From Zuben Space Stadium, Zubenegenubi, Libra

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage.Ringside: Nitro

The evening starts with EURITAR standing on the ring with a huge cheer from the crowd.

EURITAR: Did you guys enjoy STORMFRONT?

There’s a HUGE cheer from the crowd.  Euritar shakes his head with a smile.

EURITAR:  We were so lucky to get off Aethra alive.  Heh.  Well, no one can say that when it comes to action, there’s nothing like the GALAXY’S FINEST.  What you see here, first, is copied in feds across the galaxy, but remember, you saw it here first.  Everytime we have a show, I can hear those other feds staring up their holocopiers.  In fact, the Greatest—

Suddenly, Euritar is cut off by the Aethran War Anthem.  The crowd immediately starts booing as out comesThe Leveler, followed by INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION Turmoil, GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, Probation & Fist and, finally, the Aethran Overmaster!  The fans are blasting them loudly.  Overmaster walks up to Euritar and looks down at him.

OVERMASTER:  I want my rematch.

EURITAR: And you’ll get your rematch.


EURITAR looks up at Overmaster, there’s no fear in his face even as the other GLADIATORS move in on him.

EURITAR:  You’ll get a rematch at INFERNO.  That was—


Suddenly, the lone sound of a doboro guitar starts, the beginning of Shayne’s music, and out comes the GALAXIAN CHAMPION to huge cheers from the crowd.  He’s got the GALAXIAN TITLE around his waist and he’s loving the cheers of the crowd.  He turns and looks at the GLADIATORS who fume at him.  SHAYNE walks up to TURMOIL.

SHAYNE:  I see you have some shiny around yer waist.

He crosses to PROBATION and FIST and looks them up and down.

SHAYNE:  And, I see you fellers have some shiny pieces around your waist.

SHAYNE pretends to shine up PROBATION’S title.  PROBATION is not happy.  SHAYNE looks up at him and smiles, then crosses to OVERMASTER.

SHAYNE:  But you big fella, where’s your shiny?  Oh, that’s right, it’s right here!

SHAYNE points to his waist and the crowd goes crazy.  OVERMASTER steps up and gets in SHAYNE’S face.  SHAYNE is smiling big.

SHAYNE:  I hear tell that you want yerself a rematch and, iffin you had yer druthers, you want it tonight.  Am I right?


SHAYNE:  I’ll take that as a yes.  Well, big fella, if you want yer rematch and ya want it tonight, I figure I best give it to you.

The crowd goes insane!  OVERMASTER slowly starts to smile.

SHAYNE:  But…I figger, if we’re gonna have a dance, we’d better do it up right to make sure that none of yer fellas here try and get involved.  So, I propose, we have our little hoedown inside of sixteen foot high cosmic cage.

The crowd loves it.

SHAYNE:  I’m all for it, the crowd here seems all for it, but I reckon we should ask Mr. Commissioner here iffi’n that’s all okay with him.  Whatt’ya say Marshall?  Me, this big dumb ox, in a cosmic cage for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP…TONIGHT!

The crowd is cheering loudly.  Pleading for EURITAR to say yes.  EURITAR thinks about it for a second and says…


The roof comes off the joint.  The MAIN EVENT is set!

The GLADIATORS stalk out, SHAYNE hams it up for the crowd, making shooting pistol motions with his fingers and then leaves, followed by EURITAR.  As soon as they are gone, out comes Plethador!  He heads to the ring.

PLETHADOR:  Lope!  Get out here!  Let’s do this!

There’s a loud cheer as PLETHADOR paces back and forth and then a louder cheer when LOPE comes out followed by Magnus and Prime Colonizer.  They are excited that this match is about to happen!

Lope (5 tokens) d. Plethador (5 tokens) via DQ when ANIMEN REVENGE came charging to the ring and began beating on Lope – ***** – This was a brawl from the beginning and Plethador took the fight right to Lope!  Lope was about to win when Panther Warrior and his partner stormed the ring!  Panther Warrior began attacking Lope while Panther Warrior’s partner held Prime Colonizer and Magnus the Magnanimous off!  The ref called for the bell and officials poured to the ring to separate everybody.  Panther Warrior was screaming, “Where is Wolf?!  Give us Wolf!”  This is far from over.

Fhanna is out next with Magnus the Magnanimous.  She Devil comes out and Fhanna promises She Devil that she’ll do the same thing to her that she did to Catfight on her way to the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.  She Devil smirks and tells the ref to ring the bell.

She Devil (0 tokens) d. Fhanna (4 tokens) via submission with a scorpion death lock – ** – It was a methodical picking apart of an opponent by She Devil.  Even fighting off distraction and interference by Magnus, She Devil just slowly wore down her opponent to get the win.  Looking down at Fhanna, writhing on the mat after the match, She Devil smirked again and left.

Magnus helps Fhanna to the back, but is right back out with Havoc to a chorus of boos.  They get into the ring and he grabs a mic.

HAVOC:  I keep my ear to the ground.  I keep my eyes open.  I listen to the ‘buzz,’ as they call it.  And I’ve been hearing a lot of ‘buzz’ about a wrestler who some on the internet are claiming to be one of the best technical wrestlers around.  The ‘buzz’ says that this guy may be able to beat just about anyone at anytime.  Well, ever since I lost the INTERPLANETARY BELT, I’ve been looking for a challenge.  A challenge that will propel me back up into title contention, so I think a fitting challenge is to take on this guy I’ve been hearing all the ‘buzz’ about.  So Bex, get out here so I can show these people exactly how good I am by beating you.

