CARD 2130.265 – BATTLEZONE 2130

From Supernova Solarium, Delphinus

A rowdy and wild crowd is packed to the rafters for tonight’s actions!  As usual, Euritar greets the crowd and explains the Battlezone rules.  He adds that unlike the matches at THE RECKONING, these matches can end in DQ or COUTNOUT.  He is, however, banning anyone, including managers, from being at ringside during the bouts.  He thanks the crowd and we are ready to begin.

The Aethran National Anthem begins playing and Paralyze makes his way to the ring!  That means our first BATTLEZONE match is:

THE GLADIATORS (Paralyze, Rush & Turmoil) vs FUTURE SHOCK (Minister of War, Havoc & Harbinger)!

The fans are actually cheering Paralyze, but that is only because he is going up against members of FUTURE SHOCK who this crowd detests!  Paralyze hits the ring and stands ready to see who his opponent is.  Through the curtain comes…


These two have no personal shortage of history with each other and the fans are settling in for a great match!  The bell rings, and here we go!

Havoc d. Paralyze via pinfall after hitting COSMIC NIGHTMARE twice on the big Gladiator – **1/2

FUTURE SHOCK gets the first taste of victory. Paralyze, enraged, leaves the ringside area as Havoc catches his breath and waits for his next opponent! As soon as Paralyze is clear, the curtain parts and here comes…


The bruiser smiles wicked at Havoc as he makes his way to the ring. Looks like he is eager to met out some Gladiator punishment!  The bell rings and we are off!

It is an intense back and forth battle, neither man wanting to give any ground. But in the end,

Havoc d. Turmoil via pinfall after COSMIC NIGHTMARE – ***1/2

This now means that Rush is the only member of the Gladiator team left and in order for him to win, he’ll have to take on three opponents! Turmoil heads to the back and Rush makes his way to the ring. Havoc looks a little worse for wear, but seems like he’s good to go. Rush hops into the ring and we are off!

The action tumbles outside of the ring and Rush grabs a Rylock Rod that is at ringside, left by Paralyze and smashes Havoc with it! He continues to wail on Havoc with the weapon and the ref calls for the bell!

Havoc d. Rush via DQ when Rush is disqualified for using the Rylock Rod – *

Rush continues beating the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION with the rod until officials are able to break it up. Rush is sent away from ringside and Havoc is finally able to stand and walk away from ringside under his own power.

FUTURE SHOCK (Havoc, Minister of War & Harbinger) d. GLADIATORS (Paralyze, Turmoil & Rush) 3-0

A quick cut up to Magnus the Magnanimous’ Luxury Box shows him smiling wickedly. Could this be FUTURE SHOCK’S night of dominance? We shall find out!

The ring is recent and we are ready for our next BATTLEZONE encounter! The curtain parts and Giant Azuma makes his way to the ring! That means it’s the Betrayer vs Betrayer BATTLEZONE next! The rules of this event mean that the two Betrayers may never meet, but every fan here is hoping they do! Giant Azuma stands in the corner waiting his opponent. The curtain opens and it is…

Death Masque Betrayer!

He bolts to the ring and the bell sounds!

Death Masque Betrayer d. Giant Azuma via pinfall after Dead on Arrival – *****

This was an amazing match. Both men beat the living hell out of each other. It was clear from the onset, that whichever grappler won, would have a lot taken out of him. Death Masque was finally able to get the win but he was hanging onto the rope for dear life and Azuma left the ring.

Every fan in the arena and Death Masque Betrayer, had their eyes n the curtain to see who would be coming out next! The curtains parted and it was…


The arena exploded with cheers as Betrayer ran to the ring and Betrayer pulled himself up into attack position! The ref called for the bell and the grudge match everyone was waiting for began!

This one is a wild, off the charts, brawl. Not one rule was being adhered to! The action spilled outside the ring and Cage Death Betrayer began tearing at Death Masque Betrayer’s mask with the knife at the end of his chain! The fans were excited that they might actually see who was under the mask! The ref repeatedly warned Cage Death and then called it.

