From Sagitta Forum, Sagitta

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Ringside/Backstage Interviews: Nitro

Interest in the GALAXY’S FINEST is at an all time high!  InfiNet site has received more traffic since SHOWDOWN than it has in years.  Certainly more than it ever received before the rebranding.  Fans are packed into the Sagitta Forum ready for action as we rush, full throttle, to the end of 2130!  This is the final edition of SuperNova for the year and everyone is curious to see what action takes place.

Suddenly, the Andromeda National Anthem plays and the crowd gets to its feet and cheers loudly.  The cheers turn to boos when THE SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™ come sauntering out.  Prime Colonizer leads Lope and Swarm to the ring with Magnus the Magnanimous following close behind.

PRIME COLONIZER:  I am the greatest mind in the galaxy when it comes to the art of war.  In mere months, I have taken what was a second rate team of pathetic Ani-Men and created the most superior Ani-Men team of all time!  Swarm, the veteran, has held every belt here in the GWF, including the Women’s Championship.

Swarm suddenly steps towards Prime Colonizer and stands about a foot away, glaring at him.  Prime Colonizer suddenly gets very serious.

PRIME COLONIZER:  I’m joking, I’m joking.  Though, it is officially part of this company’s title history.  

Swarm gets right into Prime Colonizer’s face as if to dare him to continue talking.  Prime Colonizer stares right back.

PRIME COLONIZER (firmly):  Stand down, bee.

Swarm glares at Prime Colonizer but then nods and stands back over my Lope.

PRIME COLONIZER:  Control.  That’s what running a successful team is all about.  That’s what the Ani-Men have lacked.  All animals need a firm hand to control them and that’s why this team is so superior.  It’s why I have control over the wildest creature in the GWF today, Lope.

The crowd boos loudly.

PRIME COLONIZER:  And it is also why, I will soon have control over the final piece of the Ani-Men puzzle, Monolith.  (He speaks to the arena.)  Monolith, I know you’re hear tonight and I know you are always ready for a fight.  So get out here and lets have a fight.

Not a moment is wasted and Monolith appears, striding confidently to ringside with a ref in tow.

PRIME COLONIZER:  You will join us big man.  You will become one of THE SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™.

Monolith says nothing, just motions for th ref to ring the bell.

PRIME COLONIZER:  Tonight, Monolith, you shall battle Lope.  And when he shreds you down to a pile of ground beef, you will join us.

Prime Colonizer barks a few orders.  Swarm nods and leaves ringside.  Prime Colonizer whispers to Lope who nods and then the ape steps out of the ring and we are set for one on one action!

The bell rings and the fans are going berserk!

Lope charges with a knife-edge chop, but Monolith ducks and catches him with a high belly to back suplex that drops Lope hard to the mat!

Monolith locks in I BREAK YOU and Lope howls in pain!  The crowd is cheering loudly.  Suddenly, Lope rakes his claws over Monolith’s eyes and the big man releases the hold.  As Monolith staggers around the ring, Lope clips to the top rope and hits HOWL OF THE WORLF perfectly!

Lope d. Monolith via pinfall after HOWL OF THE WOLF – **

The galaxy is shocked!  Huge win for Lope!  Prime Colonizer leaps into the ring and begins praising Lope!  He stands over Monolith who is coming too, looking like he doesn’t know what has happened.  It finally dons on him and he glares up at Prime Colonizer who has called for a mic.

PRIME COLONIZER:  You will join THE SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™ Monolith.  But not tonight.  Tonight I’m just going to let what happened sink in.  That was only a takes of the power.  Join us or we will destroy you.  See you at INVASION!

The crowd boos loudly as Prime Colonizer snaps his fingers and Lope is immediately at his heels.  The three men exit the ring, leaving Monolith sitting in the middle of the ring with his defeat.  Fans across the galaxy instantly pondering what Prime Colonizer meant by ‘See you at Invasion!’

Monolith leaves without saying a word to anyone, including Nitro who tried to grab a comment as he left ringside.

THE CLOAK made their way to the ring next along with Magnus the Magnanimous.  Nitro stopped Magnus for a quick word.

NITRO:  I think the entire galaxy would like an update on Chaos Supreme after his crushing defeat at the hands of Shayne.  Care to comment.

