CARD 2130.259 – INVASION

From Y-Plex Space Station, Yasaminas

This is the final card before the big INFERNO SuperCard and things are heating up here in the GWF!  Some big feuds brewing and some of those feuds are not waiting until INFERNO to boil over!


Plethador and Cage Death Betrayer are warming up in the locker room while Wiggy looks on.

PLETHADOR:  We need a name.

BETRAYER:  We don’t need a name.

PLETHADOR:  We do need a name.

BETRAYER:  Trust me, we don’t need a name.  We are only tagging tonight in order to put some hurt on Bishop Hell (II) and my doppelgänger Death Masque Betrayer, we don’t need a name.

PLETHADOR:  But if we win tonight, that might be an indication we make a good team and we should be prepared with a name when Nitro asks us.

Betrayer doesn’t respond, he just adjusts his mask in the mirror.

PLETHADOR:  What do you think Wiggy?  Think we need a name?

Wiggy is engrossed in her computer and doesn’t answer.

BETRAYER:  There, you see, us having a name is not even important enough for her to look up from her computer for.

Plethador sigs and continues to stretch, bridging into a perfect downward facing dog.  Silence fills the locker room except for the tapping on Wiggy’s computer keyboard.

PLETHADOR:  We still need a name.

We leave the locker room and cut to ringside as Lord Nexus heads to the ring with Taichi to the cheers of the crowd.  Lorn Nexus has always been popular and continues to be so today.  Taichi will take on Nova in a battle of two women who entered the GWF at the same time and are struggling to find their place.

Taichi d. Nova via submission with a KNEE BAR – * – As Taichi locked in the KNEE BAR, Star Warrior (II) charged the ring and was met with a huge TITAN DROP from Lord Nexus!  Nova tapped and that was that.  After the match, fans started chanting, “ONE MORE MATCH, ONE MORE MATCH” but Lord Nexus waved them off.

The tag team of Plethador & Cage Death Betrayer d. Bishop Hell (II) & Death Masque Betrayer via DQ when Bishop Hell (II) threw a Hellfire ball at Cage Death Betrayer while outside the ring – * – These two teams did not work well together at all.  The entire was a mess from top to bottom.  Dark Menace and Wiggy were both pulling their hair out at ringside as this was the furthest thing from a tag team match that would could get.  There was no teamwork, no strategy, just four individuals, individually trying to win.  Well, three individuals trying to win and one individual, Plethador, trying to convince the crowd at ringside he is not a woman.  In a rare meeting of two opposing managers after the match, Dark Menace and Wiggy agreed never to pair these two teams up again.

As Wiggy and her men left ringside, Nitro cornered them and asked if because of their victory they would become a regular tag team.  Betrayer stared at Nitro.

PLETHADOR:  I told you.

BETRAYER:  We don’t need a name.

Betrayer and Wiggy walked to the back, Pleathador hung out and plugged his Plethador Pilates HoloDiscs.  As Plethador was about to plug his InfiNet chat handle @Plethador, he was suddenly struck over the back of the head and as he fell out frame, standing behind him was THE CLOAK.  They shoved past Nitro and headed to the ring.  Magnus walked up to Nitro as he passed and grabbed the mic.

MAGNUS:  Rush, Turmoil, pay attention.  You’re about to see the true definition of head banging.

Magnus stepped over the lifeless body of Plethador, and gave him a kick for good measure, before heading to the ring.

WATCHMEN d. THE CLOAK via DQ when Splatter and Code Destroyer get caught trying to use Arsenal and the crowbar at the same time – * – THE CLOAK gets the DQ, but they didn’t seem to care.  This was more about sending a message to the GLADIATORS.  After the bell, Splatter (II) and Code Destroyer stood with their respective weapons held high in the air and Magnus taunted the crowd.

We cut to a commercial for INFERNO where it is announced that Shayne will defend his GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP in a BULL ROPE MATCH against Harbinger.

Back in the arena, Splatter (II) and Code Destroyer had left ringside while Magnus remained.  He even shoved the ring announcer and gave what he called a ‘proper introduction’ to his man Prime Colonizer.  His opponent, Mantis came to the ring with Swarm to the cheers of the crowd.

In a fast paced match, Mantis d. Prime Colonizer via submission with Raptorial Grasp – *** – Swarm was at ringside but did not interfere, he just stared lasers into Mandrill.  Mandrill dominated the entire match but missed a SIMIAN SKULLCRUSHER and Mantis locked on the Raptorial Grasp for the win.  Mantis and Swarm celebrated at ringside and taunted Mandrill as they left to the back.  Mandrill climbed out of the ring and grabbed Magnus and began whispering in his ear.  An evil grin spread across Magnus’ face and the two left the ringside area speaking to each other in hushed tones.

In a match to determine the Number One Contender to the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP, Overtime d. Star Warrior (II) via pinfall after a huge lariat sent Star Warrior over the top rope and crashing to the arena floor, knocking him silly – ** – Overtime slid Star Warrior (II) into the ring for the cover and picked up the win.  Overtime will now head to INFERNO to face Havoc and he and Lord Nexus seemed to be excited about the prospect.  In recent weeks, it seems Overtime has changed his tune.  Instead of mouthing off about his, supposed, extensive wrestling knowledge and his love for the Nippon style of wrestling, he has focused on improving his in ring work and the fans seem to have gotten behind him a bit for it.  He will certainly be the fan favorite going into INFERNO.

In a huge match, Thantos (II) d. Payback via pinfall after LEGENDS LARIAT – ***** – Big win for Thantos (II) who is looking to move up the rankings here in the GWF and a win against veteran Payback, certainly accomplishes that.  After the bell, Perfect Specimen came ringside and began taunting Payback.  Payback lunged at Perfect Specimen and received a trophy upside the head for his efforts.

In the Main Event, Aethran Overmaster d. Minister of War via pinfall with a Revolutionary Spear – ***** – Overmaster simply destroyed Vengeance in this match.  Vengeance got in no offense and was just pummeled.  After the bell, Overmaster spit on Vengeance and left the ring with Leveler.  As they passed Nitro, Overmaster barked at him.

OVERMASTER:  He’s finished.

The sight of Vengeance lying in the ring, bloodied and smiling is what we see as we…


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