Death Masque Betrayer d. Cage Death Betrayer via DQ when Cage Death ignored the ref’s warnings – *

Once again, officials ran out to ringside and finally were able to separate the two men. The ref checked on Death Masque Betrayer who indicated that he was willing to continue. Cage Death Betrayer was taken from ringside by the official, but he kept shouting back at Death Masque that this was, “Far from over!”

Death Masque stood weakly in the ring as he awaited his next opponent. He didn’t have to wait long as the curtains parted and Plethador came through them!

The crowd cheered immediately and began chanting, “You’re a woman, You’re a woman!” The catchphrase that Plethador hasn’t been able to let down. He gave high fives and handed out copies of Plethador Pilates to the fans along the aisle. He climbed up into the ring and offered a handshake to Death Masque. Death Masque responds with a kick to the gut and the ref signals to start the match!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Plethador gets in some offense, but Death Masque Betrayer uses every last ounce of speed to hit his finisher!

Death Masque Betrayer d. Plethador via pinfall after DEATH FROM ABOVE – **1/2

Plethador is loopy as he walks back up the aisle to the jeers and chants from the crowd. Death Masque sits in the ring and everyone in the arena begins wondering if Death Masque can actually go all the way! He’s got one opponent left and the curtain parts and Kenji makes his way to the ring!

The ref calls for the bell!

Death Masque comes close once or twice, but he just can’t overpower the fresher man.

Kenji d. Death Masque Betrayer via submission with the KNEE BAR – ***

Death Masque fights brilliantly for his team, leaving the sole survivor of Cage Death Betrayer’s team, Kenji, with three more opponents to go after. Death Masque leaves the ring and we await the next member of Dark Menace’s team to come out. The curtain parts and it is….


As he walks to the ring he taunts Kenji by tossing Hellfire from hand to hand. The ref makes him extinguish it once he’s in the ring and we are ready to go!

Kenji lights into Bishop Hell (II) like a ball of fire and doesn’t let up!  The action spills outside the ring and…

Kenji d. Bishop Hell (II) via countout after a Titan Drop on the concrete floor – **1/2

The ref didn’t see the move and the fans didn’t let on that they did!  Kenji picks up another win for his team and now only has two opponents to advance through!  The fans are rapidly getting louder and louder in their cheers for the man from the Nippon region of Titan!

Bishop Hell (II) glowers as he leaves the ring.  Kenji hops back and forth from foot to foot as he keeps an eye on the curtain.  It parts and his next opponent is…

Coven Black!

Black makes his way to the ring and is ready for the match in front of him.  He is in the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

Coven Black spares no time in hitting Kenji with a lightning quick offense.  The speed of the attacks quickly tires Kenji and makes him leave an opening for Coven Black to strike.

Coven Black d. Kenji via pinfall after BITE OF THE VAMPIRE – *

Coven Black seals the win for Death Masque Betrayer’s team and the cameras cut to the back to show Dark Menace celebrating.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, Cage Death Betrayer tears through the door and begins wailing on Dark Menace.  He’s shouting, “Sign the paper!  Sign the paper!”  Bala is momentarily stunned by the attack, but soon is able to wrest Batrayer off of the manager and throw him out of the locker room.  Officials arrive to take him away.  We cut back to the ring and Coven Black is walking from ringside to the boos from the crowd.

DEATH MASQUE BETRAYER’S TEAM (Death Masque Betrayer, Bishop Hell (II) & DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND) d. CAGE DEATH BETRAYER’S TEAM (Cage Death Betrayer, Plethador & TITAN SAMURAI) 4-2

The ringside area is reset and we are ready to begin our next BATTLEZONE!

The curtains part and out walks Swarm!  The crowd is instantly all over him with chants of, “You sold out!  You sold out.”  Swarm ignore the fans and climbs into the ring ready for his first opponent.  The curtain parts and out walk Monolith!  The crowd explodes.

This match is Monolith’s Ani-Men & Friends team, ULTRAMANTIS, Payback & Overtime vs. Swarm and his mystery team from the rest of FUTURE SHOCK.

Monolith steps over the top ropes of the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

Great back and forth match! Swarm gets a close nearfall on Monolith, but Monolith fights back. The action spills out to the ring and Swarm uses his, Aquaman-like, powers to summon a group of Paper Wasps to begin stunning Monolith! The ref calls for the bell.

