2135.385 – STORMFRONT

Live from Galactic Gardens, Sunflower Galaxy M63!


In an interview with Gryt, Shayne lays out his plans for the future!

SHAYNE: Everybody has been asking me what’s next for your ol’ partner Shayne!  When I was Galaxian Champion, I beat any and all challengers.  I elevated that title to heights it’s never been to before.  You look at Aethran Overmaster, he’s held that title before but now that he’s holding it because he beat me, it means so much more now than it ever did.  I made the Galaxian title into something special.  Because of that, i consider my work with the Galaxian Championship finished and I will not be invoking my rematch clause.  My goal now, is to do what I did with the Galaxian Championship to the Interplanetary Championship!  Kill Prey, tonight you defend against…ME!

Euritar (II) d. Speedster via pinfall with HEADS WILL ROLL – * – Brief encounter with the more veteran wrestler getting the quick victory.

Elina d. Taichi via pinfall with RESURRECTION – *** – Lightning quick action in this match that lasted mere minutes.  Some of the best action we’ve seen in a match between these two.  Elina picks up the victory and some SUDDEN DEATH points.

TITAN BUSHIDO d. PREDATORS via submission when Kenji locked Wolf in the KIMURA – ** – Wolf had been wearing down Faller but after a tag, Kenji came in and found the legend’s weak spots and finally made him tap out! Titans get some much needed SUDDEN DEATH points here.

Ghena d. Blue Dazzler via DQ when Blue Dazzler blinded his opponent and then there a chair at him outside the ring – **1/2 – A rematch between two, seemingly good guys, ends in another DQ! There is some ill will forming between these two for sure.

SECURITY SQUAD (II) d. THEATRE OF WAR via pinfall when Code Destroyer levels Murtak with BREAK THE CODE – ** – After their DOUBLE DQ brawl, SECURITY SQUAD (II) makes short work of their opponents here and leaves Murtak crumpled in the ring.

Catfight d. Shann-Ra via pinfall after a triple butterfly suplex – ***1/2 – What a match! Both competitors threw everything they had against each other! Catfight gets the victory and some SUDDEN DEATH points for the ANIMEN.

GLADIATORS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via countout when Fist delivers a sickening piledriver to Coven Black on the concrete outside the ring – * – These two teams have a longstanding, deeply ingrained, feud and it continued here.

Eydilon d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall after Levitation – *** – Perfect Specimen’s unstoppable path through KINGDOM wrestler’s end at Eydilon!  The Commissioner pulls out a hard hitting win against his hated opponent and stands laughing over him as Lord Nexus tries to claim him from the ring. Fans are very interested to see where the feud between Perfect Specimen and the KINGDOM goes next.

Lady Godsend d. Sinful via pinfall after QUEEN OF THE REALM – *** – Lady Godsend reclaims the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP! Sinful had some great offense but Lady Godsend came with one goal in mind, reclaim her title and she did!  Picking up some Sudden Death points in the meantime.

Kill Prey d. Shayne via DQ when the ref saw Shayne clobber Kill Prey with a horseshoe – **** – Shayne was having the time of his life in this match staying one step ahead of Kill Prey.  He shouted things like “You shoulda never come back!”  “Your daddy was pathetic!” as he hit Kill Prey with move after move!  The action spilled outside the ring and Fhanna handed Shayne a horseshoe and despite the ref’s warnings, Shayne smashed Kill Prey with it, earning the DQ.  Shann-Ra ran to ringside to help Kill Prey to his feat after the match.

CASTILEX d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Sentinel hits Patch with NIGHTWATCH – ***1/2 – CASTILEX, with the help of Dark Menace (and his stolen technology) dish out a dominant beating to MEAN STREETS, stripping the champs of the titles in their first defense!  GODSEND is surely pleased at this outcome!  Titles and a bunch of Sudden Death points as well.  Dark Menace laughs maniacally as CASTILEX are handed the titles.

Demon Godsend d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when Paralyzed slams Demon Godsend from behind with a chair – * – Disappointing Main Event here, but the fans did love seeing the GLADIATORS beating on Demon Godsend as Dark Menace frantically called for security.  Security was able to break it up before any apparent damage was done.  Aethran Overmaster retains the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and sends a message to THE KINGDOM.