News & Rumors after CARD #2127.199

Here’s the recent round up of news & rumors heading into the final card of 2127 – BIG BANG 53!

– Continuing his war on humans, THARKAS has called out PAYBACK and challenged him to a one on one encounter. THARKAS is quoted as saying, “My disdain for humans is clearly not a secret. My disdain for humans who engage in depravity is multiplied ten-fold. Therefore I shall focus my war on Payback.” WHen asked for a response, PAYBACK said he’d gladly take THARKAS on. When asked how ENSOR felt about this, he said he hand’t heard from ENSOR since their last tag match at INVASION.

– BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE were recently boasting how all the other teams in the GWF are afraid to face them in a cage. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS have accepted the challenge. The teams will clash in a COSMIC CAGE at BIG BANG 53!

– MANTIS has issued a challenge to his father SWARM. He wants to meet in a MILKY WAY FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match at BIG BANG. He said, “Hey dad, now that the universe has seen your vomit inducing maw, what have you got to loose? The worst that could happen is that I could improve it by shoving it through a window.” No word yet on if SWARM will accept.

– In related news, the GWF has started officially selling a version of the t-shirts that say ‘UGLY MUCH?’ on them. Out of respect for SWARM they do not feature an image of him without his mask, but EURITAR is quoted as saying, “In these tough economic times, when we have a UFSP president who’s determined to keep business from making money, we need to take every opportunity at making capital, no matter how insensitive it might seem.”

– BALAAL has challenged PSI to a match at BIG BANG. He said the reason for doing was was that, “…the Black Death team has use for his ‘mind powers’ and so I’ll need to convert him for a bit.” PSI has accepted and says that if he wins he’ll look to take out BALAAL for good so he cannot convert any other wrestlers.

– Smarting from his loss to ENDGAME at BETRAYAL, MONOLITH has challenged PARALYZE to a one on one encounter at BIG BANG 53.