Monolith d. Swarm via DQ after Swarm illegally summons some of his stinging incests to sting Monolith – *

The crowd lays into Swarm loudly, throwing garbage and chanting, “You sold out!” Swarm shrugs it all off and says nothing as he returns to the back.

The ref checks on Monolith who demands that the match continue as he only got one sting and, he says, “It didn’t hurt.”

The fans are squarely behind Monolith and they watch to see who the first mystery member of Swarm’s team will be! The curtain opens and out walks…


Monolith smirks as Tharkas enters the ring and the ref starts the match.

Wow! Tharkas shocks the crowd by getting Monolith close to defeat once or twice! But Monolith finds an opening.

Monolith d. Tharkas via pinfall after a Crashing Sampede – ****

Monolith throws Tharkas out of the ring and slaps his hands together, looking at the curtain to see who will be his next opponent! Thoraces makes his way from the ring and the curtain opens. Monolith’s next opponent is…


The crowd explodes with the possibilities of the fantastic match ahead of them! Sur, ever cocky, smirks as he makes his way to the ring. Monolith crouches, ready to get the match going! Sur gets into the ring and the bell rings!

Monolith tore into Sur and repeatedly beat him down to the mat, but Sur proved to be a little too wiley.

Sur d. Monolith via pinfall after rolling through on a cross body block and grabbing a handful of trunks the ref couldn’t see – ***1/2

Sur, laughing stands and cockily poses for the crowd while Monolith sits up glaring at the IMMORTAL. The ref makes Monolith leave the ring and Sur grabs the mic.

SUR: For some reason, Swarm was the leader of this team. We saw where that got him, sent to the back. I’m the new leader and I’m going to win this. Send out the next Ani-man that I can put down like a dog in a shelter. Or send out a Titan, it doesn’t matter.

Sur throws down the mic and all eyes turn to the curtain. It opens and out runs…


The crowd cheers wildly as the Titan leaps up into the ring. The ref calls for the bell!

After a brief bit of offense from Payback, Sur just completely destroys the Titan.

Sur d. Payback via pinfall with GIFT OF THE GODS – **1/2

Sur gabs the mic again.

SUR: Get out of here Titan. Send out the next victim for me.

Payback glares at Sur as he leaves, saying nothing. Sur mocks the crowd a bit on the mic, riling them up further unti the curtain opens and out comes…

UltraMantis Black!

The crowd is instantly behind him and are hoping he can shut SUr up. Mixed in the cheers are a few, “You’re a woman!” chants as many believe that it is Plethador under the mask. Regardless of who it is, UltraMantis hops into the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

A great, quick back and forth match that had the crowd out of their seats!

Sur d. UltraMantis Black via submission with Ground Zero – ***

Sur launches UltraManits Black out of the ring and, cockily, drapes himself over the ropes in the corner. He puts his hands behind his head and smiles as the crowd boos him loudly. Mantis comes through the curtains, but he does not look good. Sur watches as the Ani-Man stumbles his way to ring. Mantis tries to climb the three steps to the ring but collapses. Medics rush out and check him out, conveniently giving Sur a long rest period. Finally it is announced that due to the Black Death sickness, Mantis will be unable to compete.

Sur d. Mantis via forfeit when Mantis is not cleared to wrestle – DUD

Sur laughs wildly as Mantis is taken out on a stretcher. He motions to the back to send out the final member of the Ani-Men & Friends team. The curtain opens and Overtime walks out to huge cheers. He looks determined and focused as he steps through the ropes and the ref starts the match!

Sur d. Overtime via submission with the Cobra Clutch – *1/2

Sur hops up after the bell and stands triumphant in the ring as the ref raises his hand! The crowd boos loudly.

SWARM’S TEAM (Swarm, DESERTERS & IMMORTALS) d. THE ANI-MEN & FRIENDS (Monolith, Payback, ULTRAMANTIS & Overtime) – 5-2

As Sur leaves he jaws at the crowd about he should have led this team.  He could have had a clean sweep if he had.  The crowd boos him the entire way to the back.