MAGNUS:  That is business for another time, my friend.  At this moment, all focus is on THE CLOAK.

NITRO:  Nothing?  Not a word about Chaos Supreme?

MAGNUS:  Perhaps you’re deaf, punk.  Perhaps you need Arsenal or a Crowbar upside the head to clear out your ears?

NITRO:  No, no, I’m fine!  Thank you!

THE CLOAK climb into the ring just as TITAN SAMURAI, their opponents, along with Lord Nexus hit ringside for our next match!

Splatter (II) is starting with Giant Azuma and the two men circle each other as the bell rings.  The two big men trade blows back and
forth until finally Splatter (II) hits an ear box to daze Giant Azuma!

It is a huge back and forth brawl!  However, when THE CLOAK is involved, things can rapidly devolve!

TITAN SAMURAI d. THE CLOAK when Code Destroyer is DQ’d for smashing Giant Azuma with his crowbar – **1/2

After the bell, Lord Nexus and Kenji chase THE CLOAK off and help Giant Azuma to his feet.  Looks like he wasn’t hurt too badly.  The Titans stand and yell at Magnus for allowing his men to fight dirty.  Magnus shrugs and walks off, leading Splatter (II) and Code Destroyer away from ringside.

Out next, to a surprising amount of cheers is Star Warrior (II) as he leads Nova to the ring.  The two canoodle each other in the ring as they wait for Nova’s opponent!

Magnus the Magnanimous leads Fhanna to the ring and Fhanna looks fired up and ready to get back on the winning track.  Magnus is coaching her as they hit ringside, but she doesn’t appear to be listening.  Instead he’s staring a hole right through Nova.

The bell rings!

Nova whips Fhanna into the turnbuckle, but Fhanna charges out and clips Nova with a powerful lariat, sending her crashing to the mat!

Fhanna is absolutely destroying Nova, hitting move after move after move!  Finally, Star Warrior (II) can’t take it anymore and he trips up Fhanna!  The ref sees it and calls the match!

Fhanna d. Nova via DQ when Star Warrior (II) interferes on Nova’s behalf – *

Fhanna is furious and goes after Star Warrior (II) while he’s collecting Nova.  Magnus is able to hold her back!

FHANNA:  Bring her back!  Bring her back!

Star Warrior (II) ignores the screams of Nova’s opponent and leads his girl away from ringside.

Magnus tries to console Fhanna, but she wants no part of it and leaves ringside with him running after her.

Dark Menace makes his way to ringside with Harbinger and they are stopped by Nitro.

NITRO:  With the big BETRAYAL tournament looming large, you have to be hoping for a win tonight for your man Harbinger.

DARK MENACE:  You know nothing, you idiot!  The Dark Menace doesn’t hope.  The Dark Menace knows!  Harbinger will win tonight and he will secure a place in the BETRAYAL tournament and he will go on to wrestle for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at BIG BANG.  That, you can count on, peon.

Dark Menace and Harbinger climb into the ring.  The lights go out in the arena and cheers explode in the darkness when a burning sword appears at ringside!  The lights come on and Paganax is here and he’s pointing at Harbinger!  Dark Menace scurries from the ring as Paganax takes a swing at him!

The ref makes Paganax put the weapon away and we are ready for action.

The bell rings!  Paganax hits a running clothesline that dazes Harbinger and we are underway!

Paganax, looking to get back on a winning streak, completely railroads Harbinger.  Harbinger can’t get a lick of offense in.  The action spills outside the ring and Paganax, seemingly loosing control, grabs his sword and clocks Harbinger with the hilt!  The ref calls it!

Harbinger d. Paganax via DQ when Paganax hits Harbinger with the hilt of his sword – ****

Paganax doesn’t stop after the bell!  He begins chasing Dark Menace and Harbinger around the ring with the sword and the fans are eating it up!  Dark Menace and his man powder from ringside and Paganax climbs back into the ring and runs around brandishing his sword to the cheers of the crowd!

Once Paganax finally leaves ringside, the fans are shocked to see all three members of HOUSE OF PAIN head to ringside with Tricks in the lead!  Everyone remembers how Tricks won the right to be leader of HOUSE OF PAIN in the wild Triple Threat match at SHOWDOWN.  They climb up into the ring Hector has his big bear head hung low as Tricks takes a mic.

