2131 – NEWS & RUMORS

After his shocking loss at SUPERNOVA to Shayne, it is rumored that Aethran Overmaster has returned to Aethra and demanded that the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, Probation and Fist, the GLADIATORS, and INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION, Turmoil, follow suit.  Probation and Fist have, supposedly, complied with this requisition, but rumor has it that Turmoil has scoffed at returning.  A source, speaking to the GWF PROMOTER on the condition of anonymity, has said, “Turmoil has questioned why he should return to Aethran when it was the Overmaster who lost.  He wonders why he and the GLADIATORS should have to stop ‘bashing heads’ when the problem is clearly the Overmaster’s.”

These words, if true, would constitute reckless defiance and be punishable by death according to Aethran culture.  The Aethran Ministry Council was sent a transmission asking for a statement but there was no reply.  Meanwhile, there have been rumors that Turmoil has been spotted on worlds that were certainly not Aethra.  These reports, however, have remained unconfirmed and most just chalk it up to ‘wishful thinking’ by those who’d love to sow the seeds of discontent in the GLADIATOR camp.

GWF Superstar is still being held captive by Prime Colonizer.  Attempts by Plethador and the rest of the Ani-Men of Andromeda have proven fruitless.  At STORMFRONT, the galaxy watched as Plethador, Panther Warrior and Panther Warrior’s partner interfered on behalf of Monolith in Monolith’s NUMBER ONE CONTENDER MATCH in order to try and persuade him to join their cause.

Plethador is quoted in the GWF PROMOTER as saying, “Look, there’s only so much the three of us can do on our own.  Prime Colonizer has the might of all of FUTURE SHOCK behind him.  We need firepower and there is no firepower greater than Monolith.  We know there’s no love lost between Monolith and Wolf, but we’re hoping he’ll join us in rescuing Wolf.”

So far, apparently, there has been no response from Monolith to this plea by the Ani-Men.  Time will tell if their actions at STORMFRONT convinced the big man or not.

The galaxy’s favorite manager, Wiggy, is still struggling to find a single wrestler to join her, let alone a team of wrestlers to become the new WIGGY’S WARRIORS.  With her soaring popularity in the galaxy, many find this hard to believe, but there are those who say she is just too popular.  Many ‘free agents’ (i.e. Bex) are fear they’ll be lost in the shadow of her popularity.

Wiggy is undeterred and is still courting, what she feels is her most likely possibility, Star Warrior (II).  Wiggy has taken to following the superstar to the various beachside bars and offering to pick up his tab.  Star Warrior (II) is still holding out and refusing to even entertain the idea, despite the free drinks.

Despite his loss to Minister of War at STORMFRONT, Star Slayer is completely undeterred in his quest to single handedly take out the members of FUTURE SHOCK.  He has issued a challenge to Minister of War for a rematch and upped the ante by saying it should be a TURNBUCKLE SHOCK MATCH.  He recently told Nitro, “Scum like Minister of War deserves the electric chair and if the UFSP won’t do it, I’ll do it in the ring.”

Minister of War and his manager, Magnus the Magnanimous, have yet to comment on the challenge.

All eyes in the galaxy are looking forward to CARD 2131.285, INFERNO and the main event of GALAXIAN CHAMPION Shayne defending the title against, new number one contender, Monolith.  Even though we are three cards away from INFERNO, there’s already people talking about what takes place afterwards…THE RECKONING.  This huge ranking gauntlet that has taken place every year since the GWF’s inception in 2076, is the most prestigious wrestling even in the galaxy.  Initially taking place over a single night, THE RECKONING has grown to a galaxy wide extravaganza that spans four cards.  Fans are already speculation which superstar will rack up the most wins this year.

The Galaxy’s Finest continues to dominate the HoloVision ratings, beating out all the other wrestling shows in the galaxy.  The nearest wrestling program is a distant 15 points away in the ratings.  The Galaxy’s Finest dominance in the field is unprecedented.  Analysts site delivering on promises and not short changing fans on the action as the main factors behind the company’s success.