It’s now time for the MAIN EVENT!  A BATTLEZONE with a lot at stake!


Magnus has refused to say who will compete, but many have made educated guesses, especially seeing who was on Swarm’s team.

The announcer reminds everyone that if FUTURE SHOCK wins the BATTLEZONE match, one member of FUTURE SHOCK’S team will get a shot at Shayne’s GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

The curtain opens and out comes…

Star Warrior (II)!  The crowd cheers loudly for him and he seems to be enjoying the admiration.  He get into the ring and the curtain parts revealing the first FUTURE SHOCK competitor…

Perfect Specimen!

Fan being to speculate if the ring can contain the immense egos of these two gentlemen!  This is it, the match for all the marbles and it starts….


Star Warrior (II) d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall after a Tomahawk Thrust – ****

Star Warrior (II) wrestled the match of his life here! He just plain out wrestled Perfect Specimen and picked up the first victory for SHAYNE”S POSSE! Perfect Specimen left the ring in disgust and everyone wondered who’d be next our the curtain. Star Warrior’s next opponent is…

Thantos (II)!

The arena explodes as the two opponents stare at each other as Thantos (II) makes his way to the ring! The crowd is at a fever pitch as the ref starts the match!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

These two tore into each other like everyone expected!  It was a fast paced, brutal match that took a lot out of both men!

Thantos (II) d. Star Warrior (II) via submission with the MASTERLOCK – ***1/2

Thantos (II) gets the victory for FUTURE SHOCK and evens the score!  Star Warrior (II) exits and everyone is waiting to see who will be next out the curtain.

While we wait, we cut backstage quickly to see Mantis being loaded into an Ambulance Speeder my Medics.  Swarm rushes up.

SWARM:  I want him taken to the best hospital.  The best doctors you hear me.

Mantis is writhing in pain on the stretcher, but yells through gritted teeth.

MANTIS:  Get.  The hell.  Away from me!  Traitor!

The medics load Mantis into the Ambulance as Swarm stands dumfounded.

The powerful exchange lasts only seconds, and we cut back down to the ring.

The next competitor for SHAYNE’S POSSE is…


Shoot comes out doing his wacky arm gestures and giving high fives to the fans and Thantos (II) awaits him in the ring.  Shoot climbs into the squared circle and the bell rings.

It’s a match of submission finishers going against each other and both are applied several times!

Shoot d. Thantos (II) via submission with TAPPED OUT – ***1/2

Thantos (II) does a ton of damage to Shoot, but Shoot locks in TAPPED OUT and gets the submission win.  Thantos (II) leaves, limping and Shoot does his best to catch his breath as he waits for the next opponent from the FUTURE SHOCK team.  The curtain opens and out walks…

Prime Colonizer!

The fans boo loudly and Prime Colonizer ignores them and focuses on Shoot.  He climbs in the ring and the ref rings the bell!

This is a brawl. An all out brawl from the bell. The ref couldn’t control the action and it spilled out of the ring.

Shoot d. Prime Colonizer via DQ when Prime Colonizer smashed Shoot with his rifle butt – DUD

Shoot picks up the easy win, but looks completely out of it. Many wonder if he’ll be able to continue. Prime Colonizer shows no emotion and just walks away from the ring as the ref helps Shoot to his feet, asking if he can continue. Shoot says he can and the ref signals for the next opponent!

SHAYNE’S POSSE has pulled ahead 3-1. Fans wonder who will be next and the curtain opens revealing…

Splatter (II)!

Splatter (II) lumbers to the, striking Arsenal against his palm as he walks. He gets into the ring and, after much cajoling form the ref, puts Arsenal down. The ref calls for the bell!

This match is lightning bak and forth, hugely impressive for these two big men!

Shoot d. Splatter (II) via pinfall after a Bicep Slicer – *1/2

Shoot shocks the galaxy by pulling out another win!  He can barely stand, but the crowd is behind him 100%, cheering wildly!  A camera back in SHAYNE’S POSSE’S locker room shows his teammates celebrating and cheering him on.

Splatter (II) leaves the ring and everyone is wondering who will be next!  The curtain opens to reveal…

Chaos Supreme!

