CARD 2130.272 – INVASION

From the Triton Pavilion, Neptune

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Ringside/Backstage: Nitro

2130 has now wound down to just 4 fight cards left and this card is the final card before the BIG THREE! The big three SuperCards that end each year and have since 2074! After tonight we move to CIVIL WAR, the tag team tournament to decide the new, number one contenders to the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. Then it’s BETRAYAL, where eight men will do battle to determine who will face Shayne for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. Then we end the year with the SuperCard that is absolutely impossible for any other company in the galaxy to compare to…BIG BANG! The GALAXY’S FINEST FANS, however, aren’t looking to the future, they are looking towards tonight and there is some heavy action lined up including a HUGE main event!

As the show gets started, the Andromeda National Anthem begins playing and out come THE SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™! The fans let them have it, but the three me ignore the crowd as they head to the ring. Once inside, Prime Colonizer grabs a mic.

PRIME COLONIZER: Monolith! You’ve tasted defeat at the claws of Lope. Now if it time to taste defeat at the stinger of Swarm! Get out here!

There is a brief pause, but the Triton Pavillon absolutely erupts when Monolith appears and heads to the ring. The other Ani-Men bail and it looks like Swarm versus Monolith will kick things off tonight! That’s a main event anywhere in the galaxy!

The bell rings!

Monolith wastes no time!  From the opening bell he just lays into Swarm.  He’s throwing him all over the ring like a rag doll!  When about to make a pin, Prime Colonizer and Lope hopped up onto opposing sides of the ring to break it up and the ref ejects them from ringside!  The crowd is loving it!

The action spills outside and Monolith’s impeding victory turns to defeat when he picks up the timekeeper’s table and bashes Swarm across the head with it.

Swarm d. Monolith via DQ when Monolith hits Swarm with a table – **1/2

At the sound of the bell, Magnus helps Swarm away from ringside to prevent any further damage.  They are met near the entrance by Prime Colonizer and Lope.  As Monolith lets out a scream of rage, Prime Colonizer speaks.

PRIME COLONIZER:  That’s two losses to THE SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™ Monolith.  Third times the charm.  Next time, you lose to me.  And when you do, you become one of us.

The four men laugh and leave.  Monolith lets out another scream of rage!

Out next, to a big crowd reaction is Overtime with Lord Nexus. He climbs up into the ring ready to face his opponent! His opponent arrives to the sounds of the Aethran War Anthem! It’s Paralyze! Talk about a match of speed versus power, this is it! Leveler is, of course, with Paralyze at ringside.

The two have a bit of a stare down and the bell rings!

The match is an amazing back and forth affair! Just as soon as Overtime had Paralyze down with a flurry of moves, Paralyze would power out! It seemed as if it could go either way at any time!

Overtime d. Paralyze via pinfall with OVERTIME RULES – **1/2

It’s the biggest win of his career for sure! The crowd is going nuts! Overtime is going nuts! Nitro grabs a word with Overtime and Lord Nexus.

NITRO: Huge win for you tonight, Overtime!

OVERTIME: Man, oh man. You can say that again dawg. But you know, I gots to give mad respect to this guy right here. Lord Nexus! He put me on the path and, together, there ain’t nothing we can do!

The crowd cheers loudly as the TITANS leave ringside and they keep it going as Paralyze and The Leveler slink away.

Magnus the Magnanimous is out next with THE DESERTERS. They are scheduled to face ULTRAMANTIS. The entire arena was curious to see if Mantis was going to show and they cheered when he appeared and seemed to be in ready for action. Nitro caught him in the aisle.

NITRO: Looks like you are ready to fight tonight!

MANTIS: I am. I’m back at 100% and I’m ready to get ULTRAMANTIS back on a winning track.

NITRO: I got to ask you about your dad. Thoughts on this Superior Ani-Men™ stuff?

MANTIS (shakes his head): I’ve given up, Nitro. I’ve just simply given up.I’m tired of dealing with his B.S.. I know the galaxy knows he’s sick and I’m not going to talk about that sickness. I am going to say that I think it’s plainly obvious that on top of that condition my dad is bi-polar. This isn’t widely known but overtime he goes on a bit of losing streak, he’ll rant and rave and announce to those close to him that he is quitting. He”’ tear up his contract, disappear and then two days later, he’s back asking for a new contract. It’s hilarious. He even got so mad one time, he went out and tried to start his own federation. Its still running but it’s a big failure. Bt to make a long story short–


MANTIS: Ha! I’m done with him. He can rot away from the inside for all I care. Right now I’m focused on my career and making this team the best it can be!

