Live from ????!


Undisclosed location.

It is night.

A perimeter of torches illuminate the scene.

In the middle stands a wrestling ring. Around the ring stand twelve opaque pods. Inside each pod, figures of different sizes shift uneasily.

Massif stands in the middle of the ring. All business.

Suddenly, a transportation beam floods the ring and when it dissipates, there stands Shayne.

MASSIF: Good evening Shayne. And to the millions watching around the Galaxy, welcome to THE JUDGEMENT OF SHAYNE.

SHAYNE: What is this Massif?

MASSIF: Shayne, your complete disrespect for the rules ends tonight. Tonight, you will be judged by a jury of your peers.

Massif gestures to the pods surrounding the ring.

MASSIF: You’ll recognize some of the occupants of these pods as those who you have wronged.

Several pods illuminate revealing members of THE CONQUERERS. Saber. Tharkas. PSI. Murtak.

MASSIF: THE CONQUERERS. They want a piece of you after you caused their teammate TERROR to be banished. You’ll also notice members of the FDF.

More pods illuminate. Endgame. Climber. Tank. Epoch. HelSin.

MASSIF: Because of your actions they wasted time waging a war against THE CONQUERERS. They can’t wait to tear into you.

Shayne looks around at the pods. The wrestlers inside bang against the sides, eager to get out.

MASSIF: Now, the other three pods. Shayne, those are gifts from me. Gifts for you for attacking me and explicitly disobeying my orders not to enter the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP GAUNTLET at RECKONING.

The three remaining pods don’t illuminate.

MASSIF: You don’t get to see those until they open.

SHAYNE: What is this?

MASSIF: I told you. It’s your judgement. Tonight, Shayne. You will wrestle these men. Your jury. If you beat seven of them, you’ll be found not guilty. If you are unable to attain 7 victories, the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP you now hold will be vacated and you will be banned for the remainder of 2136.

SHAYNE: This supposed to scare me?

MASSIF: No. It’s supposed to punish you. All the matches will be fought under TITAN DEATH RULES.

A referee climbs into the ring. Massif exits. Shayne takes off his duster and the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and drops them in the corner. He stands ready.

Lights randomly light up the pods in quick succession and after a moment one pod only is illuminated. Murtak stops out of the pod. Shayne laughs loudly.

SHAYNE: This is punishment Massif? This is fun!

Shayne (0 tokens) d. Murtak (2 tokens) via pinfall after EYE 4 EYE – ** – Shayne has no trouble dealing with Murtak and he stands ready for his next challenge.

The lights begin spinning again and when they stop, Epoch steps out of his pod.

Shayne (0 tokens) d. Epoch (3 tokens) via pinfall after Frontier Justice – **1/2 – It takes a little longer than Murtak but Shayne handles Epoch without too much trouble.

Seconds after the bell rings, the lights in the pods start flickering again. They stop, a pod opens and out steps HelSin!

Shayne (0 tokens) d. HelSin (2 tokens) via pinfall after SHOWDOWN – ** – Shayne is unbeatable tonight! No one is able to damage him!

The lights rotate once more. Shayne is up three wins! Four to go. The lights stops on one of the opaque pods and out steps…


Shayne is freaking out! Fist is the one man Shayne never gave a rematch to, but that rematch is happening NOW!

Shayne (0 tokens) d. Fist (5 tokens) via pinfall after SHOWDOWN – ****1/2 – Wow! Fist gets in a little offense but it was all Shayne! After the bell Shayne if fired up and looks as if he’s barely broken a sweat!

SHAYNE: Four! That’s four Massif! Who do you have next for me?

The lights spin and flash and then they stop…Endgame steps out of his pod!

Shayne (1 token) d. Endgame (3 tokens) via pinfall after Real Ordeal – **** – Endgame is able to do a little damage but Shayne puts him down! He’s winded but he stands in the corner, holding up 5 fingers toward Massif!

The lights spin randomly and land on one of the opaque pods. The door flies off the pod. It’s GALAXIAN CHAMPION Monolith! Monolith charges the ring!

Monolith (0 tokens) d. Shayne (3 tokens) via pinfall after CATASTROPHE – ** – Monolith is able to deal Shayne his first loss of the night. Monolith smiles at the bell, having gotten some revenge for Shayne continually attacking him.

Monolith exits the ring as Shayne gets to his feet and tries to shake the cobwebs out. The light flash again and out of the selected pod steps Saber!

Saber (2 tokens) d. Shayne (6 Tokens) via pinfall after the SABER CHOP – ***1/2 – Saber looked great here. After the bell, he made it clear to Massif he wants an INTERPLANETARY TITLE match! Shayne took a little longer to get to his feet after this encounter.

The lights dance again. This time they land on the third opaque pod and out steps…Sly Drury! Shayne is in shock! Sly Drury heads into the ring and runs and checks on Shayne.

SLY DRURY: You okay kid? Look, I gotta fight ya or else Massif says he’s gonna boot me from the fed. So I’m sorry. This is just business.

The bell rings!

Shayne (7 tokens) d. Sly Drury (3 tokens) via pinfall with SHOWDOWN – *** – Sly Drury fought with everything he had. There was no pulling punches, but Shayne gets the win and is now just one win away from winning the night.

The lights spin. All the surprises are gone but there are still many tough competitors left. The light stop and out steps…Tank!

Shayne (8 tokens) d. Tank (2 tokens via pinfall with SHOWDOWN – SQUASH – Whoa! No idea where Shayne found the energy but he trounces Tank in seconds and picks up the win!

Shayne glares at Massif as he staggers to his corner. He picks up his title and his duster. He reaches into the pocket of the duster with one hand and flips Massif off with the other. A portal opens up behind Shayne and he steps through it. It closes as we…