CARD #2127.199 – BETRAYAL 2127

Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

It’s the second to last card of the year and the final card before the biggest event of the year…BIG BANG! Tonight, eight men will do battle to see who will face HARBINGER at BIG BANG for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. The crowd is eager to see who will face, arguably, the most popular wrestler in the history of the GWF. Since BLACK DEATH’s arrival earlier this year , HARBINGER has changed the face of the GWF and the fans love it. They are looking to HARBINGER to lead them into 2128 and a new era of wrestling.

Tonight’s tournament is single elimination. All matches are contested under normal match rules except the final which will be contested under TITAN DEATH RULES.


Bishop Hell (II) d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when The Leveler enters the ring and attacks Bishop Hell (II) – DUD
– OVERMASTER was furious that he didn’t get the title shot he wanted at BIG BANG against HARBINGER and he took it out on BISHOP HELL (II). OVERMASTER and LEVELER didn’t even let the match get started before they both started destroying BISHOP HELL (II). OVERMASTER was disqualified and BISHOP HELL (II) appears to be injured and unable to compete in the rest of the tournament.

Nosfera d. Swarm via pinfall after a claw to the eyes – ****1/2
– A great battle here but the tide was turned when MANTIS appeared at ringside wearing the UGLY MUCH? tshirt that has become immensely popular across the galaxy. SWARM was distracted by this and NOSFERA capitalized to get the win.

Monolith d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall with CATASTROPHE – **1/2
– HECTOR surprised a lot of people early on by getting several near falls right off the bat against MONOLITH. However the monster soon became enraged and started dominating his opponent and picked up the win advancing to the next round.

Endgame d. Tricks via pinfall after ULTIMA LEAP – *****
– The fans were FURIOUS at the outcome of this match. Make no mistake, the fans have no love for TRICKS but the evil clown was about to win the match when suddenly THE GUARDIAN interfered and turned the tide letting ENDGAME win. The fans booed ENDGAME loudly.


NOSFERA receives a BYE to the final.

Endgame d. Monolith via pinfall after hitting the ULTIMA LEAP – *1/2
– As if seeming to want to silence those who thought he couldn’t win on his own, ENDGAME just destroyed MONOLITH here. The fans still showed their displeasure though for him especially now that he will face NOSFERA in the final match.

Endgame d. Nosfera via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – SQUASH
– ENDGAME rolled right over NOSFERA. The fans let him have it too. His winning was the last hung they wanted. After the bell ENDGAME took the mic…

ENDGAME: I understand you don’t like me. I understand you all are behind HARBINGER. He has you brainwashed! Look around you, things are getting worse all across the galaxy. The outbreak of hatred and violence is unbearable and it is because of Harbinger and Black Death. They are not to be cheered! They are to be fought against and that is what I have vowed to do no matter how unpopular that makes me.

The fans began throwing trash at ENDGAME and he and THE GUARDIAN beat a hasty retreat from the ring. BIG BANG 53 will now be headlined by HARBINGER defending the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP agains ENDGAME. Shots of fans tearing down GWF promotional posters with ENDGAME’S image on it are what we see as we…