Things don’t look good for Shoot, but the crowd is cheering him on despite the odds.  Chaos Supreme steps into the ring and is ready to go.  The bell rings and, here we go!

It’s over in seconds, despite a great opening offense from Shoot.

Chaos Supreme d. Shoot via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – *

Chaos Supreme throws Shoot to the mat and yells at the ref to get him out of the ring. The ref and a few officials help Shoot out of the ring who gets a standing ovation from the crowd as he exits.

The curtain opens and Chaos Supreme’s next opponent is…


The arena explodes as the fan favorite rushes to the ring, ready to take on Chaos Supreme! This battle begins NOW!

Chaos Supreme toys with Paganax, who gets in a few power moves.

Chaos Supreme d. Paganax via submission with Chaos Stronghold – *1/2

Chaos Supreme laughs as he releases Paganax and stands back, raising his hands in the air. Pageant lets out a scream of frustration and heads to the back. So far, no one has been able to hurt Chaos Supreme at all and he looks as fresh as when he walked out.

Pageant leaves and the crowd is rabid. Waiting to see who will be out next. The curtain opens and out walks…


The crowd goes nuts! Shayne walks to the ring with determination, he removes the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP as he steps up into the ring and climbs through the ropes. Chaos Supreme is smiling and treble rings!

The match starts like a shot out of a cannon, but Chaos slows the pace considerably by locking on the BOW OF DEFEAT!

Chaos Supreme d. Shayne via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – *1/2

The arena is stunned into silence as the bell rings. Chaos Supreme drops Shayne and gives him a kick out of the ring. He’s not even winded! Can Chaos Supreme go all the way?! Can he win this for future shock? He just manhandled Shayne like a rag doll!

Shayne exits, extrememly upset and the curtain opens revealing Chaos Supreme’s next opponent…


He’s walking like a man possessed to the ring, staring daggers through Chaos Supreme. Chaos Supreme looks unimpressed. Clinch gets into the ring and begins yelling at the ref to ring the bell. The ref does and we have a match!

Clinch becomes Chaos Supreme’s biggest challenge yet, but Chaos Supreme is not phased at all.

Chaos Supreme d. Clinch via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – **

The fans cannot comprehend what they are seeing. Chaos Supreme is mowing down the competition and is now, singlehandedly, brought the BATTLEZONE score to 5-4! And Chaos Supreme doesn’t even seems to be breaking a sweat (No Tokens).

He stands in the center of the ring staring at the curtain which opens revealing HelSin! The crowd cheers for HelSin but there is a feeling of dread in the air. Dread and awe that there is no one who can beat the monster in the middle of the ring!

HelSin steps through the ropes and the ref calls for the bell!


Chaos Supreme d. HelSin via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – *1/2

It’s not even close.  Hellish falls immediately!  Chaos Supreme has whittled SHAYNE’S POSSE down to only one surviving competitor, PSI! The Mentalist makes his way to the ring and fans are cheering loudly! It seems they’d be happy if PSI could even hurt the monster, let alone pin him.

PSI stands across the ring from Chaos Supreme and the bell rings! Will this be it?

Chaos Supreme…reigns supreme! PSI did get him locked in MIND OVER MATTER, but Chaos Supreme quickly escaped and locked in BOW OF DEFEAT.

Chaos Supreme d. PSI via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – **1/2

Chaos Supreme drops PSI and stands in the dead center of the ring as the crowd is aghast at what they’ve just witnessed. A smile breaks over the big man’s face and he begins laughing, raising his arms high into the air in victory!

FUTURE SHOCK, well Chaos Supreme actually, destroys SHAYNE’S POSSE to a score of 7-4

We cut up to Magnus the Magnanimous’ Luxury Suite and Nitro is there with a mic.

MAGNUS: Future Shock wins the evening, I think.  And now, one member of FUTURE SHOCK gets a shot at the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

He glances down towards the ring where Chaos Supreme stands tall.

MAGNUS: And I think you know who I’m going to pick.

Magnus begins laughing and the scene of Chaos Supreme standing in the middle of the ring after his amazing run of victories is what we see as we…