The crowd cheers loudly for Bex as he makes his way to the ring.  He is focused and ready to take on Havoc.  He sneers at Magnus as he and Havoc circle in the ring.  The bell sounds and we are off!

Havoc (1 token) d. Bex (6 tokens) via pinfall after COSMIC NIGHTMARE – ***1/2 – Havoc said he was going to do it and he did!  A thorough beating of Bex.  The Ground Zero native got in a bit of offense, but the match was mostly Havoc.

Havoc and Magnus leave Bex in the ring and leave.  Bex gets some applause for his work but many have said he’s certainly put up more of a fight in other matches.

Dark Menace is out with BACK IN BLACK.  He is booed pretty heavily.  He stomps to the ring and grabs a mic.

DARK MENACE:  We were robbed!  Coven Black and UltraMantis Black were robbed!  The fix was in from the start, that ref counted way too fast!  Euritar and the GWF Board were so worried about what might happen if the GLADIATORS lost on their home planet, they screwed us!  I think it’s only fair that BACK IN BLACK get a rematch, for the titles at INFERNO!  I’m officially petitioning Euritar right now to give us the show we deserve!  I am—

Dark Menace’s speech is cut off by Lord Nexus.

LORD NEXUS:  Talk, talk, talk.  Is that all you every do?  Back in my day, you earned your title chances thorough actions, not talking.  So, if you want to show the GWF what your men are worth, let’s get some action going!

A beam of light appeared ringside and TITAN SAMURAI were there!  BACK IN BLACK looked ready to go and a ref ran to the ring.  We have a match!

TITAN FURY d. BACK IN BLACK via submission when Kenji locks Coven Black in the ANKLE LOCK – ***1/2 – The crowd goes nuts and Dark Menace is livid at ringside!  He starts berating Coven Black and UltraMantis Black for their loss.  Lord Nexus and TITAN SAMURAI just laugh as their opponents walk back to the back.

Euritar is back out with a mic.

EURITAR:  In addition to tonight’s GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP match in a COSMIC CAGE, the GWF board and myself has decided that this next match will determine the number one contender for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and will get their title shot at INFERNO.  We’ve picked two top competitors and they will face off, right now to determine who will challenge either Shayne or Aethran Overmaster at INFERNO.  And to ensure a sure winner, this match will be contested under TITAN DEATH RULES!

The crowd cheers as Euritar exits and the lights suddenly go out.  A glowing orb appears signaling that Oracle is making his way, mindlessly to ringside.  There’s a brilliant flash of blue flame and Nosfera is standing in the middle of the ring.  The crowd does not approve!  Nosfera stalks around the ring, snarling and growling at the crowd.  Oracle stands ringside, comatose.

A spotlight hits the entrance of the arena and there stands…MONOLITH!  The crowd goes nuts!

Monolith d. Nosfera via pinfall after CATASTROPHE – ***1/2
– Nosfera was moments away from winning with THE DEMON’S BREATH when suddenly Plethador and ANIMEN REVENGE stormed the ring!  They attacked Nosfera, Panther Warrior hitting SPEED OF THE PANTHER and Plethador slapping on the POWERHOUSE SUCTION CLAW until the ref was finally able to pull them away and get them out of the ring.  The match is TITAN DEATH RULES, so this is all legal!  Oracle remained motionless at ringside as all this happened.  Monolith just stood there and let it all happened but then turned sharply to Plethador.  The cameras picked up Plethador saying, “Win this.  Go ahead.  We helped you, you help us get Wolf later.  Okay?”  Monolith didn’t answer, but he finished the match, demolishing off Nosfera.

After the match, the other AniMen applauded from the aisle.  Monolith looked at them, but showed no indication as to if he’d help Plethador and his team in their quest.  Regardless, it’ll be Monolith facing whomever wins our main even tonight!

Magnus appeared next with his team the DESERTERS, who the audience ripped into.  The crowd showered the villains with boos until the music of the ULTIMATE GLADIATORS started and Shoot and Clinch appeared, doing their crazy arm motions to the delight of the crowd!  They made their way to the ring with She Devil for our next match!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. DESERTERS when Shoot makes Tharkas tap with TAPPED OUT – **1/2 – ULTIMATE FIGHTERS look strong here, DESERTERS are still having trouble getting traction so far this year!  Thoraces is the one who lost it for them this time, so now it’s Adam Traitor who’s giving him a bad time.  Magnus, again, has to make peace.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS and She Devil leave, but not without doing their crazy arm movement and pretend head butting the younger fans at ringside.

Once the ring area is clear, workers begin to assemble the COSMIC CAGE!  The fans are on their feet at this unexpected, championship grudge match.  Out first, to the Aethran War Anthem is Aethran Overmaster.  He comes to the ring alone, perhaps to prove he can win the title back without help.  Not that ringside allies would do much in this cage match.

The long, lone sound of a doboro signals that GALAXIAN CHAMPION Shayne is hitting the ring and he receives a huge cheer!  He wastes no time, he climbs in the ring and gets right in Overmaster’s face.  Looking up into his eye with intensity.  The cage door is closed and the bell sounds!

Shanye d. Aethran Overmaster via escape after hitting the big man with SHOWDOWN – SQUASH – It was over and done four moves!  Overmaster tried a claw hold, but Shayne immediately reversed it!  He whipped Overmaster into the turnbuckle, hit him with a big kick, a belly to back brain buster as the big man stumbled forward and then SHOWDOWN!  When the bell sounds, the fans come unglued and the roof is blasted right off the building!  Aethran Overmaster has no idea what has happened!

Shane climbs to the top of the cage and holds the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP high above his head.  This is what we see as we…