The crowd cheered and ULTRAMANTIS headed to the ring to start the match! UltraMantis Black is starting against Tharkas and here we go!

And this one devolves into a brawl in a short amount of time.  There was some great back and forth and quick tags at the start, but soon all four men found their way out of the ring and a brawl erupted and the ref called it.

ULTRAMANTIS and THE DESERTERS battle to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – **1/2 – Tharkas and Mantis were the legal men at the time.

Officials hit ringside and are, eventually able to separate the four men and send them to the back.  Wild action and it won’t be the last time these two teams meet, for sure!

The arena jumps to its collective feet as the most popular song in the galaxy starts playing!  They cheer loudly and then even louder when Wiggy hits ringside.  She smiles and waves at her adoring fans who fawn and faint as she walks by.  Flowers, actual flowers, spring up from the ground in her footsteps.  She is the galaxy’s sweetheart and the galaxy cannot get enough.

Oh, and Plethador is here too.

His opponent, looking nonplussed* to have to face Plethador is Thantos (II) who comes ringside with Magnus the Magnanimous.  The bell rings and here we go.

Plethador gives him some competition but the match is all Thantos (II).  In the end, it doesn’t matter anyway, because the entire arena is too busy cheering and celebrating the very fact that Wiggy is in their presence.

Thantos (II) d. Plethador via pinfall with a top rope clothesline – *

Thantos (II) leaves with Magnus, both disgruntled that Wiggy has overshadowed their win.  Plethador leaves ringside as well and Wiggy entertains the crowd simply by waving and giving high fives.  Finally, officials have to ask Wiggy to leave ringside because, after an hour, the matches must continue.

Once she’s gone, Scorn makes her way ringside for her match against Mistress of Darkness.  Dark Menace and Coven Black accompany her to the ring.  This is certainly not the first time these two have met.  They’ve had some incredibly competitive matches, so the fans are looking forward to another one here.

They square off and the bell rings!

This is an amazing match!  These two wrestled a match that was better than the rest of the matches so far tonight!  It was back and forth and it saw Scorn fighting off both Dark Menace and Coven Black (who was trying to put Scorn under his spell).  In the end, Scorn lost her temper!

Mistress of Darkness d. Scorn via DQ when Scorn slams the timekeeper’s bell into Mistress of Darkness’ face – *****

Super competitive match, lousy ending.  The Dark Menace stayed and berated Scorn as she left ringside.

Dark Menace was soon joined by his man Bishop Hell (II) who came into the ring with Hellfire blazing!  His opponent, Payback, made his way ringside with Lord Nexus.  The fans prepared themselves for what would surely be a wild encounter!

This one devolves even faster than the DESERTERS/ULTRAMANTIS match!  These two take the action outside the ring from the start and the ref calls it when Payback launches Bishop Hell (II) through a table!

Bishop Hell (II) d. Payback via DQ when Payback launches Bishop Hell (II) through a table – DUD

The fans boo the ruslt, but the two men continue brawling all the way away from ringside to the back!  Lord Nexus and Dark Menace following, trying to get them to stop!

It is time for the MAIN EVENT!  Endgame versus Crossfire in a FINISHER MATCH!  The two men were announced and it was discovered that neither man would have a person at ringside.  Apparently, Magnus the Magnanimous was asking Euritar to ban Wiggy from ringside because he popularity with the fans made her a distraction!  Euritar agreed but only if Magnus agreed to stay away from ringside as well.  He, reluctantly, agreed and so out main even is one on one!

Endgame vs. Crossfire

The two men stand face to face, and the bell rings!

Crossfire gets in some early offense, but Endgame quickly takes over and then doesn’t look back.

Endgame d. Crossfire via pinfall with ENDGAME’S REVENGE – ***

After the bell, Endgame helps Crossfire up and the two look at each other and then shake hands! The arena explodes with cheers!

The sight of these two shaking hands and posing for the crowd is what we see as we…


(*Google it.)