.

All Matches No DQ/No Countout.

Blood and Fire beat The Natives when Burning Man covered Ygorr after Toxic Inhalation –  – Burning Man and Count Necros faced a bit of a challenge against the The Natives but were able to pick up the win.

Evolved squeaked past Blood and Fire when Orrus, the Unstoppable covered Count Necros after an Orrus Head Ram – ★★ – This was a tough fought victory for Evolved and though they got the win, they had a lot taken out of them by Blood and Fire.

FDF Tradition trounced Evolved in short order then Tank hit Orrus with the PEACEMAKER SLINGSHOT –  – FDF Tradition came to fight and they steamrolled Evolved shortly after the bell. Climber and Tank were fired up.

FDF Tradition bested Titan Samurai in a match where Climber pinned Kenji after FDF TRADITION – ★★ – Climber and Tank cut the ring in half and didn’t allow Kenji to tag out. A winning strategy as they picked up another the victory. Titan Samurai knew they’d been bested but didn’t seem to hold a grudge. All four shook hands after the match.

Castilex beat FDF Tradition when Sentinel hit Tank with NIGHTWATCH –  – FDF Tradition’s momentum hit a brick wall in Sentinel and Moog in this one. Both Tank and Climber were frustrated after this one.

The Gladiators came to the ring, solo. No Aethran Soldier and no, obviously, Dark Menace. They brushed past Gryt without comment and charged the ring and started brawling with Castilex.

Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Gladiators (Siege & Fist) and Castilex brawled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION shortly after the bell rang –  – Deva ordered security to flood the ring and separate the four men. Vizir the Elder appeared at ringside and with a wave of his cudgel, Castilex disappeared. The Gladiators leveled a bunch of security guards before they grabbed their belts and stormed out.

Deva assured fans she’d come up with a suitable stipulation for a return match.