TRICKS:  This is the new House of Pain!  A House of Pain under me, Tricks.

Tricks laughs maniacally.

TRICKS:  The old leader didn’t know what he was doing, so he was replaced!

Hector shakes his head.

TRICKS:  And as the new leader, it’s important that everyone in the House of Pain, knows exactly what pain is!  So tonight, our former leader will ear his initiation when he faces, Nosfera!

Hector is shocked.  Tricks laughs maniacally as he leaves the ring and the ref calls for the bell.  Nosier is circling Hector like a wild animal!

Tricks barks an order at Nosfera and Hector uses the distraction to hit the demon with a palm thrust that dazes him!

Hector remains in control as the match continues and then, as if to prove a point to Tricks, he tosses Nosfera out of the ring and, grabbing a steel chair, begins whacking him repeatedly about the head!

Nosfera d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via DQ when Hector refuses to stop hitting Nosfera with the chair – *

Hector ignores the bell and the ref and continues hitting Nosfera.

HECTOR:  You want pain, here is pain!  See?!

Tricks leaps and tackles Hector to get him to stop.  Hector is right back up and in Trick’s face.  The two men look like they will come to blows, but Tricks just smiles.  He nods and then turns to leave ringside.  He looks back at Nosfera then over to Hector.

TRICKS:  Bring him.

Hector stands still, but then nods and collects Nosfera and helps him from ringside.

Once House of Pain is away from ringside, Magnus appears leading Perfect Specimen to ringside for a match!  Nitro catches them in the aisle.

NITRO:  Perfect Specimen, You have singlehandedly defeated the Titans.  What is next on your agenda?

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  Same thing that’s always on my agenda.  Winning.  There ain’t no member of Future Shock that’s had a better year than me and that is a fact.  You can look up those records.  It’s a good damn thing there ain’t one of me in this timeline!  The galaxy can barely hold this much perfection, let alone two of me!  I’ll tell you this though, if I would have been in that main event in SHOWDOWN, I would have lasted longer than three moves.

Magnus quickly, and nervously, leaps in between Perfect Specimen and Nitro.

MAGNUS:  Okay, okay, that’s enough for now.  We have a match.

Perfect Specimen smirks and heads to the ring!  Just then, a familiar song begins playing!

Out comes Perfect Specimen’s opponent, crowd favorite Tauran.  He is all smiles, slapping high fives as he heads ringside and fans are eager to see what should be a good match!

The ref calls for the bell.

Perfect Specimen poses for a minute as Tauran stands and shakes his head.  As Tauran looks to the crowd as if to say, “Can you believe this chump?” Perfect Specimen lands a huge punch that knocks Tauran to the mat!

Taurus shows some offense but it’s mostly a feature match for Perfect Specimen.

Perfect Specimen d. Tauran via pinfall after PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – **1/2

After the match, Perfect Specimen grabs the mic.

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  Euritar, I’m in that tournament at BETRAYAL.  If not, your Most Valuable Player is out of here.

He throws down the mic.  Magnus rushes to him and is talking in used tones, almost admonishing him.  Perfect Specimen is ignoring him and smirking to himself.

Taurus gets up to the cheers of the crowd and leaves ringside.

It is now time for our MAIN EVENT!  Out first to huge cheers, is the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHMEN!  HelSin hasn’t been seen since card 266 when he was injured at the hands of DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND!  He will get a chance for revenge tonight when he and PSI take on Balaal and Coven Black in a TITAN DEATH MATCH!

Dark Menace is out with DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND in tow and thy head to the ring.  Dark Menace barking orders to his men as they climb up into the ring.  Looks like it’ll be HelSin and Balaal starting things off!  HelSin looking for his revenge right away!

The ref calls for the bell!

Balaal hits HelSin with a dragon fist that dazes him and the MAIN EVENT is on!

For a TITAN DEATH MATCH, this one was pretty scientific!  In fact, not one rule was broken the entire match.  The crowd was into it from start to finish!

DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND d. FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHMEN via pinfall when Coven Black hits PSI with a huge running lariat – ***1/2

After the match, HelSin and Balaal get into a shoving match and are separated by their teammates.

The four men stand yelling at each other to the cheers of the crowd as we…